America’s fascists are those who use the phrase ‘that’s not who we are’

A good friend of mine, a retired Colonel, recently asked if I had noticed that each time Obama, Clinton, Biden, Warren, Sanders, or any other senior Democrat says “that’s not who we are,” it always is in an effort to stop or denigrate — probably on the orders of George Soros — something that would increase the republic’s social cohesion, reduce its debt, improve its security, and strengthen its independence and sovereignty.

Having thought about it, I think the Colonel is on to something; namely, that the word “we” in the phrase refers not to Americans but to the theory-addicted, profligate, Ivy League-educated, amoral, and pro-tyranny elite of the Democratic Party and its fellow cretins in the media and the academy. In fact, when these people use the phrase, what they really are saying is that “you Americans are not who we [your intellectual superiors and pro-tyranny rulers] are, and so we care not for what benefits the republic, but only for that which benefits our egos, political power, and personal fortunes. You Americans are here only to serve as guinea pigs upon whom we can experiment with our social engineering theories.” A few examples of the phrase in action follow.

  • When anyone questions the wisdom of the diktats that have imposed the policies of diversity and multiculturalism, the response is that the questioner is a racist and “that’s not who were are.” This silences questions, and that silence allows the madness and illogic at the core of the policies — that is, dividing Americans endlessly and pitting them against each other makes the republic stronger — to proceed unopposed in executing the destruction of the republic for which they were devised.
  • When a person asks why we are spending hundreds of millions of borrowed dollars to bring unwanted, unneeded, often anti-American, and not assimilable migrants to the United States, the asker is told he or she is a xenophobe, nativist, and anti-Muslim, and “that’s not who we are,” and so the migrants keep coming to build the unquestioning, unthinking, mostly non-white and non-English speaking, and block-voting peasant class that the Democrats require to finish installing their tyranny.
  • When a man asks why American military veterans are being required to go without medical care for so long that some die, while billions of borrowed dollars are spent to give comfortable lives, the internet, and cellphones to illegal aliens, the response damns the questioner as racist, uncaring, and nationalistic, and “that’s not who we are,” and so veterans keep waiting and dying.
  • When a woman or a man asks why it takes the so-called “right” to legally murder infants — and to sell their body parts — to make a woman equal to a man, the female questioner is blistered as unmodern, conservative, and submissive, the male as a cruel, domineering, and conservative misogynist, and “that’s not who we are,” and so the total of post-1973 abortions climbs past 60 million.
  • When anyone asks why Obama, through executive orders, illegal wars, and using government agencies against political foes, and Clinton, through influence peddling, blithe and narcissistic treason, and lust to delete the 2nd Amendment, are treated as if they are above the law, the questioner is termed a racist, a misogynist, and a right-wing conspirator, and “that’s not who we are,” and so the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and equality before the law lay dying.
  • When a woman asks why our sons and daughters are being sent to be killed or maimed in unnecessary wars the national government starts, others in which America is not at risk, to defend Arab and other anti-American tyrannies, and to defend nations whose existence are irrelevant to the republic’s security, she is scathingly denounced as an isolationist, an anti-Semite, and, again, a nationalist, and “that’s not who we are,” and so unnecessary and interventionist wars continue, and kids keep dying or hobbling through the rest of their lives for the ego and world-government ambitions of American fascists.

The foregoing are a paltry few of the many dozens of instances where Obama, Clinton, George Soros, and their Harvard-educated band of Brown Shirts in the party, media, and professoriate have sought to negate the power and effectiveness of the 1st Amendment without formally abrogating it. Right now they are winning. As always, the full and frequent employment of the freedoms of speech, assembly, and religion; a thoroughly well-armed citizenry, with increasingly itchy trigger fingers, and a bipartisan governing class confident they will shoot; and, especially, a fall 2016 presidential vote that decisively rejects the Obama-Clinton-Soros fascists and their plans to make Americans into obedient peasants and laboratory animals, are really the only ways to halt and reverse America’s now ongoing transformation from republic to Reich. Failure to do so this fall may well mean secession and/or civil war.

Author: Michael F. Scheuer

Michael F. Scheuer worked at the CIA as an intelligence officer for 22 years. He was the first chief of its Osama bin Laden unit, and helped create its rendition program, which he ran for 40 months. He is an American blogger, historian, foreign policy critic, and political analyst.