‘The only principle in this war is which party can whip’ … and America is being whipped by its own leaders

The Washington Post this week ran a three-part story describing the enormous growth of the U.S. intelligence community (IC) since 2001. Overall there is not much new in the story, as only a blind person could have missed the IC’s massive growth. That said, the articles unwittingly provide a sense of how the federal government is preparing to fight the war that is coming to America because of Washington’s refusal to destroy those who declared war on the United States in August 1996.

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This blasphemy will kill Americans

The Western reaction to the recent call by Al-Qaeda-in-the-Arab-Peninusla (AQAP) for the killing of those who have — in the eyes of Muslims — blasphemed against the Prophet Muhammad underlines the apparently unbridgeable gulf between the contemporary West and the Islamic world; indeed, between the West’s elites and any thoroughly religious community. The West’s reaction also highlights the self-righteous and self-defeating nature of Western cultural imperialism, a creed that brooks no challenge whatsoever toward any of the tenets it holds as universal absolutes, and arrogantly and foolishly assumes that those people the cultural imperialists offend will meekly accept the affront.

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Al-Shabab and Al-Qaeda: Playing Americans for suckers

The suicide bombing in Uganda’s capital of Kampala by the Somali Islamist group al-Shabab serves several agendas. While the facile and clueless Western media call it an “anti-World Cup attack” and the lame Obama White House says it proves al-Qaeda’s “racism” toward Africans, the reality is that from al-Sahbab’s perspective the attack is a logical and necessary response to the prolonged U.S.- and Western-backed intervention in Somalia. (How long, one wonders, will it take U.S. and Western officials to learn people don’t like being occupied?) The Kampala attack also is another episode in al-Qaeda’s ongoing campaign to lure the United States into more interventions in the Muslim world.

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Americans and al-Qaeda: Laughing our way to the graveyard

Al-Qaeda’s organization in Yemen — known as Al-Qaeda-in-the-Arab Peninsula (AQAP) — recently published the first issue of an English-language, electronic magazine called Inspire. The magazine is the project of Anwar al-Awalki, the U.S.-born and formally U.S.-based Muslim scholar who seems to be tied to several of the actual and would-be Islamist attackers arrested in America in 2009 and 2010. The magazine appears to be al-Qaeda’s first English-language periodical, although the group does regularly publish materials in languages other than Arabic. All of its leaders’ speeches, for example, are published in English translations.

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July 4th, 2010: Ready for more intervention, incoming nukes, and war with Iran?

The Founders foresaw many problems for the republic they created and tried to provide durable solutions for and protection against them. There is no evidence, however, that they thought the republic would one day be ruled by men who are arrogant and incompetent usurpers. On this July 4th, however, we are enduring the fourth consecutive presidential administration that can only be described in that way.

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