President Trump: Wise up and learn what national government ‘meanness’ really means

Mr. President,

Last week’s media reporting was filled with reports that you have described the House’s health care bill as “mean.” Now, if you think that bill is mean, you are not even close to being in the same ballpark as the bulk of your countrymen. There is so much meanness that has been directed toward Americans in congressional legislation and executive actions already on the books, that whatever you see in the House’s healthcare bill is no more a drop in the bucket of accumulated and deliberate national government meanness toward Americans.

In terms of healthcare, there is not much meanness in either bill — House or Senate — but rather a great deal of natural and unavoidable floundering because the national government has no business, competence, or money to be involved in any form of universal medical care, save for some assistance through Social Security for senior citizens and the disabled. As always, anything the national government gives away in healthcare services will be inordinately expensive, bankrupting, and generally ineffective.

But, I am in the minority on this issue, and so must ultimately acquiesce in the madness that contends a national healthcare program is a “right”. There is, however, a way to find funding for some of the expense of the looming healthcare debacle by identifying some of the true meanness the national government has inflicted on the citizenry, eradicating it, and using the savings to help pay for healthcare.

Let me suggest, Mr. President, that you first take to the television and tell the American people the absolute truth; namely, that the whole healthcare debate is taking place in a framework of America’s complete bankruptcy, a situation in which there is no room for new expenditures, especially of the unpredictable kind involved in healthcare. If the Congress, the Senate, and you, Mr. President, are intent on saddling our posterity with monstrous additional expenditures, perhaps that debt can be partially paid for by cutting government meanness. Let me list a few of the mean — even cruel — policies and programs of the national government that merit annihilation.

Foreign Aid: Even as the nation now sits sinking in bankruptcy, the 535 members of the Congress, with your signature, continue to give tens of billions of taxpayer dollars to foreigners. There is not one cent that is given to foreigners in economic, healthcare, educational, or military aid that could not be far better spent at home. The unutterable meanness inherent in the sending hundreds of billions of dollars overseas to foreigners since 1945 has been an absolute disgrace, considering the assistance that money could have rendered to Americans who are hungry, sick, unemployed, and at risk from antiquated infrastructure. That is Mr. Trump, is truly a severe and utterly premeditated form of governmental meanness.

Charitable Deductions: As you and the Congress draft a tax-reform bill, there should be major changes made in regard to what kind of charitable donations are eligible for a tax deduction. Now, no one wishes to discourage charity or to put a roadblock in the path of those want to donate, but it is an insanity to give tax deductions to people who donate to charities and other organizations that spend all or part of their income overseas. All charity deductions deny revenue to the national government, and this loss of revenue ought to be fully welcomed when those funds are spent at home to help Americans. There is, however, a spectacular meanness in the depriving the bankrupt national government of additional, desperately needed revenue by giving tax deductions to U.S. citizens who donate to foreign charities, or to domestic charities that spend their money abroad, and thereby deprive the national government of tax revenue needed to assist the republic and its citizenry. When reforming the tax code, Mr. President, do not permit charitable deductions for donations by individuals and corporations that are intended for use outside the United States. The money donated to the Catholic Church, for example, should deductible only if it is spent in the United States. The Catholic Church — and similar Protestant, Jewish, and Muslim institutions — should be made to report their total annual income and where it was spent, and deductions for donors should only be allowed for that part of their income spent in America. The same rule should be applied to donations to the World Wildlife Fund, Médecins Sans Frontières Save the Children, and any other charity, NGO, foundation, or religious institution that is based in the United States and sends funds derived from tax-deductible donations overseas. Again, a charitable deduction should be allowed to a donor only if the donation is spent entirely in the United States. Ending the ability of Americans to earn tax deductions for donating to their favorite foreign projects, causes, religions, organizations, people, and governments, Mr. President, will erase another meanness that has been imposed on Americans by their national government.

End U.S. participation in the Afghan war: This war is irretrievably lost, Mr. President, only your generals are delusional enough to think they can win a war they, Bush, and Obama never intended to win. At this point, it cannot be won by 10,000 more U.S. troops, or 500,000 more troops, for that matter. Indeed, our presence in Afghanistan accelerates it complete destabilization, and causes increased Islamic militancy there and in the region. Withdraw all of our troops Mr. President, and end all varieties of aid to the Afghan government, pullout all U.S. civilian officials and contractors, and destroy all U.S.-built military facilities there so they cannot be used by the Islamists, or by the Russians or Chinese when they inevitably move military forces into Afghanistan. There is only one task that must be accomplished before this complete evacuation. As you know, Mr. President, there is a vast hue and cry across the United States about the “Opioid epidemic,” which is, as I understand it, fueled by synthetic drugs, opium products refined from poppies, or a combination of both. Now, it is the loathsome, indefensible truth that the U.S. government and its military have occupied Afghanistan — the world’s largest producer of heroin — since late 2001 and have not permanently destroyed the Afghan heroin industry and as many of its workers, smugglers, abettors, and leaders as possible. There is no better example of the national government’s rampant and deliberate meanness towards its own citizens than to keep reinforcing — with dollars, lives, and limbs — a long-lost war, and to allow U.S. generals and diplomats to blithely refuse to, first, destroy the main producer of the heroin that is ravaging this republic, and, second, to make the ground in which the poppies are grown unusable for centuries for agriculture, just as the Romans did in Carthage.

Republic killing programs: Although the following examples of national government meanness are probably the smallest in terms of dollars spent, ending them would terminate what are perhaps the the greatest sources of deliberate meanness in the national government’s behavior — the for-profit murder of infants, lies portrayed as news, blatant ideological indoctrination, and the intentional destruction of the republic’s history, English-language primacy, culture, equal treatment under the law, and Christian faith. End this deliberate national-government meanness, Mr. President, by permanently defunding National Public Radio (NPR), the Public Broadcasting System (PBS), the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), the Department of Education, and Planned Parenthood. The allocations of taxpayer money to these organizations have largely destroyed American culture, reduced several generations of students to mindless, lazy, and leftist automatons, and murdered nearly 60,000,000 young Americans. NPR, PBS, and the Department of Education are nothing more than recruitment tools for the Democratic Party; the globalists and their fascist goals; the Nazi-like climate fanatics; the air-headed advocates of the delights and nobility of sexual perversion, and the anti-religion left and their echoes in the media. The NEA funds artists bent on attacking United States, the Christian religion, the republic’s history, the Constitution and the Union it created, and the primary importance of the rule-of-law and common decency. NEA has made a largely pornographic and racist shit-hole of depravity from what was once American art. Likewise, the NEH has help to produce an educational system that is seeking to destroy the republic and replace it with minority rule, the end of free speech and self-defense, and the absolute rule of the society-and-culture-eating maggots known as diversity and multiculturalism. Planned Parenthood, of course is nothing more then a Stalin-like butcher shop in which infants are murdered, and their parts sold for profit. The national government, Mr. President, should not be using tax revenue to fund these organizations. Their sole intent is to destroy the republic and all citizens that disagree with them. They are the very core of the national government’s meanness, and so cutting all of their funding will not only help fund healthcare, and perhaps provide our now-wounded republic with a chance to heal, it also will stop their enthusiastic breeding of uneducated, amoral, and violence-prone enemies of the republic.

Lord knows, Mr. President, that the foregoing cuts cannot fund the economically ruinous national healthcare program that is on the table. But the cuts could be used for some funding for the health program, while at the same time draining from the national government behavior some of the hallmarks of is meanness and outright cruelty toward the citizenry.

All we and you have is lemons, Mr. President, so you can only make the best of them. Go down the healthcare road if you must, but limit the debt it adds to the current $20 trillion bottomless pit. Take the funds from ending the foregoing “mean” programs and use them for healthcare. In doing so, you also will begin to cut back the immense meanness that has been inherent in the national government’s treatment of its citizens for the past half-century and more, and perhaps you might even begin to restore what the Founders argued was a key to maintaining the republic; that is, a strong sense of popular affection for the national government.

Author: Michael F. Scheuer

Michael F. Scheuer worked at the CIA as an intelligence officer for 22 years. He was the first chief of its Osama bin Laden unit, and helped create its rendition program, which he ran for 40 months. He is an American blogger, historian, foreign policy critic, and political analyst.