Of Britain’s commonsense, and the madness of the Bushes’ retainers


Waking on Friday to see that the British had voted to unchain themselves from their socialist EU masters in Brussels was a marvelous experience. In so doing, they decided to return to adulthood, and to running their own nation, in their own interests, for better or worse. On both sides of the Atlantic, the leftist media will now thunder about the xenophobia of Britons and their stupid and self-destructive behavior in seeing and accepting the economic costs of reestablishing nationhood. The name-calling will continue but the economic roils will slowly calm, and the nation’s revenues will increase as payments are halted to the EU’s terminally begging and congenitally wasteful adolescent states, such as Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Spain. Hereon, Britain’s government also can do more to secure the nation by making and enforcing immigration laws that meet the majority’s demands, by ending military intervention abroad, and by legally deporting those deemed dangerous or subversive, all without the busybody milquetoasts in Brussels gumming up the works.

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U.S.-vs-Islamic State: As IS-held cities fall, America must come home, avoid the next, far harder war

We are likely to hear much crowing about the martial prowess of the U.S.-Europe trained, Iranian-led, and Shia-dominated Iraqi Army as IS withdraws — if only temporarily — from Ramadi and Fallujah. Cities, however, do not equal power in an insurgency. They more accurately impose a significant burden, one that requires the expertise to manage a not always supportive population, provide social services, potable water, electricity and gas, road repair, garbage collection, etc. It also requires something close to a trained bureaucracy, police force, and conventional army and air force for effective defense.

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When U.S. presidents help to kill Americans

Before Obama, Hillary Clinton, and their party pit Americans against each other by cynically twisting the Islamic State’s Orlando victory into a so-called hate crime, and use it as a tool to negate the right to bear arms, Americans must recognize that it is the common policies and actions of the Obama/Clinton, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton administrations that motivated the killing or wounding of more than 100 of their fellow citizens in a Florida nightclub. Americans also must accept that there are many more such events to come. The reality is that the dead and wounded were killed by a team, Omar Siddique Mateen as the shooter, and Obama, Bush, and the Clintons as his indispensable facilitators. A more effective unit to kill Americans is hard to conceive.

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America’s fascists are those who use the phrase ‘that’s not who we are’

A good friend of mine, a retired Colonel, recently asked if I had noticed that each time Obama, Clinton, Biden, Warren, Sanders, or any other senior Democrat says “that’s not who we are,” it always is in an effort to stop or denigrate — probably on the orders of George Soros — something that would increase the republic’s social cohesion, reduce its debt, improve its security, and strengthen its independence and sovereignty.

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