HULU’s team says ‘Fuck the truth, we will deceive Americans’

I hesitated to again use this space for this issue, but I thought that there would be some interest in the HULU team’s arrogant and elitist response to my recent post showing that more than 70-perecent of the “Looming Tower” television project is knowingly based on lie, a lie that is now crystal clear and increasingly well-publicized because of the unclassified Department of Justice document posted in the last piece on this issue. (NB: The earlier articles on this issue can be found here and here.)

On 19 July 2017, I received the two notes that follow from “Legendary,” which is the company that is making Lawrence Wright’s hoax-based television series and selling it to HULU.

1.) The first is the cover letter that came from Legendary. It was copied as it was received. That is, the typo is not mine for a change.

Dear Dr. Scheuer,

On behalf of Jennifer Grazier, EVP, at Legendary TV Buiness Affairs, enclosed is a letter in connection with “The Looming Tower.” Thank you.

Best — Debbie Urrutia, Interim Executive Assistant, Legendary TV — Business/Legal Affairs

2.) The second letter was attached to the cover note. Apparently the letter’s author — Executive Vice-President Jennifer Grazier — has an advanced degree in being haughty, patronizing, and treating people as her inferiors. The letter was sent as a pdf that could be neither easily copied nor printed, at least with my modest computer skills. The blurry copy below is the best I could do in terms of inserting the letter in this piece, but I have retyped much of it below the graphic.

In the opening paragraph, Ms. Grazier tells me that she is writing “on behalf of Legendary in response to your concerns.” The middle paragraph — annotated for clarity — follows in full:

“As you may know, dramatizations and docudramas are afforded a high degree of artistic latitude [Ms. Grazier means wide-ranging and deliberate dishonesty] in their portrayal of real-life events. While the series draws on meticulous research, including Lawrence Wright’s probing work [Ms. Grazier has a sense of humor or cannot read], as a basis for portraying the events leading up to the attacks of September 11, 2011, the series will ultimately employ artistic license to tell a story [Ms. Grazier means to tell a lie] with dramatic effect. A dramatization or docudrama may fictionalize dialogue, may telescope, condense, or rearrange events and may create composite or fictional characters as an expression of artistic license [Ms. Grazier means deliberate deceit]. The character about whom you express concern — Martin Schmidt — is one such fictional character [whom, Ms. Grazier is saying, we mean to knowingly defame].”

That’s a pretty good try to disguise the fact that Legendary — if its promotional materials are not lies — clearly intends to intentionally lie to Americans, mislead them, blacken the CIA in the eyes of the citizenry, and defame all of the CIA officers who pursued Usama Bin Ladin, and who had completed the bin Laden-mission assigned to them by September 1998. Of course, being a typically narcissistic liberal, Ms. Grazier tries to make this about me rather than the proven lie her company and HULU are preparing to foist on Americans as a “docudrama.”

Ms. Grazier also speaks about the “meticulous research” that has gone into the project, but ignores the primary-source document I provided in my last post on this issue, a document that makes her claim a nonsense. That document, and others that are likely available, clearly show — again if the promotional materials are not lies — that the research for this series, and, I think, much of Mr. Wright’s book, was at very best biased and half-assed, and that the core of a 10-part TV series will be knowingly based on lies that have been concocted by left-wing blackguards to promote their political agenda. In short, the Looming Tower series will be presented by Wright, his sidekicks, and two film companies, all of whom know they are perpetrating a hoax, to promote their lying left-wing political agenda in a “docudrama”. I suppose that this is because you cannot lie, defame, and pull off a hoax as easily in a straight-forward documentary. Who knows, this series may be the grandest achievement yet in the burgeoning field of fake media productions.

Ms. Grazier’s final elitist paragraph pats me on the head, tells me to be a good little boy, to make sure I watch the series, and makes it clear that I am unworthy of their concern and should shut up. Ms. Grazier writes,

“We hope this this addresses your concerns, and we encourage you to watch the series when it premieres. Please note that our failure to respond to any additional correspondence does not change our thoughts set forth herein.” [NB: I wrote no ‘letter’ to anyone, I merely sent copies of my last blog to as many of the hoaxers as I could find addresses for. I could not find an address for Legendary, and so I guess some big, brave, and deceitful author ran to mama.]

Ms. Grazier and her colleagues at Legendary, Lawrence Wright and his cohorts, and their paymasters at HULU are simply saying to me and all Americans who watch, listen, or review the coming series, “Fuck the truth, you’ll believe what we tell you to believe in our lie-based Looming Tower series.”

While our republic is pretty far gone, there still must be a legal difference between “artistic license” and an intentional decision to produce a hoax to deceive Americans, defame those who defended America, and advance the Democratic political agenda. But if Ms. Grazier and her reptilian kind are correct in their definition of “artistic license,” than HULU can henceforth use an advertising slogan akin to: “HULU happily hoaxes Americans and they can’t do a thing about it!”

That slogan would be both catchy and have the great advantage of being truthful.

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Author: Michael F. Scheuer

Michael F. Scheuer worked at the CIA as an intelligence officer for 22 years. He was the first chief of its Osama bin Laden unit, and helped create its rendition program, which he ran for 40 months. He is an American blogger, historian, foreign policy critic, and political analyst.