Obama in Nairobi: Patronizing Kenyans, condemning and dividing Americans

President Obama’s visit to Kenya is a classic illustration of how some U.S. leaders simultaneously conduct arrogant and destabilizing cultural interventionism abroad, while seeking to create more disunity at home.

Asked before his arrival to refrain from causing the Kenyan regime domestic difficulties by publicly hectoring it on homosexual rights and women’s equality, Obama swaggered into the country and spent his time doing just that. Obama’s belief in patently non-existent “universal rights” always takes precedence over the concerns and even the survival of any person, entity, or government that has the temerity to disagree with his omniscience. Like Hitler, Stalin, and Mao, Obama seems to believe that the only kind of culture or society that can be defined as “good” for all peoples and states are the ones he imagines in his theory-stuffed, reality-free brain, ones that exists nowhere on earth, and never will unless they are imposed by fascist regimes.

And if you want to know why more Islamists have picked up guns — and more Americans for that matter — during Obama’s tenure than during that of any other U.S. president, you only have to listen to the patronizing, self-righteous, and demeaning lecture he delivered to his Kenyan hosts. In his Kenyan performance and so many other travels during his presidency, Obama has played the part of the ugly American to perfection by deliberately deepening social tensions everywhere he turns up, thereby leaving a stench in the nostrils of his hosts that will have to be eliminated by his successors.

Worse than his dressing down of the Kenyans for their culture, faith, tribal society, and traditions, was Obama’s studied effort to inflict more economic damage on Americans, as well as to further divide them amongst themselves.

  • The media report that Obama promised the deeply corrupt Kenyan government another $50 million from the bankrupt U.S. Treasury. Obama’s grand-standing generosity wastes taxpayer money on Kenya and its people — both irrelevant to U.S. interests, except as cannon fodder in the lost Somalia war — and drives America deeper into debt. This money, if spent at all, should be spent in the United States, perhaps to rebuild a few of the bridges nearing collapse, feed some of the growing number of America’s hungry or undernourished children, or prosecute either Hilary Clinton for what appears to be rank lawlessness, verging on treason, or Planned Parenthood for behavior that is, in its specifics and totality, far more anti-human, barbaric, and profit seeking than anything we so far have seen from ISIS. (NB: The chief of Planned Parenthood, on 26 July 2015, said that its so-called doctors and their harvesting and selling of organs taken from the infants they murder did not break any laws. The Gestapo, of course, could quite accurately have said the same thing about its similar activities.)
  • The media also claim that Obama told his audiences — as always, the callow and hero-worshiping youngsters he loves to preen before — that Kenya’s “moral failure” to embrace the fantasy of universal rights is equal to the “moral failure” of Americans to abandon Army of Northern Virginia’s battle flag, a banner that is an important part of U.S. history and the flying of which symbolizes the lengthy and — until Obama — successful post-civil war north-south reconciliation. Neither the Kenyans’ refusal to destroy their traditional society for the perfect Obamian model nor the Americans who honor the much-loved battle flag, Obama said, have any place in the 21st century that he and his ilk are perfecting, in part, by selling for profit the organs of the infants they help to murder.

Obama’s nearly complete ignorance of how other countries and peoples do and must work, and his obvious contempt for both foreigners and Americans who disagree, let alone oppose him suggests he is not the man either Americans or foreigners should be accepting advice from on matters of civics, governing, compassion, race relations, conscience, or judgment.

Others must of course decide this issue for themselves. For myself, I must say that I would infinitely prefer to hear what a great if flawed American like Robert Edward Lee had to say about such things, and trust to history’s storm sewer to sweep away all resonances of Barack Hussein Obama and his fanatically secular, lawless, racist, militantly atheistic, and authoritarian supporters.

Author: Michael F. Scheuer

Michael F. Scheuer worked at the CIA as an intelligence officer for 22 years. He was the first chief of its Osama bin Laden unit, and helped create its rendition program, which he ran for 40 months. He is an American blogger, historian, foreign policy critic, and political analyst.