Of America’s enemies, domestic and foreign

There is no denying that the past few weeks of events at home and overseas have been mighty interesting. None of them, however, seem to bode well for the United States.


In the 2016 presidential race, the extent of the destruction the Democratic Party has wrought on America’s intelligence, social cohesion, and respect for law is becoming crystal clear. The Democrats have only two candidates for their nomination. One is a geriatric socialist who seems not to know the United States is hopelessly in debt because of his party, or that most Americans will not abide the economic disaster, minority rule, and authoritarianism that socialism always yields. The other is a likely felon/traitor who is utterly dependent on her sexual-predator husband, has accomplished nothing in her life except a superb talent for deceit, and the gains made by her family’s graft, influence peddling, and corruption. This is a person so devoid of integrity, honesty, and character that her two major concerns seem to be to pocket more lucre for herself, and to ensure that human babies always can be profitably murdered, dismembered, and sold for parts right up to their due date.

Astoundingly, these two human abominations are supported by hordes of those who are often described as the best products of the nation’s educational system, all of whom seem to share the two candidates’ gross economic ignorance and loathing for America’s history. In the millennials, Generation Y, or whatever other juvenile nickname is used for this crowd of terminal adolescents — computer-addled freeloaders might be a more accurate adjective — the national government’s department of education, the teachers’ unions, and the great majority of university teachers have produced millions of childish, greedy, lazy, ill-educated, free speech-hating, uncivil, anti-American, tyrant-loving, all-for-me’ers; that is, young people who joyously look forward to electing a president eager to economically rape those Americans who increasingly work to pay for the personal expenses of non-working others. In terms of both its presidential candidates and their supporters, the Democratic Party is — as it long has been — the engine of America’s destruction.

As it did in 1860-61, the Democratic Party is now nurturing the seeds of secession and civil war it planted, only, today, tyranny is not, as in 1860-61, feared and anticipated, but well begun and observable. The pivotal question in the 2016 election is whether voters will elect a candidate intent on continuing to expand the Obama-bred tyranny and so dissolve social cohesion beyond repair and thereby shatter the Union. Through its candidates, the Democrats already have answered that question in the affirmative, and the consequences of one or the other being elected are terrible to contemplate because struggles between tyranny and liberty are always fought to the death.

Michael Bloomberg

This man is again rumored to be considering a presidential run as a centrist candidate; of which party, no one is sure. There are three things to reflect on about Bloomberg.

First, that Bloomberg is, as they would say in blue-collar Buffalo, a conceited and arrogant prick who seems not to regard other Americans as fellow citizens. They are, rather, lowly peasants who are to be told what they can eat, drink, and do, and who — because so few have Bloombergian brain power — cannot be trusted to recognize that Lord Bloomberg cannot be opposed because he knows what is best for all, and so they must have their right to bear arms unconstitutionally abrogated by an authoritarian central government.

Second, Bloomberg is really not much concerned with the welfare of Americans — whom he expects to obey, behave, and pay up — but with Israelis and their state. My guess is that Bloomberg and his disloyal Neocon and Israel-first brothers fear that Clinton will go to prison, and Sanders, if elected, is not mindlessly pro-Israeli and will economically ruin Israel’s endless American source of free stuff and military protection. The same set of Bloomberg, Neocons, and Israel-Firsters passionately hate Trump because they have not been able to buy him — as they have purchased Clinton, Rubio, Cruz, and Bush — and fear that a President Trump might put America first and let the world go its own way so long as the United States is not attacked.

Third, Bloomberg does not appear to care how many Americans or their soldier-children are killed or maimed because of unquestioning U.S. support for Israel. The evidence of this? Just do an internet search and you will easily find Bloomberg traveling to Israel when Israeli forces are pounding hell out of the houses, shops, basic infrastructure, hospitals, children, wives, and elderly of their Palestinian enemy. Israel, of course, must defend itself in the manner it deems necessary for its survival. But Bloomberg’s prominent and well-publicized presence in Israel on such occasions clearly is meant to make sure that all the Islamic world believes that the United States intends to eternally assist Israel in its killing of Muslims. Bloomberg, in so doing, knowingly paints a figurative bulls-eye on the back of every American, civilian and military.


In March 2016, the war in Syria will be five years old. The United States so far has lost six or fewer citizens, and they died because they foolishly decided to pursue their ambitions in a war zone well-known for ferocious and indiscriminate brutality. The Syrian war has hurt nothing in the United States and none of its genuine national security interests, and yet the national government continues to intervene in the diplomatic lunacy of trying to make peace between such irreconcilable forces as nationalism-vs-Islam, Sunni-vs- Shia, and Europe’s former imperial powers-vs-their former colonials.

The Syrian war will not end by negotiation nor by the pitiful dikats of once feared Western leaders who now more resemble aged, saggy madams who indulge the delusion that they are each still queen of the brothel and can call the shots. It is far past time for the United States to look after itself and walk thankfully away from a war in which most of the republic’s enemies are slaughtering each other. And for those dear, sensitive American souls whose teary compassion for the poor Syrians, Iraqis, Kurds, Turks, Azidis, etc. runneth over, and who are willing to get America’s soldier-children killed to soothe their troubled consciences, it would only be right for them to travel to the battlefield and help those foreigners they long to save. (NB: Of course, this will not happen. I have previously suggested such a tack for U.S.-citizen Israel-Firsters, but they still sit here in North America, safe with their jobs, savings, and families, and urge policies and actions that tend to ensure the destruction of Israel. The compassion of Neocons, Israel-Firsters, and Republican and Democratic war-mongers like Kristol, Bolton, Krauthammer, Bush, Clinton, Rubio, McCain, Graham, Lieberman, Cruz, and so many others is aggressive and boundless … as long as it is some other American’s kid who dies in the unnecessary interventionist wars they so blithely start.)


While the world focuses on the Syrian war — to which there is only a military solution — the time is fast approaching when the West will have to pay the piper for the Islamist dance it arranged to be hosted in Libya. Libya and much of Africa are near to popping because Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the war boys, McCain and Graham, did not like nasty old Muammar Gadhafi, a man who was zero threat to the United States but indispensable to suppressing Islamist power in North Africa. Obama and Clinton — with their fellow European interventionists, Cameron and Sarkozy — conducted the military destruction of Gadhafi’s regime in 20111 and then walked away, telling their electorates the obvious lie that the dictator’s demise would give birth to Western-like democracy in Libya. (NB: You will recall that Mrs. Clinton’s adamant protection of her lie led her to knowingly sacrifice four American lives in Benghazi.)

Well it is now 2016, and U.S. and Western leaders have found that Islamism, like rust, never sleeps. The forces of the Islamic State (IS), al-Qaeda-in-the-Islamic-Maghreb (AQIM) and their respective allies are solidly entrenched and growing more powerful in Libya, and they are — even while fighting their Libyan enemies — approaching Libya’s oilfields and ports, as well as training and then infiltrating fighters to the north, east and west, into Europe, western Egypt, the Sinai Peninsula, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, and Mauritania. While Western leaders ignored the Islamist beachhead their intervention created in Libya, moreover, al-Qaeda and the Islamic State have been expanding southward into the Sahel and from there into west and central Africa. Al-Qaeda’s southward expansion has been effective and of longer duration, but IS recently scored a coup by enticing Nigeria’s Boko Haram to abandon its allegiance to al-Qaeda and pledge loyalty instead to IS’s Caliphate.

The Islamists — thanks to Obama, Clinton, and NATO’s leaders — are now positioned to advance and fight in a large portion of Africa. And, at this point, any Western military re-intervention in Libya could only improve the Islamists’ prospects for success because both northern and southern Africans — Muslims, Christians, animists, etc. — would perceive the intervention as the return of their former and much-hated European imperial masters. Some would fight such an intervention alongside the Islamists’ forces, many others would form separate insurgent groups. As in Syria, then, it is time for America to walk away from the Islamist problem in Libya and let European and African leaders deal with it. After all, U.S. taxpayers have poured many hundreds of billions of dollars into their countries since 1945 and it is time to find out if those they invested in can defend themselves or will be cower and scream for America to do their dirty work.


The only timbers supporting the so-called progress made in Afghanistan since 2001 are the lies of the Bush and Obama administrations and their generals. The creaking you hear is the sound of those timbers slowly splintering in prelude to the coming and catastrophic collapse of the roof over Afghanistan, one that is built solely of lies and the wasted blood of U.S. Marines and soldiers.

Author: Michael F. Scheuer

Michael F. Scheuer worked at the CIA as an intelligence officer for 22 years. He was the first chief of its Osama bin Laden unit, and helped create its rendition program, which he ran for 40 months. He is an American blogger, historian, foreign policy critic, and political analyst.