Of Britain’s commonsense, and the madness of the Bushes’ retainers


Waking on Friday to see that the British had voted to unchain themselves from their socialist EU masters in Brussels was a marvelous experience. In so doing, they decided to return to adulthood, and to running their own nation, in their own interests, for better or worse. On both sides of the Atlantic, the leftist media will now thunder about the xenophobia of Britons and their stupid and self-destructive behavior in seeing and accepting the economic costs of reestablishing nationhood. The name-calling will continue but the economic roils will slowly calm, and the nation’s revenues will increase as payments are halted to the EU’s terminally begging and congenitally wasteful adolescent states, such as Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Spain. Hereon, Britain’s government also can do more to secure the nation by making and enforcing immigration laws that meet the majority’s demands, by ending military intervention abroad, and by legally deporting those deemed dangerous or subversive, all without the busybody milquetoasts in Brussels gumming up the works.

Overall, the British people have given themselves a chance to again be themselves, respecters of the rule of their laws, English-speaking, self-reliant, predominately Protestant, and traders, bankers, and businessmen extraordinaire. Britons again can be quietly proud but stubborn nationalists, men and women who can now speak about their ancestors, men who were the authors of the freedom that has emanated from the precious commodity — now widely attacked and subverted — that America’s Founders called “English liberties.” These liberties graced and soundly governed life in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States until the ahistorical multiculturalists and diversity-hounds emerged from the cesspool that is the West’s academy and media to wreak havoc on commonsense, Christianity, societal cohesion, and history. Britons may well have a tough economic row to hoe for a while — and so may we, as a result — but they have acted manfully to regain their self-respect, independence, and sovereignty, as well as full control of their budget, society, and destiny. Well done. Now, it is time for Britain’s four children-nations in the English-speaking world to follow suit.

One final aspect of this drama occurs to me. All of the West’s pundits, economists, presidents, prime ministers, pollsters, and media outlets, knew for many months that the British referendum on EU membership was approaching and that many millions of Britons were pissed. And yet when the vote came and commonsense prevailed, the U.S. stock market lost 600 points, with similarly large declines in bourses around the world. Why? Because the West’s arrogant elites regard Western citizens as obedient fools on whom they can experiment with any kind of pseudo-intellectual nonsense. For decades they have forced the acceptance of multiculturalism, the fundamentalist religions of climate change and free trade, globalism, diversity, all forms of deviance as other forms of normal, uncontrolled immigration, and laws that do not apply to the elites (See, to date, Hillary and Bill Clinton). In addition, they have pardoned criminals and restored their franchise to vote for their pardoners, they have sent billions of tax dollars to support foreign nations and their often anti-Western interests, they have waged wars to spread the malignancies they regard as democracy and culture, and they have given legal preference to the demands of every non-white race, while damning, legally disrupting, and vilifying the speech, history, patriotism, and religion of whites. These hubristic elites just knew that the citizens they despise would never reach out to either depose them and their ways, or to simply choke them to death. Well, it happened last Thursday — peacefully this time — and so the very well-educated elites are scrambling in shock over the power of men and nations to want liberty, tradition, and history on their own terms, and not on the terms of those who see the world as their exclusive possession and who have so thoroughly cocked it up.

The madness of Father Bush’s retainers

Of the many lessons that have been taught by the 2016 presidential campaign, one of the most useful is the clarity that it has brought to the often-stated, but always denied fact that there is no difference between Republican and Democratic foreign policy. Both parties support military, political, and cultural interventionism; increasing foreign aid; remaining in NATO and other organizations that take the decision to wage war out of the hands of Americans, and, generally, the ongoing and war-causing construction of George H.W. Bush’s New World Order.

This month the two parties’ identical foreign policies were highlighted when two centurions of the elder Bush’s New World Order — and therefore endless war for Americans — endorsed Hillary Clinton for the presidency. Brent Scowcroft and Richard Armitage have hopped on that female felon’s gangster-filled train, with Scowcroft pontificating that Mrs. Clinton’s “longstanding relationships with a wide array of world leaders, and their sense of her as a strong and reliable counterpart, make her uniquely prepared for the highest office in the land.” The only reason Scowcroft could have for saying such a thing is that either he has advanced dementia, or he is on-the-take from the same powerful banks, lawyers, and industries that payoff Clinton for maintaining the foreign policy status quo.

Mrs. Clinton’s only “relations” with foreign leaders are ones of peddling her influence to them and thereby serving their interests not America’s, while enriching herself and he husband, the white Bill Cosby. Her “strong and reliable” nature is one of deceit, arrogance, and bloodthirstiness, best shown by her letting four Americans die in Benghazi rather than admit her Libya policy was a reeking failure, and by her eagerness to get U.S. Marines killed in multiple wars to ensure that every Mrs. Muhammad around the world can vamp, vote, and abort. As to being uniquely qualified to be president, she is unique only in her lack of any qualification but relentless failure. In all of this, Scowcroft follows the path of the execrable Colin Powell, who endorsed Obama for the presidency, thereby inflicting on his countrymen a man who, while Powell was a general, would not have been given the command of a squad.

Hillary Clinton is simply a corrupt liar who is obsessed only with money, Huma Abedin, and wars waged to make sure women retain and expand the right to murder human beings. The doddering and clueless socialist Bernie Sanders, and that screeching, ever-on-the-warpath virago Elizabeth Warren have proven themselves to be complete political whores, who eagerly ditched their so-called anti-Wall Street “movement” to seek the favor of that dowdy, greedy, and debauched Wall Street madam, Hillary Clinton.

“I believe,” Scowcroft said, in concluding his ode to the glory of both parties’ identical foreign policies, “Hillary Clinton has the wisdom and experience to lead our country at this critical time.” What that means is that leading the United States, according to all senior Republicans and Democrats, can only be done by a person who is owned by Wall Street, the arms makers, Israel and its treasonous lobby, and the Saudis. They must be willing to intervene in other peoples’ wars, and thereby keep America always at war; remain in treaties that negate America’s ability to decide whether or not to go to war; and give tens of billions of dollars to foreigners, while a quarter of American kids are malnourished and U.S. veterans die waiting for medical treatment.

Seems like all roads lead to Mr. Trump for anything that resembles putting America first at home and abroad.

Author: Michael F. Scheuer

Michael F. Scheuer worked at the CIA as an intelligence officer for 22 years. He was the first chief of its Osama bin Laden unit, and helped create its rendition program, which he ran for 40 months. He is an American blogger, historian, foreign policy critic, and political analyst.