Be a hard-ass, President Trump, and slay the republic’s domestic enemies now

The elected and appointed members of the United States national government seem to be incapable of recognizing that there is a radically and perhaps permanently disaffecting impact on the citizenry’s affection and loyalty for it when that government’s does nothing to end — or at least confront — the problems that endanger the republic’s survival. This failure to act and resolve easily resolvable problems is best seen at the moment in the prolonged period that it is taking to publish the memo written by Representative Nunez.

There seems to be nothing in that memo has anything to do with America’s overseas enemies, so the claim that its release would harm national security is a lie. All Americans and most of the rest of the world know that disclosure of the memo poses no threat of identifying invaluable sources and methods. NSA’s satellites, computers, and other technological tools — and perhaps similar CIA assets — have been publicly spoken off ad nauseum as the means by which the coup-fueling intelligence was collected. The heavily worn sources-and-methods defense against publication is thus also a lie. No one needs to know what specific technological tools that were used to collect the intelligence. If a sourcing statement is needed they can simply say “according to techie stuff,” which gives nothing away. These are lies that would not even fool a dolt like the average journalist.

The release of Nunez’s memo is being delayed because it contains the names of the coups’s leading FBI, DoJ, CIA, NSA, and National Security Council participants; the fact that Obama was and is at the helm of the effort; and that Republicans like McCain, Graham, Corker, Collins, and Flake probably were allied with the coup-makers. The delay also is meant to give Mueller a few more days to indict President Trump, and thereby make the truth look like a fabrication to hide Trump’s guilt. The delayers on both sides of the aisle are not after justice and/or the protection of sources/methods, they are trying to suppress data that will yield the magnificent and long overdue annihilation of much of the bipartisan governing elite.

A few other desperate points seem to be worth making:

Rule of Law

What to say about the unfolding story emanating from the criminals who lead Department of Justice and the FBI? First, I think it again underscores the shimmering brilliance of the Founders’ decision to leave their posterity the 2nd Amendment. At the moment, its seems pretty clear that the FBI and DOJ were in cahoots in an effort to make sure Hillary Clinton was elected, and, when that failed, they immediately began a multi-front effort to remove President Trump from the presidency. I, of course, do not know how all of this is going to wash out. But if the story continues to proceed along its present trajectory, the Trump administration will have to arrest, indict, try, and incarcerate Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, James Comey, Robert Mueller, Andrew McCabe, Rod Rosenstein, Michael Morrell, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, John Brennan, Phil Mudd, James Clapper, Valerie Jarret, and multiple dozens of others whose names and places of employment will become known to the citizenry as time passes. If the Trump administration fails to prosecute and convict, offers plea deals to the major players, or simply cocks-up the prosecution, the responsibility for cleaning out the maggots will pass to the citizenry. At that point, there will be no choice for Americans eager to preserve their country and constitution but to execute these miscreants — with guns or ropes, it does not matter which, but I would prefer public hangings — to prevent their reentry into society, or their escape to foreign lands to rest and then plot another attempt to destroy the republic. A refusal by the Trump administration to inflict all the punishment the law allows on these lawless copperheads will be the clear signal that no American leader is willing to restore the rule of law and equality before the law. In turn, that will mean it will be up to everyday Americans to use their 2nd Amendment rights — as the Founders intended — to destroy those of their fellow countrymen who have built the tyranny that the U.S. government is today, as well as those who have been their funders (Soros, etc.), censors (Zuckerberg, Dorsey, etc.) street thugs (Antifa, BAM, BLM, etc.), abettors (Pelosi, Schiff, Finestein, McCain etc.), and media shills (too many to name, but Bill Kristol, Joe Scarborough, and Shepard Smith would be a good start).


The media this week reported that 1,000 more U.S. troops and a squadron of A-10 aircraft — the Thunder Bolt II, but widely known as the “Warthog” — have been sent to Afghanistan. With these additions, the Trump administration has almost doubled the number of U.S. troops in Afghanistan since the inauguration. The additions are solid evidence that the Afghan war is still lost and cannot be turned around. For the past six months, U.S. air forces have pounded hell out of targets associated with the Taliban and the Islamic State — and have had no impact on turning the war’s tide. (NB: They also are reported to have destroyed the growing opium crops, which is a small, one-time negative for the heroin-traffickers, which in the short term, will drive up their profits — as they sell reserves and wait for next year’s crop — unless chemicals were used to make the growing fields permanently barren.) The addition of more troops, and especially the superb ground-support A-10 aircraft, strongly suggests that U.S. commanders know that their programs to train an effective Afghan military have utterly failed — not even the capital of Kabul can be secured — and that they now have no choice but to try dig the mujahideen out of caves, mountains, and other difficult topography and kill them to a man. If this is the case, such a strategy would cause a steady increase in U.S. military casualties; require greatly increased funding, fueling further Afghan thievery; open the door for more and more troops because, as the Neocons’ will chant “we have suffered too much to give up now;” and still bring us no closer to any of the goals identified by President Trump and his generals. It is not time to cut and run home, it is time to cut and sprint home.


The recent exposure of the sedition, arrogance, and criminality at the top and next-to-top levels of FBI leadership caused me to reflect on my own dealings with the FBI from 1992 until 2004, and especially from 1996 to 2004. Those dealings with FBI officers left me with a decided bias against them. They always seemed to be me to have three priorities: (1) the FBI’s reputation, (2) their own career advancement; and (3) making sure they never shared any information. Leaving aside my perceptions, the fact is that they were always against any attempt to capture or kill Osama bin Laden and his lieutenants. They helped, for example, to prevent the execution of a covert operation to capture Khalid Shaykh Muhammad in Qatar, and instead supported the National Security Council (NSC) and State Department plan to ask Qatar to extradite KSM to the United States. The latter plan won, the request was made to Qatar, and KSM disappeared and was not seen again until a few months before 9/11. On another occasion, the FBI counterterrorism chief told us there was no reason for the FBI to assist in capturing bin Laden if they did not credit for the event. A few weeks later the FBI and NSC blocked an attempt to capture bin Laden and turn him over to an Arab country that knew how to keep a secret. Another attempt to capture bin Laden was quashed when the FBI sided with George Tenet, John Brennan and the then-U.S. ambassador in Saudi Arabia to cancel a capture-attempt operation because the Saudis opposed it — to this day I wonder which of those worthies told the Saudis about the secret operation — and promised to get bin Laden from the Taliban themselves, but not turn him over to us. As always with Saudi promises on bin Laden, nothing happened except silence. Granted that this is a pretty small sample, but it does suggest a certain attitude among senior FBI officers — and CIA and NSC officers, for that matter — that never places the United States and the lives of its citizens at the top of their priority lists.

One other point on this issue. There is a mantra currently being spoken by anyone who condemns senior FBI leaders for trying to fix the election for Hillary and then to oust President Trump. It goes along the following line: “Of course, we are not condemning the lower-level, hardworking FBI officers who are all over the country working to keep Americans safe.” Now, my own experience with the officers who are the recipients of that lavish paean, would move me to temper, just a bit, its universal application. The working-level FBI officers I dealt with from 1994 until 2004 all feared their supervisors, trembling at even the thought of a harsh word directed at them from him. First, they were all we-do-what-were-told men, never asked a question about a decision — even if it hurt U.S. interests — and were, based on my experience, the perfect kind of foot soldiers for executing without question the recent seditious activities of Comey and his lieutenants. (NB: How many of these work-a-day FBI officers, pray tell, have resigned and spoken publicly about the cabal?) Second, they were all classified-document thieves. Each working-level FBI officer I managed or knew of over the decade just mentioned did not hesitate to steal CIA documents, sometimes illegally carrying them out in briefcases and at other times filling empty copy-paper boxes to the brim with them. They were not much good at disguising their robberies, however, and were often reported for their thefts, as well as for their discussion of classified materials over unsecure telephones. But they were ultimately protected by the senior-most CIA officers and allowed to continue to work — and steal — in CIA headquarters. For reasons unclear to me, the top CIA leaders always seemed to fear the FBI, and so blithely and deliberately refused to do their sworn duty to protect sources and methods, as well as to punish those who put them at risk.


President Trump, the elite of his party, the Democrats and their beloved criminals, slaves, and automatons, and most of the media seem to neither fully recognize nor perhaps even sense that everyday, working Americans are fresh out of empathy for illegal aliens. It apparently surprises the elite that empathy grows thin as the illegals kill, rape, mow-down while driving drunk, steal from, and rob thousands of genuine Americans. Working Americans have been paying for the well-being and defense of foreigners since the Marshall Plan; spending their kids’ lives since 1950 on losing wars that only the governing elite finds worthwhile; and watching their nation being overrun by uneducated, unskilled, non-English-speaking, and illegal immigrants who live on the dole; add massively to the cost of the school and health systems the citizenry funds, and illegally vote in elections to defeat the commonsense politicians, policies, and frugality Americans support. These illegals also come from countries without experience with republican government, only with corrupt authoritarian regimes and societies, so they naturally vote for Democrats ready to keep them on the dole, and give them legal privilege over the native-born and legal immigrant/citizen, in return for their vote. Empathy can be a worthy emotion, but it is not remotely worthy when it means Americans must be happy to commit and fund national, linguistic, and historical suicide by turning their country over to a great host of foreign scavengers who contribute little or nothing to the economy and work actively to destroy society’s cohesion. Damn them all, Mr. President, including the so-called Dreamers. Get all of them them out of the United States, Mr. Trump, and build the wall to seal them and their like out of this republic forever.

Author: Michael F. Scheuer

Michael F. Scheuer worked at the CIA as an intelligence officer for 22 years. He was the first chief of its Osama bin Laden unit, and helped create its rendition program, which he ran for 40 months. He is an American blogger, historian, foreign policy critic, and political analyst.