A letter to Mrs. Clinton: What is it that you actually care about?

After listening to your debate with Mr. Trump, I am left a bit confused.

By way of preface, let me say that I have always been grateful to have been educated by the Society of Jesus at a little college called Canisius in Buffalo, NY. I attended Canisius in an era when Jesuits still taught men to be honest, reliable, Stoic, hard-working, God-fearing, and courageous enough to recognize and support the good, and to speak out against evil. Those Jesuits were still Christ’s soldiers, a very far cry from today’s new-age, mush-mouthed Jesuits who — like those at Georgetown University — race to hide religious pictures, statues, and crucifixes as a means of getting the U.S. president to speak at their institution.

In the early 1970s, the Jesuits also taught that only God knows what is in a person’s heart and mind, and that the only fair way to judge people is to compare what they say, with what they do, and to examine the company they keep. They especially taught us to be uncomfortable and wary of those who say one thing and invariably do another. It is on this last point that I want to ask you few questions, based on what you said in this week’s debate and how you have spoken and acted over the past three decades.

  1. You spoke, and always speak, about how much you care for America’s children. But you have been an enabler and protector of those who, since 1973, have killed 60 million unborn Americans. You have helped to give sexual deviants easy access to our children’s classrooms, bathrooms, locker rooms, and scouting and sports activities. You have refused to support effective schools for our kids — via charter and magnet schools or school vouchers — and so have deliberately left them mired in lousy schools because you want to keep getting enormous campaign contributions from the teachers’ unions. Mrs. Clinton, this cannot be the record of someone who cares for children.
  2. You said, and always say, that you believe law and order is vital for our society. But you always support the Black thug over peaceful Black citizens, and, as in the debate, you always use cunning language to vilify the police and put them in the wrong. You are always on the side of our society’s domestic enemies, including criminals, illegal aliens, agitators-for-violence, terrorists, rioters, looters, and sexual predators like your husband. Indeed, you have a record of trying to protect these individuals against the application of the law, and, in your support for federal gun control, you seek to ban law-abiding citizens from having weapons to protect themselves from the violent miscreants you fawn over. Mrs. Clinton, this cannot be the record of someone who cares for law and order and the safety of the citizenry.
  3. You said, and always say, that you care deeply about the lives of the men and women serving in the U.S. military, diplomatic, and intelligence services. But you cold-bloodedly voted to send them to die and be maimed uselessly in Iraq, abandoned them to be butchered in Benghazi, helped flood their ranks with sexual deviants, and, in thirty years in public life, have done nothing to make the Veterans Administration a caring, not a killing agency. Mrs. Clinton, this cannot be the record of someone who cares for the men and women who defend our republic.
  4. You said, and always say, that you care passionately about improving the lot of all women. But you are reported to have repeatedly defamed, verbally abused, and legally threatened those women who dared to complain that they were victimized, bitten, and bruised by your sexual-predator husband. You have defined any woman who supports your opponent as being in the “deplorable basket,” a term that can only mean that you regard those women as scum. You always claim to be a confident, independent woman and so a model for young women, and yet you never fail to rely on a man — your husband, Lanny Davis, James Comey, James Carville, John Podesta, Barack Obama, etc., etc. — to rectify the political mistakes you make and hide the illegalities you commit. Mrs. Clinton, this cannot be the record of someone who cares for women and who is, herself, a confident, independent, and competent woman.
  5. You said, and always say, that the first and most important duty of a president is to ensure the nation’s security. But you insisted on using a private and unsecured e-mail server for a prolonged period, which made the republic’s most secret matters easy pickings for its enemies. You have motivated our Islamist enemies by championing unnecessary, losing interventionist wars in Iraq, Libya, and Syria, where no genuine U.S. interests are at risk. You have refused to do anything to stop the inflow of illegal immigrants who kill daughters out walking with their Dads, rape elderly and defenseless women, and soak our youngsters with narcotics. Mrs. Clinton, this cannot be the record of someone who believes effective national security is a president’s most important duty.
  6. Finally, you said, and always say, that you love America. But you have for thirty years supported efforts to destroy the only four things that hold together a people spread over North America’s enormous extent: the English language, Christianity, a shared history, and equality under the law. You have opposed all attempts to secure the primary role of English in American society, so we are now a people who often find themselves unable to talk to each other. You have attacked Christianity at every opportunity, on issues ranging from Christmas decorations, the work of the Little Sisters of the Poor, and the battle to protect infants from murderers, but never, say, Judaism, because you want Jewish-American campaign contributions, or Islamism — whose adherents have killed so many of our service personnel — because you want the mindless votes of Muslims for whom you are always ready to apologize. You have attacked the republic’s history at every turn, denigrating the Founders, their works, and identifying American history as indelibly misogynistic and racist. You also have demanded the destruction of the South’s heritage by urging the elimination of the region’s history-honoring emblems, holidays, and statues. You have even damned the battle flag of Lee’s army — Lee, who single-handedly prevented a guerrilla war in America in April, 1865 — while approving the flying of the flag of a murderous, racist, and criminal organization like Black Lives Matter. You have lead the way in proving to the citizenry that the bipartisan ruling elite is above the law — in your case, the espionage and perjury laws — and have pledged to act more unconstitutionally than your current president, if that is possible. Mrs. Clinton, this cannot be the record of someone who loves America.

I hope you can understand from the foregoing why I am a bit confused. I can find no way to square your caring words with you uncaring actions. Again, what is it that you actually care about? The only conclusion I can draw — given the disparity between your caring words and uncaring, often destructive actions — is that you have never once been honest with Americans on this subject.

For my part, I will not play God and pretend I can read what is in your heart and mind. But I can, as all Americans can and should, compare your words and deeds. That comparison leads me to conclude that you care for only three things: (a) personal and arbitrary political power, (b) the acquisition of extreme personal wealth by any means necessary, and (c) ruling — not governing — a nation of obedient citizen-sycophants who applaud but never question.

I remain, then, with every prayer for your permanent political demise,

Sincerely yours,

M.F. Scheuer
Mclean, Virginia

28 September 2016

Author: Michael F. Scheuer

Michael F. Scheuer worked at the CIA as an intelligence officer for 22 years. He was the first chief of its Osama bin Laden unit, and helped create its rendition program, which he ran for 40 months. He is an American blogger, historian, foreign policy critic, and political analyst.