Why are Limbaugh, Levin, and Hannity so eager to see more dead Americans?

Last week on FOX, I spoke about the reasons why America is losing the war with the mujahideen and it seems to have rattled and angered Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and Sean Hannity. I know this not because I regularly tune into them, but because acquaintances of mine, who have a much higher tolerance than I do for that trio’s vacuity and deceit on this issue, have sent me video clips and transcripts. So to follow up more fully on what I said on FOX, here are few things to remember about the war in which the United States is engaged with an increasing portion of the Islamic world. I will try to keep this as simple as possible to assist Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and Sean Hannity.

1.) America’s war with the mujahideen is preeminently a religious war. The Islamist mujahideen we are fighting — especially the late-Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda and its allies — are “good Muslims,” in that they are following religious injunctions that demand Muslims resist foreign intervention, invasion, occupation, and domination. When you hear spokesman for many Muslim organizations in the United States and governments like those in Egypt and Saudi Arabia say that the mujahideen are not “good Muslims” and have “hijacked” the Islamic faith — oddly, the same phrases you hear from Obama, his CIA Director Brennan, Mrs. Clinton, and Senators Graham, Lieberman, and McCain — they are lying and trying to lure Americans into complacency, for they, even more than the mujahideen, dream of forcing the entire world to be Islamic.

2.) Therefore, the mujahideen are the “bad guys” from the perspective of the United States and — as always — from mine; that is, they attacked us first, they caused the war. The mujahideen, their infrastructure, and their supporters merit destruction as complete as we can possibly inflict for starting a war with us.

3.) But here is where Rush, Mark, and Sean deliberately cock-up chances for Americans to understand the enemy they face and must defeat; none of the three celebrities seem to know the difference between the words “cause” and “motivate.” Instead of understanding the very simple concept that the Islamists who attack us are reacting to what the U.S. government does and following the duties imposed on them by their faith, Democrats, Republicans, Israeli officials and their U.S.-citizen champions, Neo-Conservatives, and Rush, Mark, Sean, and others of their ilk depict the mujahideen as acting on a religion that demands they attack the United States because of the way we vote, drink, and send girls to school. Although insane, this explanation conveniently makes all Muslims crazy, and gets the United States off the hook; to wit, America did not do anything to offend anyone.

4.) As Sister Mary Lawrence taught at All Saints grammar school, and which anyone knows who has scuffled on a school playground, every action elicits a reaction. This is not rocket science; if it was, it could not come from me. The reality is, therefore, that the religious doctrine adhered to by the mujahideen needs a trigger to activate it; that is, to motivate the decision to attack us. The U.S. government’s foreign policy in the Islamic World — one that is mirrored by nearly all NATO countries — is that trigger. For example: Invade Libya — get an Islamist-dominated country and get your ambassador and three other Americans killed by the mujahideen. Support Israel and Arab tyrannies for a half-century — get the Islamist attacks of Kenya, Tanzania, the USS COLE, and 9/11. And soon, invade Syria — get an al-Qaeda-like regime in Damascus and the fall of the Jordanian regime. (NB: Are you following, Rush, Mark and Sean?)

5.) This reality does not excuse or condone mujahideen attacks — those boys need to be destroyed if we can find any part of the U.S. military that has a clue about how to fight and win a war. That said, Washington’s foreign policy is the main motivator of the mujahideen, and the main factor that makes them decide to attack us. Does that make the United States responsible or — in the words of Rush, Mark, and Sean — “to blame” for the mujahideen attacks? No, certainly not; those who attack us have a free will and on them falls the blame for the deaths and destruction that results from their attacks. They merit annihilation.

6.) So the equation is clear:

a.) Islam is a faith that requires its adherents to defend their religion and brethren against invasion, occupation, and domination, not unlike the Catholic faith that waged the crusades to retake the Holy Land, and multiple Popes who promised heaven to those crusaders who died killing Muslims;

b.) Western interventionism usually takes one of the above forms and so triggers a religious responsibility to defend faith and brethren, one which, since the 1980s, has been consistently taken up by the mujahideen. (NB: One notes that Islamist attacks on the United States were almost non-existent until Washington began its long and gradually intensifying history of intervention in the Muslim world in 1973. The fact that Islamism has been a vibrant force in the Muslim world since at least the 1920s, and only began to regularly attack U.S. interests after 1973, suggests that the Islamists needed U.S. actions as the motivating trigger to make them decide to attack America.);

c.) Because of the motivational force of their interventionist foreign policy, the United States and its Western allies have been repeatedly attacked by Islamists and have allowed their militaries to be shamefully defeated, and all the while they have continued to cultivate more Islamist enemies by continuing the interventionism that is the central and critical factor that motivates the decision of the mujahideen to wage war.

d.) In simple Sister Mary Lawrence-ish terms, when the United States and its allies are perceived by Muslims to be kicking Islam — rearming the Israelis to kill more Palestinians, kowtowing to the Saudi tyrants, invading Iraq, stealing land and oil from Muslim Sudan and giving it to a new “Christian state,” etc. — the mujahideen kick back as “good Muslims” who are following the duties imposed by faith.

7.) Now, Rush, Mark, and Sean are reputed to be smart and patriotic men. If the foregoing is correct — and it is — why are they not smart or patriotic enough to help Americans understand why their soldier-children are being killed overseas; why they and their little kids are being killed at marathons at home; and why their civil liberties are being whittled away by a cowardly bipartisan governing elite — corrupted by Arab princes, pro-Israeli U.S. citizens, and political correctness — which is conducting a self-defeating effort to defeat the Islamists while knowingly hiding the fact that they themselves are motivating our Islamist enemies. In short, why are Rush, Mark, and Sean so eager to get more Americans killed, and to keep cultivating Islamist enemies who ultimately will bleed America to death in terms of money, lives, and the growth of tyrannical central government acting in the name of homeland security?

8.) The answer of course is that Rush, Mark, and Sean have no intention of educating Americans about the Islamist threat they face if they must acknowledge the fact that Washington’s foreign policy motivates the mujahideen to attack us.

a.) Never from their deceitful mouths will you ever hear that Washington’s unquestioning support for Israel motivates the mujahideen to kill Americans, and that activities of pro-Israel groups in the United States have corrupted not only our politics but also are media. (NB: On this last point, think about Rush, Mark, and Sean.)

b.) You will never hear from their mouths the truth that almost all people — be they Muslims, Christians, Jews, or Buddhists — dislike being invaded, bombed, or occupied, and more often then not react to such events with justifiable violence, not unlike our Founders did when the British Army invaded and occupied Boston and sought to disarm Americans.

c.) You will never hear from their mouths that their cheer-leading for Washington’s bipartisan campaign to impose-by-bayonet secular democracy on Muslims is helping to realize Professor Huntington’s “clash of civilizations.” What Dr. Huntington never expected is today’s reality, one that sees the clash he predicted being instigated by secular (pagan?) clerics from Harvard, Yale, and the rest of the Ivy League and not from Islamic universities in Mecca and Cairo.

d.) You will never hear from their mouths any condemnation of the many tens of billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars that have been wasted — much of it flowing to flim-flamming psychiatrists and the venal hucksters of social science — in trying to figure out what “radicalizes” people like the Boston bombers. The answer is obvious and available for free: U.S. interventionist foreign policy = the motivation that radicalizes Muslims.

And most of all, you will never hear directly from the mouths of Rush, Mark, and Sean what they are implicitly telling Americans; that is, that they hate virtually everything the Founding Fathers thought and prescribed for U.S. foreign policy — in short hand, do not stick your nose in other peoples’ affairs in which you have no interest — and that they do not mind how many Americans get killed as long as Washington keeps pursuing the interventionist foreign policy they believe benefits their friends overseas and their benefactors at home. Indeed, if you reflect on their words, it would not be a surprise to find the fingerprints of Rush, Mark, and Sean — like those of so many U.S. politicians from both parties — on the detonators of those pressure-cooker bombs in Boston.

Author: Michael F. Scheuer

Michael F. Scheuer worked at the CIA as an intelligence officer for 22 years. He was the first chief of its Osama bin Laden unit, and helped create its rendition program, which he ran for 40 months. He is an American blogger, historian, foreign policy critic, and political analyst.