President Trump: End the Florida madness, tell us the truth, and do not punish law-abiding gun owners

I have not previously chosen to write about school shootings in this space except to excoriate Obama and other politicians in both parties who regularly built their plans for eradicating the 2nd Amendment on the back of school attacks and dead students. I do that again here to the same politicians, journalists, and businessmen who are trying to capitalize on young corpses to further their plans to disarm Americans. I also will add my view that President Trump is playing into the hands of these anti-republican bastards with his irrelevant, nonsense talk about banning bump-stocks and pegging the age qualification at twenty-one years before an individual can purchase a rifle. Mr. President, do not deal with this gang of authoritarians by setting precedents that can be used to further undercut the 2nd Amendment in the future. A few other points.

Why raise the rifle-buying age to 21?

This is an action that would cut away at a core part of many father-son relationships in the United States; it is something to be expected only of a Democrat. Hunting is an activity in which fathers and sons bond, and has been such since Englishmen first came to North America and became Anglo-Americans. Do you intend to also forbid fathers from buying rifles for their under-eighteen sons, or daughters for that matter? Will an eighteen-year old no longer be able to get a hunting license because he is not allowed to have a rifle? Will an eighteen-year old and his Dad be fined or arrested if a game warden catches them hunting or target-shooting with rifles? If this becomes a legal infraction, will the government seize the father’s guns as punishment for giving his son a rifle? The bastard anti-gunners are playing a long-game, Mr. President, and your proposed concessions to them will be used to pry open the door to destroy the 2nd Amendment long after you are back with your company.

Who gives a rat’s ass what the kids are saying?

What kind of an adult and commonsense republic listens to kids who 15 or 16 years of age, and takes seriously what they have to say about the alteration of its Constitution? Only a moron would pay the least attention to their words on this score. We should all take a lesson from having amended the Constitution to allow 18 year-olds to vote, an action which gave us the republicanism-hating likes of Obama and Bill Clinton as presidents, the aged communist Sanders as the heartthrob of whining and greedy millennials, and nearly gave us Clinton’s wretchedly treasonous wife as president. Who gives a good damn what these drug-and-sex addled kids have to say about anything? They will do the Democrats and the media’s bidding by publicly advocating an end to the 2nd Amendment during the day, and then they will stay up all night smoking dope, randomly copulating, and playing video games or watching movies that do nothing but depict and celebrate all forms of unlimited violence against human beings. Kids of this age have only one job and that is to get an education. They should be free to say what they want, but only a fool would do more than listen politely. To listen to them and then allow their uneducated and callow words to have any role whatsoever in guiding the ship of state is the stuff that insanity and Democrats are made from.

What really occurred at the Broward County school?

As I said above, I have tried to avoid mentioning anything about mass shootings that would suggest the authorities were lying to the public about what happened during the attacks. That reluctance died last October in Las Vegas, when what I watched live on the TV screen bore absolutely no resemblance to the fantastical stories Americans got from officials of at all levels of government, and most especially, and not surprisingly, from the FBI. But this Broward business is even worse than Las Vegas. The astonishingly high number of clear and detailed warnings about the purported shooter’s lethal intentions and capabilities that the FBI, the school system, and the county sheriffs chose to ignore, cannot be explained away as mistakes or blamed on an overly bureaucratic system. Likewise, the mainstream media’s deliberate suppression of the views of 2,996 of the school’s 3,000 students — a goodly number of them eyewitnesses — some of their teachers, and the videotapes that contradict the official attack story cannot be chalked-up to a mistake or an oversight; rather, it is a deliberate attempt to hold tight to a plainly false story and use it against the 2nd amendment and President Trump. Then there are the four armed Broward County deputy sheriffs, the so-called men who stood silently outside the school because they had clearly been told beforehand by their leaders not to do anything to prematurely stop the murdering. Finally, the decision to tear down the school — thereby destroying any contradictory evidence lying therein — and YouTube’s rapid deletion of many dozens of leading conservative alternative-media channels that dared give voice to the information and videos suppressed by the mainstream media surely makes it clear that the attack was real; that many students were killed and wounded; and that it was the fruit of a well-planned operation to murder both the students and the 2ndAmendment. The plan almost certainly was concocted by Democrats, the media, and the county’s Hillary-loving political leaders and sheriffs. If this likelihood can be proven a certainty, it would be well for the conspirators to recall that turn-about is always fair and, indeed, marvelously delightful play.

Author: Michael F. Scheuer

Michael F. Scheuer worked at the CIA as an intelligence officer for 22 years. He was the first chief of its Osama bin Laden unit, and helped create its rendition program, which he ran for 40 months. He is an American blogger, historian, foreign policy critic, and political analyst.