‘Keep ’em dying!’ — The West’s puerile reaction to the Barcelona attacks is sad but hilarious

While there is nothing funny about the number of casualties in and nearby Barcelona — currently 14 dead and 100 wounded — the public and governmental reactions to the Islamists’ attacks induce spasms of nearly uncontrollable laughter in anyone who has even minimal commonsense.

First, of course, we see the mandatory appearance of heaping mounds of handwritten sympathy notes from publicity-seeking strangers, dying flowers, guttering candles, and meaningless photographs accumulating near the attack sites. Second, we have the EU, the United States, and numerous other governments expressing their “condemnation” of the attacks; declaring their determination to stand “shoulder-to-shoulder” with Spain against the Islamists; and reciting the now tiresome and quite obviously untrue mantra about eventually defeating the Islamists — as in, “bringing them to justice” — who are said, as always, to have nothing to do with Islam.

In that set of activities, most Western citizens and their governments have done all they intend to do about this week’s attacks. That is, they intend to do nothing effective in preventing future attacks, nothing that will halt inflow of the Muslim immigrants who are destroying Europe, and — most important, — nothing rhetorical that might offend the highly sensitive and terrorist-enabling Muslims already living in Spain and Europe.

The foregoing is the well-established pattern of post Islamist-attack actions in Europe that was first used after the July, 2007, Islamist attacks in London. The actions are now nauseatingly familiar and serve no useful purpose except to dispense cheap sympathy and meaningless bravado. They amount to a sick sort of joke that for some reason Europeans seem to find pleasing and comforting after each time they are run-over, shot-up, knifed, raped, kidnapped, or blown-up by the Islamists they regard as illiterate, primitive, irreligious, and inferior human beings, especially in comparison to their superior, sophisticated, and well-educated selves.

You must, I think, see the hilarity engendered in those with a bit commonsense by these feckless “death festival” reactions to Europe’s numerous military defeats, and the casualties inflicted therein, by the clearly tougher, militarily superior, more devote, and not-so-illiterate Islamists.

If the real humor here is not readily apparent to all, perhaps the following two points may help:

  • Almost all of the Barcelona dead and wounded surely voted for one or another of the multiple Spanish governments that have failed to protect Spain’s citizens and their children since Osama bin Laden declared the Islamists’ war against the U.S. and Europe 21 years ago this month.
  • Most of these casualties probably also supported the Spanish and EU governments’ mindless ideological adherence to open borders, their admission of unlimited numbers of unvetted Muslim refugees, their Hitlerian application of multiculturalism and diversity policies, and their constriction of free speech to protect the sensitivities of Spain’s — and those of the rest of the EU — Islamist-aiding Muslim population.

Simply put, then, the reality of the Barcelona attacks is that, while the Islamists did the killing and wounding, they were able did so because multiple Spanish governments preferred both ideological purity to the murderously moronic theories of multiculturalism and diversity, and to playing the obsequious lick-spittle to Muslims, instead of providing security, controlled borders, and rule-of-law to Spain and its native citizenry. In the parlance of the FBI, the past twenty-plus years of Spanish governments are — as are all of the EU’s so-called governments — clearly guilty of “material support to terrorism.”

The above-referenced hilarity, I suppose, may still be not apparent to all, so stop and think about the reality that Barcelona’s dead, wounded, and maimed supported, voted for, and obeyed the mad societal theories of both their cowardly government and their EU enslavers. They also long ago let their government take away their weapons, so they cannot defend themselves, kill their attackers, or kill all of their much-in-need-of-killing, Islamist-abetting politicians. Spaniards and Europeans are, in essence, sitting ducks who have voted for governments who will not defend them and protect their children. They would be better off being governed by the Marx Brothers.

To be fair, though, those in the EU — and the U.S. — who constantly vote for their own demise, and allow themselves to be disarmed by authoritarian regimes, surely are entitled to die in the manner their votes endorsed. Sometimes you do get what you deserve.

Author: Michael F. Scheuer

Michael F. Scheuer worked at the CIA as an intelligence officer for 22 years. He was the first chief of its Osama bin Laden unit, and helped create its rendition program, which he ran for 40 months. He is an American blogger, historian, foreign policy critic, and political analyst.