Mr. Obama, you and your party are precisely why the 2nd Amendment exists

Once again the vicious, amoral, and reality-free man Americans have elected twice to the presidency has rushed to the media to exploit the dead and wounded and their families in the Oregon college shooting. President Obama says that we ought to “politicize” the killings because “only voting” can bring guns under the national government’s full control. No surprise there, Obama, Hillary Clinton, Biden, Bloomberg, and their fellow infant-butchering associates want to install a one-party, minority-run, police state in America — though they will call it “effective central government” or some other dissembling term — and know they will have to disarm Americans to do so.

This will never, ever happen. Long before they can achieved their goal, America will be convulsed with its third bloody civil war. And who will be responsible for that war? Obama, the Clintons, and the racists — folks like Eric Holder — they have brought into the national government to destroy the nation’s liberty and history and to build a tyranny.

Obama and his party are the enemies of all Americans. They use and exploit Blacks, Hispanics, illegal immigrants, feminists, and other trifling, block-voting minorities to move their authoritarian agenda forward. None of them, however, will escape the oppression of the Democrats’ New American Order if their now-smiling, back-slapping, and free-stuff giving masters ever get full control of the martial whip.

The Democratic Party’s well-educated but surely doomed men and women have pushed Americans very nearly as far as they are willing to be pushed. How so?

  • They have waged a war on Christianity for thirty years and the product of that ongoing war was the Christian-hating young man who killed the students in Oregon. The bullets that killed and wounded those people came from a gun owned by a young man who was taught to hate Christianity by Obama and his party. Americans ultimately will defend their faiths with their guns.
  • They have filled the United States with illegal, unassimilable, and often violent immigrants who are draining the U.S. economy, destroying property, killing young women walking with their dads, trafficking narcotics and people, and dominating parts of our main cities with gangs whose barbarism, violence, and degeneracy are almost beyond imagining. Because the national government has not and will not rid the country of this criminal-filled wave of illegals, Americans ultimately will defend themselves with their guns and terminate the threat.
  • They have awarded iron-clad legal preference, tax-payer funding, and protection from criticism via unconstitutional anti-hate-speech laws to any number of whining, self-serving minority groups — feminists, environmentalists, Hispanics, mindless university students, imprisoned criminals, Blacks, sexual deviants, abortionists, atheists, etc. They also have and will increase taxes on Americans to fund such groups, none of which does anything to maintain the nation’s social cohesion, strengthen its economy, or preserve equality before the law. Because of the national government’s championship of rule-by-minority, and the absurd rates at which it taxes Americans who actually work to help fund minority rule, Americans ultimately will defend themselves with their guns and terminate rule by the few, the sordid, and the racist.
  • They have taught Americans youngsters for three decades and more to hate all life but their own by celebrating the murder of infants in the womb or their murder and dismembering on the operating table. The Democrats, feminists, and the AMA have surpassed Stalin’s kill total in their wanton and grotesque murder-for-profit of almost 60 million Americans. Hillary Clinton thunders about using executive power to “control guns” and “save lives” while spending enormous amounts of time and campaign funds to protect taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood, an organization that Herr Himmler and Dr. Mengele would have admired and exceedingly proud to lead. Americans ultimately will use their guns to extract an eye for an eye from those who delight in having doctors murder the unborn and who believe women are so special that they must have the “right” to kill other human beings whenever it suits their convenience or fancy.
  • They have sucked for decades on Hollywood’s scurvy teat for campaign contributions and publicity, and in return their friends in the “entertainment” industry have been free to make movies, TV shows, and video games that stereotype Blacks and Hispanics as addicts, murderers, and libertines; make the United States the world’s largest producer of pornography; teach youngsters that American history is evil or should be ignored; and establish female role models for young women that make sluttish behavior, sex tapes, and pride in abortion the main symbols of equal rights for women. The Democrats’ wealthy Hollywood enablers also soak the country in obscene violence in every kind of media they touch — Hollywood, more than any other source, trains youngsters to mimic that young shooter in Oregon — and have driven American society into the status of a reeking sexual cesspool. There is no more dangerous threat to the survival of a decent and humane American society than that posed by the Democrat-Hollywood axis. The longer that axis works to inculcate degeneracy, perversion, and violence in American society, the more appropriate and needed an armed response will become.
  • They have waged a campaign to limit the importance and influence of parents in the lives of their children and sought to assume that role for the national government. In power, the Democrats dictate what children should be taught; limit parents’ ability to discipline their children; dictate what children eat at school; seek to unteach what parents teach their children at home about religion, sexual matters and behavior, family, community, and patriotism; teach children that winning does not matter and that tolerance means passive acquiescence to every perversion and crack-pot theory — such as diversity — the national government wants to try out; and allow the publicly owned airwaves to carry programming meant to destroy the traditional family and replace it with various kinds of freak-show families that are portrayed as just another kind of normal. They have made the extraordinarily difficult job of raising children to be decent, hard-working, and autonomous adults almost impossible, and appear bent on making the coming generations of children passively obedient to whatever the national government decides is best for them. All of this is unwarranted domestic interventionism at its most savage, and the citizenry’s ultimate response certainly will be identical to those armed overseas responses that have resisted the U.S. government’s interventions in the name of installing women’s rights, democracy, and paganism.
  • They have eradicated in most U.S. citizens still worthy of that title all remnants of respect and affection for their national government. Washington, Hamilton, Jefferson and many other Founders believed that a republican government would not survive if it did not maintain the citizenry’s affection. The Democrats, their slavish, mindless, and block-voting minority groups, Hollywood, and too many Republicans — read Neoconservatives — have never understood either how essential this affection is to the national government’s durability, or how very easy it is to lose, especially if equality before the law is abandoned. Obama’s legacy, in fact, will be that he knowingly drove the last bit of affection for the national government out of all Americans but his acolytes. And without an ample reserve of citizen affection the national government always stands on the brink of a well-earned and perhaps bloody disaster at the hands of a constitutionally armed citizenry.

The terms “turning point” or “sea change” are misused so often in these days that they have become nearly meaningless. But the effective negation of the 2nd Amendment via the use of the rank tyranny of executive power by either Obama or Hillary Clinton — if she can serve as president from jail — may just be the break point.

The Democrats and their allies have never recognized that it is perfectly possible for Americans to love their country and fiercely hate their national government. In large part their failure to perceive this fact lies in their ignorance or denigration of the hard-won lessons of American history. They seem not to know, for example, the Founders and many of their countrymen waged war against Britain to rid themselves of a specific, interventionist, and liberty-revoking British government, and to then restore the English liberties, limited and minimally intrusive central government, and local governance that does the bulk of governing which they knew to be their birthright.

After a long and bloody war, the Founders and those they led won back this English inheritance and left as a major part of their legacy for Americans the 2nd Amendment, which was written to ensure that no U.S. national government would be able to it to take away that inheritance without facing armed resistance. The use by Obama or any other president of executive power to neuter the 2nd Amendment would clearly put the issue of justifiable revolution on the national table. There is no way of knowing whether that cudgel would be picked up and used, but its best for all Americans to recall and take to heart the words of the English republican writer that the Founders most respected and took guidance from. “[O]ur ancestors,” John Milton wrote in February, 1651, “were willing to put anything into the king’s power rather than their arms and the garrisons of their towns; conceiving that that would be as if they went about to hand over their liberty to the unrestrained cruelty of their kings.”

Given that the national government long ago and unconstitutionally destroyed the 2nd Amendment’s guarantee of state militias — a good approximation of what Milton meant by “garrisons” — the American citizenry’s last defenses against the growing tyranny being imposed on them by the Democrats — and, to be fair, far too many Republicans — are (a) elections and (b) their own personal arms and whatever informal armed groups they can form and train.

It must of course be hoped that the ballot still can be used to definitively defeat the tyranny desired by Democratic leaders, and Obama in particular, though hope generally is a weak and nearly useless reed to lean on. But as long as Americans are well armed and desire to retain the liberties they have, and reacquire those the national government already has taken, the 2nd Amendment must not be neutered.

Quite simply, only a well-armed citizenry can install the mandatory caution, worry, and fear for their lives in the governing elite, men and women who seem to want other Americans not as equals and countrymen, but as laboratory animals on which they can conduct their social, medical, economic, educational, and multicultural experiments.

Author: Michael F. Scheuer

Michael F. Scheuer worked at the CIA as an intelligence officer for 22 years. He was the first chief of its Osama bin Laden unit, and helped create its rendition program, which he ran for 40 months. He is an American blogger, historian, foreign policy critic, and political analyst.