After-Paris tasks: Remove Hollande, Obama, and Cameron, take the Islamists seriously

Alexis de Tocqueville wrote in the 1830s that the education systems in Europe and the United States had stopped teaching children how to command when they became adults, and were teaching them only how to obey. Mr. de Tocqueville had that judgment right nearly two hundred years ago, and President Hollande, President Obama, and Prime Minister Cameron revalidated its accuracy in statements made after the superbly planned and executed Islamic State (IS) attacks in Paris on 13 November 2015.

  • Mr. Hollande said the IS attacks were “an act of war” by IS against France. Note for the French president: The Islamists declared war on the United States and Europe in August, 1996. You, Mr. Hollande, and your hapless predecessors, Chirac and Sarkozy, ignored that declaration and behaved as if the Islamists were some two-bit criminal gang. You and they then wasted two decades trying to defeat them with completely irrelevant mantras meant to appease your electorates — especially feminists and your effeminate governing elite — while the excellent vanguard insurgent organization Al-Qaeda evolved into the Islamic State, probably the most skilled and best armed insurgent army the world has seen. The IS shooters surely killed those people in Paris on Friday night, but you, Mr. Hollande, as well as Chirac and Sarkozy, acted as their enablers by not making even a minimal effort to inform the French people of the enormity of the threat they faced from Islamists at home and abroad, a threat that emanates, in large part, because you have allowed the entry of so many Muslim immigrants and because of France’s extraordinarily long record of oppressive imperialism and needless intervention in the Muslim world. Apparently, Mr. Hollande, the French people are now rallying around your transient bellicosity, obeying your commands as they have been taught to do. A fellow named Maximilien Robespierre would have had a much quicker and more appropriate response to deliver to you and your predecessors for your deceit and criminal negligence toward the endangered citizens of what is now clearly becoming an ancient regime.
  • Mr. Obama said that events in Paris are an “attack on the civilized world” by “radical extremists.” Note for the U.S. president: What, Mr. Obama, could you possibly know about a “civilized world”? The only “civilized world” that you believe in and work for is one in which you and your fellow Ivy Leaguers can create a permanently crippling public debt, defile Christianity at every opportunity, make a Third World cesspool of the United States via illegal immigration, encourage domestic racism and its violent product, govern as tyrants and act as if the constitution does not exist, and destroy your citizens’ industries, jobs, and communities in the name of the middle-class killing idol of free trade and combating global warming, the latter this year’s mad fetish of the elite and another tool for creating a one party-tyranny. But most of all, Mr. Obama, so dead are you to anything that could plausibly be described as “civilized” that you cannot find anything but praise and encouragement to give those who have since 1973 killed 60 million Americans and are now are starring in films in which they hold the still-beating hearts of those they are murdering in order to sell them to the highest bidder. You prate endlessly, Mr. Obama, about the inhumanity and barbarism of the “radical extremists,” but perhaps the admonition “barbarian know thyself” is more appropriate for you, your party, your Republican abettors, the media, and the academy, than it is for the Islamic State. It is you, Mr. Obama, and not IS, who is deceiving Americans about the severity of Islamist threat; about its religious legitimacy; and about you and your EU colleagues’ intentional motivation of the Islamist fighters by continuing U.S. and European military/cultural interventionism in the Muslim world, as well as by your support for Israel and Arab tyrants. It is you, Mr. Obama, not the Islamists — they are simply a worthy enemy that must be annihilated — who is creating a jungle in the United States to replace the once civilized and decent nation that you and your party are so effectively destroying.
  • Mr. Cameron said the UK was “Shocked, but resolute. In sorrow, but unbowed. My message to the French people is simple: We stand with you, united.” Note for Britain’s Prime Minister: You, Mr. Cameron, have so long underplayed the severity of the Islamist threat and lied about the Islamists’ motivation, and have so long deceived Britons about how deeply, even grotesquely, you have reduced British military power, that your words are very much Orwellian. You and your Tory and Labor predecessors have reduced Britain to a military power respectable only because of its nuclear weapons, and you have sent your superb Royal Marines and soldiers to fight and die in wars you never intended to win. You and your predecessors — like your counterparts in the White House — have continued to intervene in the Muslim world and thereby strengthen the Islamist foe in every way that makes it a larger and more lethal enemy. At the same time, Mr. Cameron, you have — like your counterparts in the White House — systematically neutered you conventional military power and allowed your country to be inundated by Muslim immigrants, many of whom the chiefs of your intelligence services regularly claim are ready to wage a domestic war across the UK. Overall, to have a Cameron-led Britain standing by your side in a fight — like having a Hollande-led France — comes close to meaning nothing, but it does clearly imply that ordinary Britons and French better desperately hope that the United States comes to their rescue. But this time, Mr. Prime Minister, the Yanks — militarily degraded, financially crippled, and put at war with each other by their president — are not coming.

Why do Americans, French, Britons, and so many other Western peoples put up with such deceit and intentional destruction from their leaders? See Mr. de Tocqueville for the reason. Too many of the West’s citizens have been educated in schools in which ahistorical, anti-commonsense, and pro-minority-rule curricula are written and mandated for use by central governments. They are further dumbed down by political correctness and teachers who have been educated by those same government written and mandated curricula. The result has been the decades-long production of citizen-automatons, men and women who silently nod in agreement with the counter-intuitive absurdities they are taught and become afraid that their grades, careers, and perhaps personal safety are at risk if they speak their mind to oppose the madness that spews from their teachers’ mouths. As a result, the trait of obedience is inculcated in students; they received no training to question let alone command

The splendidly professional — and open-borders assisted — IS attacks in Paris, then, amount to what Jefferson called a “fire bell in the night.” But the tolling of that bell is not in the first instance a warning about the threat the Islamists pose. After all, for two decades they have told all of us in detail what they are motivated by, what they intend to do to defeat us, why their actions are required and guided by their faith, and why U.S. and Western intervention in the Muslim world is — after Allah and the Prophet’s words — the main source of their strength.

The bells rung by the Islamists’ attacks in Paris, then, ought rather to be interpreted by Americans and Europeans as an unambiguous signal for Western citizens to rid themselves of leaders like Hollande, Obama, Cameron, and many others in most Western political parties, men and women who are habitual liars, doom-dealing spendthrifts, national-security destroyers, and politicians bent on accruing ever more power to themselves and central governments. It is time for Western citizenry to recall that members of republics and democracies — if those systems are to endure in fact and not just in name — must not be taught to be obedient and afraid to speak their mind to openly oppose governmental diktats from tyranny-prone regimes like Mr. Obama’s. Rather, those citizens must be taught (a) to command their leaders to obey the law, speak the truth, and do what the majority demands or face retribution, and (b) to actively resist any leader’s refusal to so with suitable and incrementally aggressive means — argument, debate, votes, new political parties, public demonstrations, boycotts, civil disobedience, and, finally, weapons — until they either conform with the citizenry’s demands or are removed from power.

Quite simply, the Islamist threat will never be clearly understood in the United States and the EU until leaders like Hollande, Obama, and Cameron are removed, thereby creating an environment in which the easily available facts about the Islamist movement can be openly expressed, debated, and evaluated. Such a discussion will be helpful in three ways:

  1. All citizens will be able to learn how the enemy thinks (realistically and rationally), how he intends to prevail (draining economies and choking Western civil liberties), and what kind of war this is (total and religious).
  2. If a majority then decides it wants a war to the death with Islam by pursuing the status quo policy of intervention and support for Israel and Arab tyrants, it can vote for candidates who will restore conscription, greatly increase taxes to pay for the war, and severely constrict civil liberties.
  3. If a majority decides against total war, it can vote for candidates who will forbid unnecessary overseas military and cultural interventions; sharply limit the power of national executives; close national border, evict illegal immigrants, and limit legal immigration; insist on mandatory programs aimed at assimilating the few immigrants admitted; quickly rebuild conventional military and security forces; and stand back and watch what just might be a West-saving, all-out war between Shia and Sunnis.

Neither the second option nor the third is very palatable, but each is a legitimate choice. The West can militarily annihilate the Islamists at an enormous cost in lives and money coupled with the maintenance of tyranny across the Islamic world, or it can step back and watch Sunnis and Shia destroy each other in a great sectarian war. Either option has a chance to eventually end the Islamist threat to the United States and the West.

But one thing is certain, by refusing to make a definite choice between the two options above, and instead standing pat with the pathetic, multiculturalist likes of Hollande, Obama, and Cameron, obedient Western citizens will most certainly ensure an Islamist victory over what little now remains of what Obama claims is the “civilized world.”

Author: Michael F. Scheuer

Michael F. Scheuer worked at the CIA as an intelligence officer for 22 years. He was the first chief of its Osama bin Laden unit, and helped create its rendition program, which he ran for 40 months. He is an American blogger, historian, foreign policy critic, and political analyst.