What is more hilarious than lying-Obama leftovers, Neocons, and the media arguing there was ‘Russian hacking’ in the 2016 election?

The answer to this piece’s questioning title is a simple “nothing.” That title should be, rather, making all commonsensical Americans shriek with laughter.

Why should any American worry about the unending, manic claims that Russia interfered in the 2016 election? This story, after all, has been made up and perpetuated by aspiring traitors like Clapper, Hayden, Tapper, Acosta, Hillary Clinton, Comey, John Podesta, Maddow, McCabe, Brennan, Page, Strzok, Wray, the reporting staffs of the Washington Post and the New York Times, the Council on Foreign Relations, and most of all, by the foreign-born Obama. To believe this crew’s statements about anything at all is to believe that John McCain and Lindsay Graham can open their mouths without lying us into yet another interventionist war.

These are the same persons, you will recall, who lied about not collecting electronic intelligence on all U.S. citizens; who deliberately undermined America by selling 20 percent of U.S. uranium to Russia, and who then divvied up $150 million in bribes; who used the IRS to persecute conservative organizations; who made up from whole cloth the repeated claim that the Afghan military could defend its country without U.S. troops; who, with premeditation, killed Mr. LaVoy Finicum as part of the USG’s lawless attempt to eradicate the Bundy family, their friends and supporters, and the independent spirit of American ranchers; who have facilitated the invasion of the United States by unwanted, unneeded, illiterate, and criminal immigrants who may yet kill the republic; who have so far — under FBI guidance — effectively built a lying narrative about a single-shooter in the Las Vegas shooting, an attack that was actually conducted by Democratic Party-related operatives and killed and wounded hundreds of Americans; and who have covered-up their certain knowledge that Obama always was patently disqualified to constitutionally serve as president.

In the face of what Jefferson surely would call a “long train” of perfidy, treason, obsessive avarice, and murder by the national government, one must ask why would any commonsensical American fail to see that the Russian-meddling narrative is transparently an attempt by Obama leftovers and the seething, quite mad Neocons to push the United States into a new Cold War war Russia, one that would lead to a hot war, as well as a means of keeping themselves out of the slammer and off the gallows.

Indeed, there is not a loyal American citizen who has a single credible reason to believe any intelligence-based claims made by the Obama administration, or the Obama leftovers in Trump’s administration, about Russian interference in the 2016 election. The citizenry’s only fair-minded conclusion is that Obama ordered his intelligence and military lieutenants to stand down on responding to “Russian hacking” in summer, 2016, because no such hacking occurred. Certainly, the two indictments of Russians — written by Obama acolytes led by Rosenstein, Strzok, and old-man, disgrace-to-the-Marines Mueller and his merry band of Trump-hating attorneys — are clearly dreamed-up travesties that would disgrace a first-year law-school student and get him the boot therefrom.

The foregoing is not to say there isn’t foreign meddling in our national elections, but the word that should be used to describe it is “Israeli,” not “Russian.” Now, is it not remarkable that there is never any person of public significance who is willing to discuss the obvious fact that Israel has conducted a half-century campaign not only to meddle in but to ultimately control U.S. national elections?

How to account for this failure to recognize, publicly condemn, attack, and terminate this meddling and its sponsors? What is one to make for, example, of the resolute silence of the 535 members of the Senate and House of Representatives on the crying need to investigate Israel’s suborning of the Congress, as well as senior and juniors officials in Department of Defense, DOJ, the CIA, and the FBI.

What one must make of it, of course, is obvious. It seems certain that most of the Congress, and the senior levels of DoD, DoJ, FBI, the State Department, and CIA, receive regular checks or other valuable perks — while serving and in retirement — that are funneled from wealthy Jewish-Americans and their organizations, through plausible cutouts, to ensure their continued behind-the-scenes support for Israel; to keep them from seeking an investigation of the very public and widespread Israeli perfidy; and to make sure all U.S. national election results serve Israel’s interests before America’s.

There may be a few members of the Congress and the other institutions mentioned who might not be on the take from Israel. Senator Paul and some members of the Freedom Caucus perhaps, but that conclusion is based on nothing more than hoping against hope. It would hardly be surprising to find that all 535 members of Congress are floating about sipping frozen daiquiris in the cesspool of corruption, collusion, and foreign intervention that has been built and kept filled by Jewish-Americans and Israel. And I wonder, also, how many of those 535, as well as members of DoJ, DoD, CIA, and FBI, have been photographed by the Mossad frolicking sexually with children on Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile island resort? Surely, if any on-the-take U.S. official ever wavers in his bribe-funded, unquestioning allegiance to Israel, his or her knowledge that the Mossad has glorious Kodachrome photos and videos of them raping, killing, and otherwise molesting children that will force them back on the pro-Israel straight and narrow.

And, in passing, it also must be assumed that Israel and wealthy Jewish-Americans and their organizations are assisting the long-ago proven efforts of George Soros to destroy the Western tradition, manipulate U.S. elections, and to tear American society apart. Why assume this? Well, what other well-known, flamboyant, easily tracked, pro-Nazi, pro-holocaust, enemy-of-Israel, Jew killer has not been found and tried. or just simply murdered by the Israeli authorities? The first answer: None to date, except Soros. The second answer: Soros — not to mention Epstein — is a prized Israeli asset.

It is far past time to terminate the Democratic/Neocon “Russian-hacking” melodrama and begin to arrest the hundreds of politicians, bureaucrats, and media figures who manufactured it, flogged it ad infinitum, and so merit trial and incarceration. This would benefit and raise the spirit of all people fit to be called Americans. It also would create an opportunity for those citizens to insist that it is past time to investigate and eradicate the intervention in American affairs of Israel, prominent Jewish-Americans, and their host of well-paid human assets in the Congress, the federal bureaucracy, and the media.

Now there is a target that has long proven itself to be more than worthy of merciless annihilation.

Author: Michael F. Scheuer

Michael F. Scheuer worked at the CIA as an intelligence officer for 22 years. He was the first chief of its Osama bin Laden unit, and helped create its rendition program, which he ran for 40 months. He is an American blogger, historian, foreign policy critic, and political analyst.