Foes abroad, foes at home — time for Americans to prepare for the fight

Since the Islamic State (IS) arose in Syria and then Iraq in 2011 it has killed few Americans. Most of those killed chose to be on or near the battlefield, either reporting the war or working in civilian activities. They were where they wanted to be, knew the chances they were taking, bet they would survive, and lost the bet. In other words, these Americans were killed because they wanted to be in a battle zone dominated by a brutal enemy, knew the danger attendant thereto, and paid the price of going to a war as a non-combatant. Too bad, but hardly surprising.

The wild, nearly hysterical political, media, and clerical responses to the deaths — especially the executions by decapitation — are mildly amusing and very, very ironic. “The savage IS barbarians cut the heads off of innocents!” tearful politicians and commentators screech, even though most of them would defend to the death the same method of execution if it was conducted under the term “abortion.” Perhaps IS legal experts should go to an Islamic court and argue for a ruling that mirrors Roe-vs-Wade. If successful, IS leaders would have a legal order defining Americans, Westerners, and non-Muslims generally as non-humans — as the U.S. Supreme Court did for the unborn in 1973. Even with such a judgment in hand, however, IS would have a hard time killing the nearly 60 million “non-humans” that to date have been murdered by American women, the ISIS-like members of the American Medical Association, and the always compassionate and life-affirming Democratic Party — as long as the life needing affirmation is not that of infant or a U.S. Marine, soldier, or diplomat serving overseas.

The point here is not only to cite the blatant, mindless, and, may I say, barbaric hypocrisy of those who wail and weep over the Americans who were murdered by IS only because they knowingly went to ply their trades in a war zone, but to point out that no U.S. political leader in either party has precisely described what direct threat IS poses to the United States here in North America. That there is one is certain. But that threat is authored by the U.S. government and its dereliction in controlling U.S. borders and immigration; its adherence to policies that are not only palpably worthless but socially and economically destructive, namely, diversity and multiculturalism; and its chronic addiction to intervention and losing wars in the Muslim world. The threat posed to America by IS and other Islamist groups is the result, to paraphrase George W. Bush, of “fighting and losing to them over there while allowing them to easily come here.” The mujahideen will cause much destruction and death inside the United States, and the U.S. military, with the help of local police, will have to do whatever is necessary to utterly annihilate them and their supporters. Many in both categories will be U.S. citizens.

So there is a threat to the United States from IS and other such groups, but that threat was only made possible by the prolonged indolence, ignorance, political correctness, and wishful thinking of U.S. government under both Republicans and Democrats. Currently, America is unprepared to handle the Islamist violence that is coming its way, but that lack of preparation can be rectified if voters can find and elect a man with common sense, without an Ivy League-education, and who is not a lawyer. As additional parts of the preparation, at least four other steps also are necessary:

  1. Get out of Iraq and Syria with all possible speed. (N.B.: Ditto for Yemen and Nigeria). IS cannot be defeated without a massive ground force, and such a force can only come from the United States, Britain, Canada, and Australia, none of which has a force of sufficient size, ruthlessness, and effective leadership to do the job. The Arab tyrants we support are scared to death to put their infantry into the field because they know that high desertion rates to IS would result. All of the Arab tyrants’ militaries have been thoroughly infiltrated and propagandized by the Islamists; many of their soldiers identify U.S. interventionism as an attack on Islam and only lack an opportunity to join the mujahideen and fight it; and putting them on the battlefield to kill fellow Sunnis in the interests of the United States, Europe, and Shia Iran would open the floodgates for desertion. A multinational Arab field army on the ground in the Syria-Iraq theater ultimately would be a plentiful source of arms, reinforcements, and intelligence for the Islamic State and other Islamist groups, and any U.S. forces on the ground there would become the deserters’ targets. The beginning of wisdom for America is to get out and let the Sunni-vs-Shia war continue to develop and engulf the region.
  2. Disengage from the Europeans and let them handle their own Islamist problems. They are now going to have to pay for their own border-and-immigration negligence, their deep, anti-Muslim racism, and their elite’s moronic adherence to the theories of diversity and multiculturalism, even after it has become clear that the policies’ chief products have been the unraveling of Europe’s social cohesion and the specter of seeing their diversity-loving Muslim citizens kill their own countrymen. Let the Europeans also handle Russia. It was their EU’s mindless democracy-mongering that ensured the overthrow of the Ukrainian government, provoked Putin to retake the Crimea, and yielded an on-again, off-again civil war. Putin is no threat to the United States unless Washington allows America to be dragged into a European-caused war with Russia. The European governments, America’s Neoconservatives, and the media on both sides of the Atlantic would push for the United States to lead a military coalition of the so-called “Free World” against Russia, but Americans would do all the spending, fighting, and dying because European governments have systematically gutted their militaries since the Cold War’s end, believing the United States would always rescue them. America helped to save Europe’s bacon twice in the dirty 20th century. Leave them fend for themselves the third time out in what Obama and his European colleagues like to describe as the enlightened 21st century.
  3. Close the southern border of the United States using the U.S. military.
  4. Once regular and probably widely dispersed Islamist attacks begin in the United States, the U.S. military, National Guard, and local and state police forces will be unable to be in all the places they are needed to engage and defeat the mujahideen. Had the national government not unconstitutionally deprived the states of their militias, those units would have been a most useful complement to the forces just mentioned. Without them, it will up to the citizenry to defend themselves and their homes, families, communities, and businesses until the cavalry arrives. Fortunately, some parts of the country already have local voluntary militias that are well-armed and determined, if they are needed, to fight terrorists, foreign enemies, and/or lawless domestic foes that ignore the U.S. Constitution. But many more are needed, and Americans must arm themselves as fully as possible, especially with automatic weapons, and especially now that President Obama is banning ammunition for some of those weapons, and so deliberately decreasing the ability of citizens to defend themselves and their property. Obama also is unconstitutionally filling the country with millions of unwanted and unneeded illegal aliens — some of whom are, or soon will be felons — and, in doing so, adds to the Islamists another U.S. government-generated enemy that American citizens will have to defend themselves against.

Pertinent to this issue, the revolutionary patriot Josiah Quincy once said that “supreme power is ever possessed by those who have arms in their hands and are disciplined in the use of them.” It is time for Americans to take those words and the words of the 2nd Amendment to heart and get cracking in terms of arming, organizing, and training. They must also seek the expert assistance for that effort that can come from America’s many retired and U.S. government-abused military veterans.

Time is growing short.

Author: Michael F. Scheuer

Michael F. Scheuer worked at the CIA as an intelligence officer for 22 years. He was the first chief of its Osama bin Laden unit, and helped create its rendition program, which he ran for 40 months. He is an American blogger, historian, foreign policy critic, and political analyst.