‘The only principle in this war is which party can whip’ … and America is being whipped by its own leaders

The Washington Post this week ran a three-part story describing the enormous growth of the U.S. intelligence community (IC) since 2001. Overall there is not much new in the story, as only a blind person could have missed the IC’s massive growth. That said, the articles unwittingly provide a sense of how the federal government is preparing to fight the war that is coming to America because of Washington’s refusal to destroy those who declared war on the United States in August 1996.

There are two notable things about the articles. One is that the Post set up an interactive map which shows Russia, China, the terrorists, and any literate person on earth where hundreds of U.S. intelligence facilities are located in the United States. This paves the way for successful espionage activities by Russia, China, and other nation-states. It also puts at risk IC employees and the civilians who live near IC facilities if the terrorists decide to bomb one or more of them. The author of the series, Dana Priest, clearly learned well at the knee of her great-grandfather Judas — anything for lucre and a Pulitzer prize.

The other notable but predictable things has been the number of congressmen and senators expressing Claude-Rains-like shock over the enormous number of Intelligence Community employees and the huge IC budgets. These representatives, of course, wrote the bills authorizing the IC’s bloating and passed the budgets necessary to fund the agencies. The blatant lie that they did not know was going on in the IC once again highlights al-Qaeda’s greatest victory on 9/11: Its failure to wipe out the Congress on that day, which left the rest of us saddled with these lying, self-serving clowns, these howling heralds of deceit and defeat.

This said, the Post’s stories are not really so much about the IC’s waste and excessive growth as they are about the war that is coming to America’s shores. The IC is being built up and is increasingly looking at Americans because the last three administrations — Clinton, Bush, and Obama — have prized their international reputations and ignored their duty to protect Americans.

The Post’s articles imply that the IC is too big for the intelligence job that needs to be done overseas, and that might be the case. But the IC is growing and will continue to grow for far more than overseas reasons. Two of those reasons are (1) the failure to use the U.S. military to extirpate the Taliban, al-Qaeda, and their supporters in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and (2) the failure to control our own borders.

The failure to annihilate our Islamist foes in Afghanistan since 9/11 has allowed them to regroup, rearm, and seize the military initiative against us. We are shackled by new-age generals who want to win hearts-and-minds that cannot be won, instead of piling high the corpses of our enemies and their supporters. In this let-the-enemy survive approach they have been fully in sync with Clinton (see the 9/11 Commission Report), Bush (see Bob Woodward’s Bush at War), and Obama (listen to the Islam-is-a-religion-of-peace and jihad-only-means-self-improvement madness spewing uncontrollably from the mouths of the clueless president and his terrorism czar, John Brennan.)

And what has happened to our Islamist enemies because of this U.S. approach? The answer is extraordinary growth. The Taliban, supported by al-Qaeda, has the military initiative and is winning in Afghanistan, and the Pakistani Taliban — which did not exist on 9/11 — is fighting the Pakistani Army to a standstill and bombing major Pakistani cities at its pleasure.

Al-Qaeda is back on its feet and operating full bore, and now has vibrant and militarily capable branches in Yemen, the Maghreb, Somalia and apparently in the United States, none of which was, on 9/11, a shadow of what it is now.

In addition, al-Qaeda through its media operations has helped to rev up Islamist activities in Western Europe, Canada, Australia, India, and Russia, and Islamist insurgencies in Sub-Saharan Africa, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, the North Caucasus, Mindanao, southern Thailand, and western China.

All of these places can serve as bases for operations against U.S. interests. That reality and the growing influence of al-Qaeda among young U.S. Muslims are reasons for the IC’s growth. U.S. leaders deliberately did not kill the enemy when they could have and so our foes have grown in numbers, skill, and geographic reach, and are now a far greater danger then on 9/11. Any U.S. official you hear saying “We really do not know how to measure whether America is safer than on 9/11” is a liar; the foregoing growth is the measuring tool and it shows America is far less secure.

The IC also is growing because Washington has done and will do nothing to control our borders. Islamist fighters are freely entering the country across the open northern and southern borders; on the southern borders, read the Southwest’s newspapers, which report the Muslim inflow but are ignored by the mainstream media. At this time there is no way to stop the leaders of the growing narco-terrorist insurgency in Mexico from running violent operations in the United States. Neither is there any way to stop the Islamists from bringing a nuclear device or other WMD into the United States. These threats are another major target for the ever-expanding Intelligence Community.

At day’s end, the impact of the Post’s articles will be nil. Federal legislators will condemn the IC’s size and budgets, but they will cut neither because they fear losing the next election if their cuts are followed by an attack in America. Likewise, Obama, his party, and the Republicans — aching to be lauded as “good citizens of the world” — will do nothing to destroy our enemies overseas and so the international dimensions of the Islamist threat will continue to expand.

Obama, his party and the Republicans also will do nothing about controlling our borders. Obama and his advisers are intent on creating reliable, tax-money-bribed Hispanic and Muslim vote banks for the Democrats to match their utterly dependable African-American one, and the Republicans are simply too cowardly to risk their fragile electoral chances by doing the right thing for America.

The old saw that says “you will die if you do not kill those who vowed to kill you” has never been truer. And a lot if us and our families are going to die because Clinton, Bush, and Obama have refused to do their duty and kill the enemy and his supporters, and because no Intelligence Community — no matter how big and expensive — can defeat an enemy the U.S. military refuses to kill in sufficient numbers.

Author: Michael F. Scheuer

Michael F. Scheuer worked at the CIA as an intelligence officer for 22 years. He was the first chief of its Osama bin Laden unit, and helped create its rendition program, which he ran for 40 months. He is an American blogger, historian, foreign policy critic, and political analyst.