Of course the 2016 election is rigged, here’s how, and what it may yield

Imagine that naughty Mr. Trump having the nerve to suggest the 2016 presidential election is rigged. Most in the mainstream media and the Democratic party establishments are now in a high, Captain Renault-like faux dudgeon over Trump’s assertion. Their noisy anger and syrupy, patriotic-sounding rejection of the fact that the vote is clearly rigged serve to do only two things: (a) validate Trump’s claim, and (b) confirm the voters’ growing suspicion that they are again being had by the powerful, wealthy, and tyrannical political elite that hates everything about them except for the money that they can take from their pockets. Trump must stand by this accurate assessment of this year’s rigged presidential election, no matter how much the media and Democratic hounds — and probably some similarly slobbering Republicans — bay for him to recant and repent.

So absurd is it to deny the obvious fact that the powerful, rich, and sordid Clintonites have rigged the vote to maintain their access to the federal treasury and their ability to wield arbitrary power that it might be considered superfluous to note a few examples of the conclusive evidence of rigging. But their egregious rigging of the election is so threatening to the republic’s peace, prosperity, cohesion, and survival, and a Clinton victory is so full of chances for an armed rebellion against the tyranny she plans, that a few issues proving the election has been rigged are worth pointing out.

  • In the macro sense, U.S. elections at all levels became readily riggable when Democratic and Republican elected officials agreed to install electronic voting. The Democrats always have gotten the dead, hopelessly addled drug addicts, and illegal aliens to vote. Why do you think they so viciously oppose voters being required to show a photo ID before voting? But today, every citizen’s vote can be changed by either party because elected officials have suborned the computer companies and their experts — never forget that Silicon Valley’s collective head is very far up Hillary’s butt — with the rich contracts given to them for installing, maintaining, and monitoring the electronic equipment used in elections. Like social media’s elimination of personal privacy with tools Hitler, Stalin, and Mao would have killed more millions to possess, electronic voting negates the personal and private choice of the voter by making it simple for the political elites and their computer-geek minions to change a citizen’s marking of his or her ballot silently and without chance of detection.
  • In the day-to-day political arena, the mainstream media for more than a year have been rigging this election. They have focused on ephemera such as Trump’s blue-collar speech, his legally paid taxes, his un-political correctness, his honest and correct economic pessimism, and now the steady and predictable parade of weepy, lying women that the DNC probably recruited from Bill Clinton’s history-of-the-women-I’ve-attacked ledger. (NB: Is there anything more surreal than a wretched criminal like Hillary Clinton claiming that her character is more admirable than Trump’s? How many wars has Trump started and lost? How many legless Marines are now hobbling about because of Trump? How many times has Trump betrayed the republic for money? How many sexual predators has Trump protected? How many blue-collar jobs has Trump promised to destroy? How many millions of infants has Trump helped to murder?)
  • The media also have ignored the campaign’s real issues, such as Obama’s Hillary-approved excessive taxation, regulation, and debt expansion; the Obama-Clinton war on free speech, religious liberty, and the 2nd Amendment; the long-stagnant economy that produces few jobs and almost no growth; the Democrats’ war on whites and all blue-collar Americans; unlimited illegal immigration; Hillary’s silence about Obama’s arbitrary and so unconstitutional rule; Hillary’s advocacy for importing the Islamist terrorists she has said are among the unvetted Syrian Muslim refugees; Hillary’s love for starting and losing wars and not giving a damn about American casualties; and Hillary’s championing of the currently collapsing, unaffordable, and unfixable Obama health-care system.
  • While the citizenry looks squarely into the face of their dying jobs, kids’ futures, communities, and nation, Clinton, the Democrats, the mainstream media, and many in the Republican establishment want to focus on what they claim are the greater dangers of offensive language, the unforgivable sin of hurting feelings, and — most hilariously — the dire need for an increase in rights for women, but only for those who agree with Hillary. My God, pro-Hillary American women already are legally superior to every American male; no man, after all, can hire a medical doctor to murder the human being he designates for death. This limited cackle of pro-Hillary women, moreover, has contributed nothing to the nation save its always negative trademarks; namely, its constant adolescent whining and groundless discontent over long-resolved problems; its targeted humiliation of stay-at-home mothers and women who live their faith; its joyous support for the murder of 60 million infants and rabid enthusiasm for killing millions more at home and abroad if Hillary wins; its arrogant demands for unconstitutional legal preference and free contraceptives; and its eagerness to provide the stars and extras needed by the pro-Hillary producers of the massive and ever increasing amount of made-in-America pornography.

While Trump’s political and mainstream media opponents focus on tripe, it is worth recalling that the citizenry has heard only limited snatches of news about Hillary Clinton’s record of relentless incompetence, deceit, sleaze, and crime. Among dozens of examples are:

  • The fact that Hillary’s campaign chairman and his brother have been in the pay of a Russian state bank that is reported to have built Putin’s personal fortune and to serve as a conduit for the conduct of Russian intelligence operations. This fact comes on top of the fact that Clinton approved the sale of nearly a quarter of the U.S. uranium supply to a Russian company that has given millions of dollars to her foundation. (1)
  • The fact that President Obama procured a false e-mail address to communicate with Clinton about classified national-security issues through her unsecured server. FOIA data has proven Obama lied when he claimed have learned about the server in the press, and so now we have irrefutable evidence that both the commander-in-chief and the secretary of state deliberately compromised sensitive national security information to the republic’s enemies. (NB: The same kind of Obama/Clinton disregard for U.S. security is manifested by much of the Republican elite in its support for the clearly lying and traitorous Hillary Clinton over the patriot Trump because, they claim, “she is better fit to be commander-in-chief.”)
  • The fact that the current tense situation between the United States and Russia began with the Clinton-approved State Department operations — assisted by our feckless NATO and EU allies — that helped to over throw the pro-Russian regime in Ukraine and replace it with an anti-Russian regime.
  • The fact that Hillary Clinton has been wrong on every issue in the Middle East, having supported the invasion of Iraq; approved Obama’s re-interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan; led the destruction of Libya, which is destabilizing Africa; intervened in the Arab Spring with a sublime ignorance of Islam; cheered the re-establishment of a military tyranny in Egypt; and took money for her foundation from the Saudis and Qataris even though she knew they were supporting the Islamic State as it killed Americans and so many others.
  • The fact that Obama has put more than 5,000 U.S. Marines and soldiers on the ground in Iraq to participate in the battle for Mosul, the timing of which was set to help Hillary’s campaign. The Democrats’ disregard not only for U.S. military lives but all human lives in the Mosul area in this politically timed battle is stunning, though not surprising. If U.S.-backed, Iraqi forces take the city, more than a million people will be displaced to starve at winter’s onset; the Shia will slaughter Sunnis and Christians; Kurds will fight Turks and Arabs; Iran’s presence and military strength in Iraq will be strengthened; Iraq will become an even greater economic catastrophe that America will expected to rebuild; and the Sunni world will once again see the United States killing Sunnis, helping Shias take territory from Sunnis, and intervening in an oil-rich Islamic country. And what will happen to the Islamic State? Well it will lose a city and some manpower, but afterwards it will simply return to what it is best at, and what U.S. forces have proven they cannot defeat — an insurgency — and try to find a way to keep track of the flood of donations and foreign fighters that will be flowing in from wealthy Sunnis and newly radicalized young men enraged by U.S. actions.

In time, there will be numbers of books written about the manner in which the 2016 presidential election was rigged. The evidence for that reality is already massive and irrefutable, and it is in the form historians’ describe as “primary sources;” that is, contemporary documents that are written by the individuals involved — usually at the leadership level — and record the events they led and/or experienced.

If Trump wins, these books might be written by Americans. If he loses, the books will have to be written by foreigners who have saved the now-available materials, because Clinton, in power, will wage a much more thorough Sandy Berger-like war on the historical record — bleach-bit-ing the National Archives, if you will — so as to protect her power, fortune, and grotesquely false, media-built reputation.

But Hillary best be quick to start and finish her war on the historical record, as ordinary Americans are not likely to long delay acting to render her, her tyranny, her deceit, and her hatred for the republic entirely unable to further damage America. To paraphrase President Roosevelt’s December, 1941, words about the much less formidable threat Japan posed to the republic, I am confident that the mortal danger irrefutably posed to America by Hillary Clinton will be met and annihilated by “… the unbounding determination of our people — [and] we will gain the inevitable triumph, so help us God.”

Whether that vital defeat is inflicted at the polls on November 8th, or sometime after the election, matters not, though the former certainly will be less unpleasant than the latter. Come what may, however, this rigged election marks the end of the Clintons’ era of arrogance, corruption, treason, criminality, and greed. Just retribution is quickly approaching.


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Author: Michael F. Scheuer

Michael F. Scheuer worked at the CIA as an intelligence officer for 22 years. He was the first chief of its Osama bin Laden unit, and helped create its rendition program, which he ran for 40 months. He is an American blogger, historian, foreign policy critic, and political analyst.