Obama, Holder, and their supporters want preference not equality

President Obama knowingly has taken America another step toward widespread racial violence. Between his implicit endorsement of what the looters, arsonists, and rioters have done in Missouri, and his plan to spend hundreds of millions on cameras for policemen so they can help Obama, Holder, and other Black bigots railroad them into prison, Obama has emerged in full splendor as both a racist and a teacher of hate and violence.

For myself, I think it would better serve Americans if Obama had to wear such a camera so that all of us can see who he meets in his ongoing effort to make the United States into a Third World economic basket-case and an even more laughable and war-losing military power than he has so far made it. Geez, such a camera on Obama and Mrs. Clinton might have allowed the citizenry to see how their two employees were amusing themselves while they were allowing Americans to be butchered in Benghazi. Given her recent statements, we probably would have seen a worried Mrs. Clinton sitting, fretting, empathizing, and fearing that one or more of the noble mujahideen might get hurt while they were murdering U.S. officials in Benghazi.

The problem Obama claims to be trying to fix, of course, lies not with the police, but in the fact that Obama, Holder, and other of the Black elite’s bigots have no use for equality. What they want is preference, a special status among their countrymen, funding from working Americans, and a privileged place for their views, their lawlessness, their out-of-control children, and their inexplicably mindless voting for men who have re-enslaved and buried the great bulk of the Black community deeper — speaking in terms of economics and employment — than it has been for a very long time. Obama and Holder, in truth, are clones of Al Sharpton. They simply are men who better manage to hide their Sharpton-like hatred for the people of all races but the elite of their own.

Have we recently seen the rest of the U.S. population — enraged and made violent by the rhetoric of their political and religious leaders — take to the streets and try to kill Blacks and burn their homes and businesses in response to the murder, kidnapping, rape, beating, mugging, car-jacking, stabbings on a train, or some other criminal act inflicted by a young Black thug on a non-Black American(s)? If such action was as acceptable as the barbaric, Obama-endorsed events that occurred in Ferguson, Black communities across America would seldom have a quiet night.

What causes this difference? The answer is the national government’s forty-year, forced indoctrination of students so that they possess an illogical and completely out-sized feeling of guilt for the existence of slavery in this country before 1865. This is among the national government’s Department of Education’s foremost goals, along with inducing guilt for the supposedly inferior status of Gays, women, environmentalists, American Indians, and the other preference seekers who inhabit the Democratic Party’s plantations. This is the main reason why that department must to be demolished in its entirety as quickly as possible, and control over education returned to the states, and, especially, to elected local school boards.

No living American has ever owned a Black slave, but living and working American of all races pay inordinate taxes, a goodly part of which appears to go to the national government’s coddling of those of all races who reside on Democrats’ plantations and feel oppressed, dislike working, believe the law does not apply to them or — like Obama and Holder — that they are above the law, and generally want monetary compensation for being “oppressed” that is to be paid by Americans of whatever color who work for a living, pay taxes, and obey the law.

It is far past time for such extreme dementia to be first refuted and thereafter ignored. Americans paid for slavery with 620,000 dead men and several multiples of that number in missing, wounded, and maimed. The supposed White debt to Black Americans has long been paid in full, and then some. For the national government to continue to tyrannically mandate additional payments and preferential treatment is to court sustained national discord leading, ultimately, to another civil war. Perhaps that is what Obama and Holder want.

It also is far past time for sane Black community leaders — indeed,the leaders of all of America’s racial communities — to start working to put their own house(s) in order by keeping their children in school, insisting fathers stick around to raise and support their kids, and by teaching children civics from kindergarten on so they respect their country, the law, the police, and other Americans of all races. Perhaps most of all, responsible Black leaders ought to be both damning and boycotting the producers and sponsors of the television programs and movies that have done more than any other American institution — until Obama poisoned the presidency — to lead Americans to perceive Blacks as violent, inferior, lawless, and want-something-for-nothing human beings. If you want to find the reason why so many Americans of all colors fear young Black men, you only need to focus on the Democratic Party’s funding arm in Hollywood and its products.

And now for Obama. When I was in grade school Sister Mary Lawrence stressed to her students that each of us would be known by the company we keep, and over the years I have found this to be not only true, but revelatory of a person’s character. When a man or a woman consistently associates with the unsavory, the good Sister said, it is more than likely the case that he or she is associating with his or her own kind. Ticking off names of lying, anti-American, racist, or traitorous individuals like Bill Ayrs, Rahm Emanuel, Van Jones, Al Sharpton, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Charles Rangel, Bill De Blasio, Kathleen Sibelius, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Jonathan Gruber, and those of a legion of Hollywood luminaries tells Americans all they really need to know about Obama’s deceitful and — given his immigration diktat —criminal character. Obama and such a supporting cast are certainly well-fitted to star in a much-needed move entitled — with apologies to Mr. Hemingway — “The Scum Also Rises.”

Americans, however, do owe one debt of gratitude to Mr. Obama. In years to come we all will be able to use him as an example with which to teach our children and grandchildren about the frightful dangers posed to the republic’s existence by electing an unqualified, Ivy League mal-educated, two-bit, Chicago punk-bigot to the presidency. Although he died century before Obama was born, Alexis De Tocqueville knew him well. “The first, and in a way the only, necessary condition for arriving at centralizing power in a democratic society,” the Frenchman wrote, clearly in anticipation of Obama, “is to love equality or to make believe [that one does]. Thus the science of despotism, formerly so complicated, is simplified: it is reduced, so to speak, to a single principle.”

Author: Michael F. Scheuer

Michael F. Scheuer worked at the CIA as an intelligence officer for 22 years. He was the first chief of its Osama bin Laden unit, and helped create its rendition program, which he ran for 40 months. He is an American blogger, historian, foreign policy critic, and political analyst.