Enemies of America: Bloomberg, Stern, and Rand Paul

There must be few occasions in history when a Fifth Column was as openly disloyal and flamboyant as is Israel First in the United States, advocating at every turn that Americans become involved in wars that are none of their concern. These Jewish and non-Jewish Americans have so corrupted the U.S. political system and media that they feel perfectly at ease in acting in ways that are certain, in the future, to get some of their fellow citizens — civilian and military — killed by Islamist insurgents. They also aggressively seek to turn more of the Muslim world against the United States, thereby deepening the war America already is losing to the Islamists. And all of this is done in the name of a country that could not be more irrelevant or more detrimental to genuine U.S. national security concerns.

In the past weeks, Americans have seen Michael Bloomberg travel to Israel to lend his support to his country of first allegiance. Bloomberg is the great, rich, soda-pop forbidding buffoon of American politics, but apparently that kind of thing sells well in Israel. He probably is only the first of the Jewish-American politicians and businessmen who will travel to Israel to showboat and tell Israelis they are there to express America’s everlasting and unanimous support for their struggling and only democracy in the Middle East. Bloomberg’s words and those of other Israel-Firsters will have no impact on the war — Israel will kill who it must, for as long as it needs to. Their words, however, will, and are absolutely meant to, further incite the Islamic world and the growing army of Islamist fighters to hate and kill Americans. The applause that the words of Bloomberg and his ilk will earn in Israel and among disloyal U.S. citizens at home will be repaid by the Islamists with bullets, bombs, and a budget-draining, bankrupting war both overseas and in North America.

Bloomberg and his comrades want Americans to believe the United States and Israel are in the same boat, that they are brothers in arms fighting ever-growing numbers of Muslim madmen. Hogwash. If the United States is in the same boat as Israel it is because Bloomberg and the American Fifth Column of Israel Firsters have worked tirelessly to put America there — and they have succeeded through corrupting U.S. politics, and especially the U.S. Congress. If you need proof, simply look at what the Congress was up to last week. It is preparing to give Israel $200 million for its air-defense system, while not directing sufficient funds or manpower to close America’s southern border, which is being flooded with illegal aliens, violent gang members, terrorists, and other sorts of scum. For the Congress, it’s damn Americans to hell as long as the Israel-First organizations keep their “campaign contributions” flowing.

We also have heard, according to Real Clear Politics, the radio person Howard Stern say that to be “anti-Israeli is to be anti-American.” Now, one cannot expect too much from someone who considers vulgarity as entertainment and depravity as a worthy lifestyle, and truth to tell, he was in the right ball park. Stern had all the right words, but they were mixed up. Correctly arranged the words would have come out of his mouth saying that to be pro-Israel is to be someone who is anti-American and who delights in seeing Islamists kill U.S. service personnel and civilians.

Bloomberg and Stern are typical of the dregs who are Israel-Firsters. Wealthy, elitist, and influential here in America, they push for Israel to kill as many Arabs as possible and worry not a bit that their advocacy kills both Israelis — now — and Americans — later. Neither will ever move to Israel and share the dangers of the country and people they supposedly love, and when the Islamists’ war comes to America they will be able to hire security personnel to make sure their worthless hides survive.

And then there is Rand Paul, another first-term politician who mistakenly believes — like Obama — that he has the talent and experience to be president. Because of his father’s vast negative experience with the uniformly pro-Israel U.S. media and the much-censored American political system that pro-Israel Americans have corrupted, he has eagerly sold out out to the Israel-Firsters and the bipartisan interventionists. Siding with both, Rand Paul has supported U.S. and European involvement in the Ukraine, sponsored the “Stand With Israel Act” in Congress, and, generally, has done nothing that will help prevent future U.S. intervention in wars in which we have nothing at stake — like Israel-vs-Palestine. I seem to recall that Mr. Paul attended the Kentucky Derby with Rupert Murdoch, who may well have advised him that Israel is more important than U.S. security and American lives. And one has to believe Mr. Paul has since met with Roger Ailes and other FOX NEWS senior managers and got briefed on how he must behave and speak, and who he can publicly associate with, if he is to avoid being ignored by FOX as his father was to America’s detriment. I guess Rand Paul is proof that the apple sometimes does fall pretty far from the tree.

Finally, I do owe Senator Paul a thank you. He recently was criticized for having a non-interventionist book list — described as anti-Israeli by his critics — on his website and, magically, it disappeared almost immediately. Among the books on the list was one of mine, and I can only say how delighted I am to no longer have a place on Senator Paul’s website. As long as Senator Paul is marching in lockstep — or is it goose step? — with the Israel Firsters and against America, he and I have far different national security concerns and, even more, far different national allegiances.

Author: Michael F. Scheuer

Michael F. Scheuer worked at the CIA as an intelligence officer for 22 years. He was the first chief of its Osama bin Laden unit, and helped create its rendition program, which he ran for 40 months. He is an American blogger, historian, foreign policy critic, and political analyst.