Of course the 2016 election is rigged, here’s how, and what it may yield

Imagine that naughty Mr. Trump having the nerve to suggest the 2016 presidential election is rigged. Most in the mainstream media and the Democratic party establishments are now in a high, Captain Renault-like faux dudgeon over Trump’s assertion. Their noisy anger and syrupy, patriotic-sounding rejection of the fact that the vote is clearly rigged serve to do only two things: (a) validate Trump’s claim, and (b) confirm the voters’ growing suspicion that they are again being had by the powerful, wealthy, and tyrannical political elite that hates everything about them except for the money that they can take from their pockets. Trump must stand by this accurate assessment of this year’s rigged presidential election, no matter how much the media and Democratic hounds — and probably some similarly slobbering Republicans — bay for him to recant and repent.

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Why I’m eager to see the end of my ‘white privilege’

I am a white male and soon will be 64 years of age. In the current presidential campaign Mrs. Clinton has spoken a great deal about the “evil” of “white privilege,” and about her intention to destroy it. After reflecting on what the substance of that phrase has meant during the course of my life, I enthusiastically, even rabidly, endorse the idea of eradicating “white privilege” in its entirety, almost as much as I endorse eradicating Mrs. Clinton and her family from American politics.

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