Obama and his party offer America’s young … death, misery, and slavery

The history of the Democratic Party can be concisely captured by referring to its steadfast allegiance to the four S’s — Slavery, Secession, Segregation, and Socialism. During the Obama presidency we have seen how hard old habits die, even for a Black man whose race was the long-time victim of Democratic Party‘s bone-deep authoritarianism. Under this Democratic president we have seen a war waged on several fronts against America’s young. Indeed, the Democrats’ historic taste for and belief in slavery have resurfaced with a vengeance and indiscriminately under the Obama administration; whether white, black, yellow, red, male, or female America’s young are dieing and being forced to work for Obama and his lieutenants as they seek to maintain their party’s hold on political power.

How so? Well, America has never had a president and administration so eager to kill unborn Americans. Even with post-1973 science having proved irrefutably that the unborn are human beings, and even though American law always has defined them as U.S. citizens, Obama and his colleagues have strengthened at every point they could the absurd notion that unborn humans are the chattel property of the woman who bears them, and so can be disposed of — that is, murdered — at her whim. And, in what must be considered a masterpiece of Orwellian language, Obama and his team — and most Democrats since 1973 — describe this federal government-issued license to kill as a woman’s “right,” a means by which she manifests her equality with men. They then damn any one who questions the logic, sanity, or justice of this argument as an “extremist.” Only in an America in which a political entity as devoted to the four “S’s” as the Democratic Party could opposition to the cold-blooded murder of fellow citizens unable defend themselves be identified by the country’s best-educated as “extremism.”

If this is indeed a right, it is a right gives each woman the right to be a slave-owner and a Nazi. Such a “right” really is no different than the rights sanctioned by the Dred Scott decision and the Nuremberg laws, each of which legally defined certain categories of people out of the human race in order to enslave or kill them. Since 1973, the application of this “right” has produced precisely the same results as Dred Scott and the Nuremberg laws, though in numbers so immense — 55 million and climbing — that they make those acts seem rather tame and minimally destructive of humans.

Next we have Obama’s murderous use of America’s military young for his and his party’s partisan political purposes. He kept U.S. soldiers in Iraq — a war which should never have been started — long after he had announced the war was un-winnable but just long enough to pile up heaps of dead and maimed American youngsters in order to make their withdrawal timely and useful for electoral purposes. Now we see Obama and his team keeping U.S. troops in Afghanistan long after he decided to surrender to the Islamists in that that war, and thereby knowingly enhance the strength, lethality, self-confidence, and ambitions of America’s most dangerous enemies by returning to them their key safe haven. Our troops are the cream of America’s young and they ought not to be used by any president as if he was their owner. Obama, however, seems to regard them — as he does the unborn — as chattel to be disposed of as he and his advisers see fit to advance Democratic Party political prospects.

Finally, we have Obama and his advisers seeking to financially enslave this generation of young Americans, and each generation that follows it, in order to pay for his health care program. Obama and his lieutenants are starting slow in this area, but the evidence of coming coercion — beyond the mandatory fine young people pay if they prove not to be servile — can be seen in West Virginia, where university students reportedly will not be allowed to matriculate unless they enroll in Obama Care This amounts to a 4-year term of indentured service for the privilege of paying extortionate tuition for a mediocre education offered by anti-American ideologues of Obama’s stripe.

And make no mistake, these young people are not being threatened and ultimately coerced to forfeit their salary, savings, and future for the elderly and sick. They are being used to fund health care for the core groups — dare I say “plantations” — of the Democratic party: the slackers and high-school dropouts, who prefer food stamps and heath care to working for a living; those who engage in high-health-risk sexual practices; those immigrants who are in America — legally or illegally — and have no intention of ever working or fitting into American society; and those in the Ivy League, Hollywood, the media, the leftist rich, and most schools and universities who — like Obama — consider themselves superior intellectuals earmarked by some demented destiny to implement their pagan, socialist, and anti-human ideology in the United States.

They first mean to destroy the 2nd Amendment, and then — safe to be tyrants, though cowards all — they intend remake in their own worthless image those Americans who still work hard, who believe in and are willing to fight to defend liberty, and who have learned the Founders’ key lesson; namely, that the federal government must always be seen as an enemy of freedom and therefore must be kept in check and opposed to the hilt whenever necessary.

Perhaps it would be best if Obama and his Ivy-League elite studied the words of a man they hail an icon of their party and with whom they share a liking for slavery, but who actually is a man they do not in the least understand. “The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions that I wish it to be always kept alive. It will be often exercised when wrong, but better so than not to be exercised at all,” Jefferson wrote in 1787, adding “what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance.”

It may well be time for Obama and his party of petty tyrants to heed these words of their icon, before other of his words become, in time, even more pertinent. “The tree of liberty,” Jefferson also wrote in 1787, “must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.”

And it is just as important for the Republicans to read Jefferson’s words because they are as bad and perhaps worse than the Democrats. As the decades of Democratic abuse of America’s young unfolded, the Republicans have been utterly craven, seeking to save the young, the Constitution, and the republic with words alone when in opposition, and doing virtually nothing substantive to arrest the republic’s decline when they hold power.

Today, the Republicans cower, mumble, and equivocate when called “extremists” by those heroic Democratic champions of murdering the unborn; they follow like murmuring sheep the shrill martial words of Senators Graham and McCain and so get young Americans uselessly killed and maimed in wars that are either unnecessary or ones they have no intention of winning; and they are barely brave enough to raise economic points and words of I-told-you-so to oppose the coming, liberty-killing indentured servitude of America’s young in the name of Obama Care. Indeed, the Republicans seem increasingly like those gassy, self-righteous, and hell-bound rhetoricians described by the great Protestant writer John Bunyan:

“Hearing is but the sowing of the seed: Talking is not sufficient to prove that the fruit is indeed in the Heart and life; and let us assure ourselves, that at the day of Doom, men shall be judged according to their Fruit; It will not be said then, Did you believe? But were you Doers or Talkers only? And accordingly shall you be judged.”

If there is a hereafter, the Democrats will burn because they were the Doers that killed the republic, the Republicans because they were the Talkers who abetted its murder. And such will be a well deserved fate for both. It is enough to make an agnostic hope there is a God.

Author: Michael F. Scheuer

Michael F. Scheuer worked at the CIA as an intelligence officer for 22 years. He was the first chief of its Osama bin Laden unit, and helped create its rendition program, which he ran for 40 months. He is an American blogger, historian, foreign policy critic, and political analyst.