What Mr. Trump knows is a mystery to the U.S. bipartisan elite

The current clouds of hot and noxious gas being huffed and puffed about by the U.S. governing elite, media, academy, and the immigrant-worshiping Christian churches regarding Donald Trump’s suggestion that the national government temporarily ban the entry of non-U.S.-citizen Muslims into the United States can only build the American public’s confidence in Mr. Trump.

All of America’s domestic enemies are ganging up on Trump on this issue, as are almost all the other mantra-mumbling, dwarfed-by-Trump presidential candidates in both parties. Trump has the added good fortune of being angrily abused by the spineless European media and peoples, as well as other external, money-sucking enemies of America, the UN, the EU, Human Rights groups, Arab regimes, etc. In life one must, at times, make enemies, and Mr. Trump is all aces when it comes to knowing the most vital foes to make for his purposes and for those of our wounded republic.

Suffice to say, Mr. Trump knows or senses what so many Americans are thinking, feeling, and fearing about the Muslim problem and he speaks clearly and directly to and for those people. Among the things he knows about the citizenry are:

  1. Americans are sick unto death of Muslims of every stripe and location. The foreign, non-U.S.-citizen, American-killing Muslims for obvious reasons, and the U.S. Muslim community because, since Osama bin Laden declared war on America in August, 1996, it has in large measure done precisely nothing to help America rid this country of their lethal coreligionists. They have spent their time smiling and chanting that “Islam is a religion of peace,” while simultaneously whining about not being respected by their countrymen. Muslim community leaders also work with the academy’s social-science charlatans to take heaps of taxpayer money from the brain-dead Congress to “de-radicalize” U.S.-citizen Muslims. Not surprisingly all of these useless but lucrative programs have failed, while support for the Islamic State and al-Qaeda among U.S. Muslims grows, and more of them go overseas to fight alongside the Islamists. The obvious point here is that the national government is clueless about what the Islamists are up to in North America, and an immediate, temporary ban on the entry of non-citizen Muslims makes perfect sense, unless there are those who are eager, to paraphrase G.W. Bush, to “fight them over there and over here.”
  2. Americans are sick unto death of hearing about how careful they must be not offend the “valuable Arab allies” of the United States, and particularly Saudi Arabia, even though Riyadh was the father and is still the driving religious and monetary patron of the Islamist movement. Americans know that these regimes — like the U.S. Muslim community — have done almost nothing to defeat or slow the growth of the Islamist movement. Indeed, entities within the Arab tyrannies — especially those in the Gulf — appear to still be funding IS, AQ, and other Islamist groups; publishing school books that inculcate hatred for America and non-Muslims generally; and have refused to use their own militaries against the Islamists in any meaningful way. Indeed, the Arab tyrannies almost certainly are following their traditional, tried-and-true policy of passing huge tranches of money and guns to the Islamists so as to keep them from attacking the tyrants’ lands and keeping them pointed toward murdering Westerners and Shias.
  3. Americans ought to be sick unto death — and would be if fully informed — of the Committee on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). Thanks to the disloyal sympathy and patronage of Obama and his administration for CAIR, the best and brightest in the U.S. military and intelligence communities babble as if they are fools or, to be redundant, academics, speaking of “violent extremists” and “radicalized youth,” rather than Islamist fighters or mujahideen. CAIR has similarly perverted discussion and debate within and among law-enforcement agencies by being permitted to block the appointment of training instructors or the use of curricula if either dares to tell the truth, which is that most of the mujahideen are by Koranic definition “good Muslims.” In degrading and even falsifying the training courses meant to provide the police officers who will risk their lives to defeat the domestic Islamists, CAIR further abets the mujahideen. The CAIR organization — just as much as AIPAC and Israel First — is the enemy of the United States and Americans, and to pretend otherwise is to deceive ourselves and assist in our own demise.

So pour it on, Mr. Trump. Teach the self-righteous anti-American bastards who oppose and hate you that the U.S. Constitution is meant to protect only Americans, not to entitle, pamper, and discriminate in favor of foreigners; that hatred and abuse from Europeans, Muslims at home and abroad, and the UN are vote-garnering badges of honor; and that the only motto that ought to be easy for all loyal Americans to espouse is “America First.”

Author: Michael F. Scheuer

Michael F. Scheuer worked at the CIA as an intelligence officer for 22 years. He was the first chief of its Osama bin Laden unit, and helped create its rendition program, which he ran for 40 months. He is an American blogger, historian, foreign policy critic, and political analyst.