On the Niger dead, FBI’s Las Vegas deceit, and the fact that Islam, as a religion, is the problem

There have been so many noteworthy events occurring in the world that it has been hard to decide which to focus on, and so I have written nothing. It is still not clear, at least to me, which are most important, so I thought it best to look at a few. Here goes.


The ambush of U.S. Special Forces (SF) in Niger — in which four soldiers were killed — was a small, deadly, and lamentable incident. The deaths have aroused a lot of debate and finger-pointing about why the SF unit was ambushed. Those involved in that debate — the Pentagon spokesmen, the media, senators, and congressmen — are all playing a game in which the goal is find a palatable lie to tell the American people about why their soldiers were sent into a trap in which they died. There is no need for an investigation, there is no mystery. The simple fact, which the president should share with the citizenry, is that the United States has no reliable ally anywhere in the Islamic world. U.S. Marines and soldiers will be killed in all Muslim countries where they are serving by the Islamists they are fighting, as well as by the Islamists who are members of the military and police forces they are sent to “train and assist.” In addition, the local mujahideen in that country will be helped in planning their operations against U.S. forces by Islamists in the military, police, and intelligence services, in the civil service, as well as by private citizens and their Islamic clerics and scholars. The bottom line? U.S. forces in Muslim countries — in Africa and all other regions — will be killed by those they are fighting, by those they are training and assisting, and by the growing numbers of Muslims who hate the presence of U.S. forces in their country, a hatred that will increase and take more tangible and lethal forms the longer U.S. forces remain in their country. This is a fact that is hard to lie about, but the effort will be made by any number of U.S. officials and generals.

Las Vegas

Fifty-eight dead and more than five-hundred wounded in an attack on a country-music concert. The consensus in the media is that this was pro-Trump crowd, and the underlying tone of their pieces is the dead and wounded got what they deserved for electing Trump. That such reporting merits bloody payback for its reporters goes without saying, but lets lay aside for now a discussion of how to exact retribution. What merits intense focus is the FBI’s deceit about what occurred. These days, no matter what happens, FBI leaders grab the same well-thumbed script from the shelf and then recite, mantra-like, that: there was only one shooter; he had no help; a heroic employee stopped the attack; we are examining the shooter’s house, employment history, cars, wallet, mobile phone, bank records, and — in this case — brain tissue; and we cannot find a motive. In Las Vegas, the FBI spokesmen then walk away, showing they are deathly afraid of the casino owners’ willingness to kill them if the truth comes out, that they are determined to keep local cops intimidated and quiet, and that they will see to it that their shills in the media will drop the story. As all this occurred, the FBI looked the other way as the Hispanic non-security guard was hustled to Mexico for hiding and, if necessary, execution. Dear FBI: This drama is unnecessary. No one gives a dead rat’s ass about what you think the motivations of shooters were — yes, dear lawmen, many more than one — because the motive is clear to all, namely, the shooters wanted to kill as many as possible of those they believed were Trump supporters.

Now, G-Men, no one cares about your ballistic tests, your yellow crime-scene tapes, your syrupy pleas for the public’s help, or even about you as fellow human beings, given that you have sold out and no longer enforce the law against elite criminals. We have all seen you at your very best for the past nine years in protecting GPS Fusion and Democrat-Russian cooperation; ignoring Hillary’s innumerable felonies and Comey’s facilitating of them; the spying Obama, Brennan, Clapper, Susan Rice, and Samantha Power conducted on Trump’s campaign organization and incoming administration; the Obama approved, Eric Holder-protected, and Lois Lerner-led IRS persecution of conservatives; the play-for-pay game Hillary and her husband and daughter conducted with Russia over U.S. uranium and other matters; Holder’s lethal Fast-and-Furious program and refusal to prosecute the Black Panthers’ for voter intimidation; Loretta Lynch’s tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton and her refusal to prosecute BLM, BAM, or George Soros; and the blind-eye you have turned to greatest non-prosecuted financial crime in the republic’s history, the one that the Clintons and their entourage committed through the illegal-from-the-start Clinton Foundation. I fear, dear FBI badge-wearers, that if you do not soon tell Americans what really happened in Las Vegas, and then round-up the vermin responsible, those in the citizenry who still respect law and revere truth will act to get the answers you already have and are hiding. Time is tick, tocking toward the civil war you are encouraging, or at least toward the point where armed, law-abiding citizens will have no choice but to do your job for you by eliminating those criminals and America-destroyers the FBI cannot even identify, let alone arrest and incarcerate.

Islam is the problem

First, I must admit that I am tempted never to write on this topic again as I have written about it ad nauseam inside the government, when I worked for CIA, and publicly since late 2004. But the media’s coverage of the 31 October 2017 Islamist attack in New York City is so deliberately deceitful that I thought it best to give it another go, using a focus that provides the obvious keys to prevailing against the Islamists. Four points will suffice:

  1. Whenever you hear the word “radicalization” you are being duped. What happens to individual Muslims who move into the parts of Islamic theology known as Salafism and Wahhabism — both of which are valid and respected schools of that theology — is best described as “conversion;” that is moving from one valid school to another valid school of the Islamic faith. This conversion does not “radicalize” Muslims, but rather “warriorizes” them and brings them as mujahideen or, “holy warriors,” into Islamic forces. These forces, in turn, draw support, funds, prayers, and manpower from Muslims belonging to all the schools of Islam. They are waging a religious war against the United States, especially its military interventionism; its now nearly defeated European states; Israel; and the U.S./NATO-protected Arab tyrants. For the U.S. and its allies to eternally deny they are engaged in a religious war is both politically correct and fatal.
  2. The expensive U.S. and European “de-radicalization” programs have been utter failures and will never work. The programs are simply a cash-rich gravy train for university professors, psychologists, Protestant and Catholic do-gooders, and other chronic losers to draw from and enrich themselves. Any dependence on de-radicalization programs will yield only two results: (a) no reduction in Islamist manpower, and (b) more dead Americans. A British cabinet minister’s recent announcement that the UK will expand the government’s de-radicalization programs — which will include counseling, housing, and job support, but, apparently, no incarceration — to cope with jihadis returning from Syria and Iraq, should be seen for what it is, Great Britain’s death knell. (NB: A UK foreign-ministry official got it right when he said the returning jihadis should just be executed, but he was shouted down by the multiculturalists and the diversifiers) Wisdom begins with an acceptance of the fact that no de-radicalizer is ever going to talk a mujahid out of his faith, or what that faith tells him he needs to do please Allah, protect Islam, and earn salvation.
  3. The U.S. government has lied to the American people at every step of the way since Osama bin Laden declared war on the United States in August, 1996. The now two-decade old war against the mujahideen is preeminently a religious war, and, as noted above, it will remain so no matter how often and vociferously the national government denies its existence All of the asininities that U.S. government officials and the media believe and broadcast on this issue — “Islam is a religion of peace,” “the mujahideen are not part of Islam,” “few Muslims support the Islamist fighters,” “Muslim immigrants are not dangerous to U.S. security,” etc. — are irrelevant. Islamist organizations like ISIS and al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and increasing numbers of the Muslim world’s younger generations are, and have often said they are, fighting a religious war against the United States. The U.S. government is simply denying reality and, in so doing, is ensuring the non-ending slaughter of Americans and the republic’s eventual move into a martial law status to defend itself. There is no way to create a domestic environment in which the U.S. law-enforcement community can begin to adequately defend America until (a.) the southern border is shut tight; (b.) all immigration from Muslim countries is stopped (the Constitution does not forbid this action; indeed, it would be a return to long-used procedures in which republic picked the countries from which its immigrants would come); and (c) all Muslims who are in the United States illegally are rapidly hunted down and deported.
  4. In all future anti-Islamist military engagements overseas, U.S. forces should operate under both Old Glory and a plain Black Flag, the latter simply meaning that no surrenders will be accepted and no prisoners will be taken on the battlefield. To be in a position that forces the adoption of such a deadly policy is a tough business, but it is the predictable cost that must be paid for the national government’s multitude of unnecessary, interventionist, and always lost wars.

Author: Michael F. Scheuer

Michael F. Scheuer worked at the CIA as an intelligence officer for 22 years. He was the first chief of its Osama bin Laden unit, and helped create its rendition program, which he ran for 40 months. He is an American blogger, historian, foreign policy critic, and political analyst.