White Democrat elites are still slavers, secessionists, segregationists, and violent socialists

One must wonder if there is a depth-limit to how far the Democrat-owned American teaching profession at all levels can sink into idiocy, ignorance, racism, and inciting insurrection. It seems apparent, at least to me, that these teachers — especially those who teach U.S. history and other of what used to called the liberal arts — have no interest in truth, but every interest in leftist/socialist political indoctrination, the most powerful agent of which is projecting the present upon the past.

In the United States, the prime and most damaging example of the teaching method of indoctrination is found on subject of slavery. Our children’s understanding of the past seems to be based not on understanding things as they were in a particular historical period, but rather on what today’s teachers, media personalities, bipartisan political elite, and racists believe they should have been. Not only is this an ahistorical approach to teaching and learning, but it is narcissistic in the extreme. In its determination to damn all earlier humans for the strongest beliefs and commonplace practices of their times, today’s teachers and their allies are certain that they know more about every conceivable subject than any previous generation, and that it is their duty to rewrite the human record to fit their contemporary beliefs and ideologies and then damn all who disagree with the fantasies they have promulgated.

American slavery was built not only on economic necessity — slaves were needed for growing profitable agricultural products in semi-tropical climates — but also on the tenets of widely accepted science, religion, history, international law, and some political, philosophical, and sociological theories, all of which supported the idea that blacks were inferior human beings. This belief was reinforced by the fact that those who became black slaves invariably had been enslaved in Africa by other blacks before they were sold to the slave traders who bought them, sailed westward, and sold them to buyers in North and — mostly — South America and the Caribbean.

In other words, most Americans in the period of legal slavery in the United States behaved precisely as the best available objective data, philosophies, and theories advised. To damn them for this behavior is unintelligent, unfair, and absurd. Even more, to feel guilt, anger, or a barbaric thirst for monetary recompense for their behavior is the reaction of deeply and deliberately mis-educated individuals. To find the legal slavery system repugnant is every contemporary citizen’s absolute right, but only because of the vast changes and revisions that have occurred in the objective data and philosophies vis-a-vis blacks and slavery that Americans of the legal-slavery period relied on.

But it also should be deemed the absolute right of every U.S. citizen to understand — or at least to be afforded the opportunity to understand — that the phenomenon of American slavery took place in a far different age and context than their own, and that the body of knowledge that was available to shape the thoughts and actions of the people alive at that time, and had to deal with slavery, fully supported their behavior. Today we may regret that behavior, but there is no basis on which to condemn our ancestors for acting according to their best lights, let alone to try to exact some kind of revenge or reparations from their descendants. Any American who feels the slightest bit of guilt and/or responsibility for the existence of slavery in the United States 152 years ago can only be the victim of brainwashing by the Democrats’ teachers, a maudlin sob sister, or simply a damned fool.

Today’s Americans, however, are taught by their teachers-in-name-only that because their ancestors did not think as they do, they must be judged evil, must be maligned, and must have their lives erased from history. In addition, their descendants must be made to pay both via the Nazi-like practice known as “white shaming” and the government’s theft of some portion of their property to be turned over to the descendants of black slaves. (NB: I must say, as an aside, that if the day comes where the national government demands monetary reparations from me for the descendants of slaves, I will be delighted to pay the collectors … in lead.)

In the contemporary U.S. educational system, however, there apparently is no effort being made to teach students that American slavery existed because of what was known economically, scientifically, religiously, legally, and often philosophically at the time. What is taught to students is that their ancestors were not smart or moral enough to base their actions on the knowledge that is available in the second decade of the 21st century and so live and act as many of the people alive today would want them to.

Black slavery, of course, ended in 1865 with the Union army’s military victories across the Confederacy, the great moral courage of Robert E. Lee’s decision to prevent what would have been an endless insurgency, and the adoption of multiple amendments to the U.S. Constitution. There was, however, no way to quickly and magically end the preponderance of knowledge that held that blacks to be inferior to whites. This accomplishment needed time to occur, as well as the knowledge that was gradually brought to bear by new scientific discoveries, and altered philosophical, legal, and biblical interpretations. Perhaps as important, it depended on blacks and whites learning to live and work together as fellow fallen human beings and fellow citizens. Even with favorable advances on each of these fronts, a good deal of time and patience also were needed.

And there were favorable — if often incremental — advances made on most of these fronts, but on the front of amiable and tolerant human interaction that alone could produce enduring racial amity, internal peace, and national unity, those who were the champions of slavery since 1787 relentlessly sought to deny the republic a chance to fully attain any of those goals from that day to this.

Concentrated almost entirely in the Democratic party, these former-slave owners and white supremacists built the Ku Klux Klan; established Jim Crow laws; specialized in castrations and lynchings; happily lit matches to ignite cross, church, and synagogue burnings; used physical intimidation on election days; imposed poll taxes; legalized segregation; and, in 1912, elected a president who was more of a racist than any of the Founders, a man named Woodrow Wilson. Thereafter, the Democrats fiercely fought against ending these racist institutions, still finding the Democrat-founded Klan useful in 2017 when they pitted rented Klan members against the party’s other well-paid terrorist arm, Antifa, in Charlottesville, Virginia. If American history was taught accurately, the story of the eternally racist Democratic Party, from its inception to today, would be simply and understandably taught by identifying it as the party of the four S’s — slavery, secession, segregation, and, today, socialism.

Given this reality, it is no wonder that the Democratic Party has supported every effort by teachers, professors, and media pundits to blacken, rewrite, distort, and destroy American history, as well as to paint the contemporary American South and its history, traditions, and statues as the source of the racial problems that the white Democrat elites have deliberately created. In turn, it is no wonder that the teachers’ unions are the prized pets of the Democratic Party. It is the teachers, after all, who are best positioned to prevent students from learning the truth, which is that American slavery and the post-Civil War travails of Black Americans were caused by, and are still overwhelmingly the responsibility of, the Democratic Party and its white supremacist elite.

To show that the leopard never changes its spots, it is worth noting that it is the current white Democratic elites:

  • Who are are supporting the secession of California in order to make it a socialist political system
  • Who are reestablishing segregation by putting many campuses and other public venues off limits to whites, as well as to conservatives of all colors.
  • Who have again become slavemasters by allowing unlimited numbers of Third Worlders into the country. These people are unschooled in living under a republican system of government, and can be enticed into serving in permanent slavery on the Democrats’ s plantations, as long as they mindlessly vote for today’s Democratic Simon Legrees. This they will do in return for welfare payments, food stamps, job quotas, and legal preferences that are funded by the taxes of those on whom the Democratic Party intends to impose segregation, secession, and socialism.
  • Who are demonstrating their devotion to socialism by seeking to overthrow the result of a legitimate presidential election; by using a lying and omitting mainstream media that is as loyal to Democrats as the Soviet press was to Stalin; and by training and paying Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and By Any Means Necessary terrorists to attack those Americans who refused to vote for deranged gangster/traitor the Democrats ran for president in 2016. (NB: So uneducated and just plain stupid are these faux warriors for racial equality that they do not see they are the expendable pawns of the American party of slavery and a guy who once made his living by helping to round up Jews for Hitler’s ovens.)

White Democratic elitists have historically been America’s most devoted and ardent slavers, and they remain so today. The main difference between the legal-slavery era and today lies in the fact that the current Democrats are seeking to make slaves of all those who oppose them, not just blacks. These white Democrat slavers must be made to stop what they are doing; leave the country, as they so often have pledged to do; or accept that their days are numbered and that their actions — combined with the refusal of DOJ, the FBI, and many police organizations to protect the people Democrat terrorists attack — will yield an enraged, patriotic, and well-armed force that will eliminate, root and branch, the target-rich environment of violent expendables that the Democratic slavers have created. Sadly, very few of the expendables are worth the cost of a round ammunition, but the time is nearing when it will be joy to overpay.

Author: Michael F. Scheuer

Michael F. Scheuer worked at the CIA as an intelligence officer for 22 years. He was the first chief of its Osama bin Laden unit, and helped create its rendition program, which he ran for 40 months. He is an American blogger, historian, foreign policy critic, and political analyst.