It is time, General Mattis, to leave NATO and Europe to the coroner

This morning’s news notes that Defense Secretary James Mattis was in Denmark and is on his way to other European capitals to talk about how to defeat “Islamic terrorism” with our NATO allies. Now, Mattis is — I hope — no one’s fool. But it would be interesting to know how he reconciles the expenditure of his time, the cost of transportation and security, and the continued misleading of Americans about the value of the NATO alliance to U.S. security, with the fact that only last Sunday the French elected yet another president who is eager to preside over, and even quicken, the suicide of the French nation as part of what is now a Europe-wide comic-opera called “Death by Muslim.”

In most NATO capitals, with the exceptions of Warsaw, Budapest, Belgrade, and, partially, London, national governments are unwilling to protect their own native-born people from Muslim immigrants, migrants, and refugees, people who neither want to, nor will be forced to assimilate. Educated with the professoriate’s recipe for creating nation-hating zombie-hood — a blend of multiculturalism, diversity, and feminism — these governments do everything they can to promote the Islamization of Europe, which, when it occurs, will find that the professors, multiculturalists, diversifiers, and feminists are the first to be executed. That will be the only, but still absolutely splendid upside of Islamization in Europe.

National suicide, of course, is a policy choice open to every nation. The French reaffirmed their devotion to the policy this past weekend, the Dutch previously, the Germans reaffirm it almost daily, and the British have withdrawn their decision for suicide, but they are likely too late. The correct response for the U.S. government to these decisions is to wish the suicidal Europeans all the best, that they rest in peace, and to simultaneously present NATO’s Secretary General with the required one-year notice that the republic is withdrawing from the alliance and closing its bases in Europe.

Why, you may ask? Well, for three pretty strong reasons. First, because NATO no longer serves U.S. national interests; it serves only the interests of weapons-makers and the war-lovers, like McCain, Graham, the Neocons, and others of that unsavory ilk. Even during the Cold War, the Alliance was mostly a military mirage, made up of countries that would not pay what they pledged for their own defense, increasingly hated the United States, and whose only defense against the USSR were the U.S., British, and French nuclear deterrents.

Since the Cold War’s end, NATO governments have spent even less on their own defense, and, militarily speaking, now stand as the hollowed-out shell of a former military cripple. So abjectly unprepared are the military forces of the alliance’s European members that they cower about a supposed threat from Vladimir Putin, a man who runs a country that does not have a pot to piss in, has far too few military-age men, and is being demographically demolished. Putin does have, however, what none of the European leaders do; namely, a willingness to defend genuine Russian national interests, sovereignty, culture, and independence, whatever the cost. The Europeans best think twice before the act as they did in the Ukraine where they arrogantly assumed that Putin would not defend a key Russian interest by retaking Crimea.

But all of this is a problem the sophisticated, well-educated, and oh-so-superior European elite can handle themselves. The duty of the United States is to avoid the fatal, double-snare posed by its continued membership in NATO. Notwithstanding recent pledges by NATO members to raise their annual defense expenditures to 2-percent of GDP, this increase is from a longstanding and chronically underfunded base that has yielded political-generals, small militaries, obsolescent weaponry, and aged technology. This negligence also reflects broadly popular sentiments of anti-militarism and anti-Americanism, which have been deliberately bred by the European media, EU leaders, and the EU bureaucracy’s educational policies and guidelines. The unavoidable consequence of this probably unfixable military disaster is that, as always since 1949, the United States is left holding the only military forces and checkbook that can defend Europe, this time against a supposed Putin-led, Russian threat which is the creation of the elder Bush’s New World Order nightmare — especially its potentially war-causing expansion of NATO — and the work in Ukraine of the EU and Obama/Clinton/McCain/Graham democracy-mongers.

Terminating the expenditure of the U.S. citizenry’s taxes on Europe’s defense, however, is not most important reason for the U.S. national government to give notice of its withdrawal from NATO. The second reason — and this one is unfixable — is that there is no reason to believe that the overwhelming majority of Europeans have any intention of defending themselves against an external enemy. The record of NATO members’ “help” in the Afghan and Iraq wars is pathetic and indicative of cowardice and a determination to let others do their fighting and dying. Just recall the Germans and Dutch sitting in their well protected Afghan compounds, drinking beer and venturing out once in a while to do some “police training”; the French hightailing it out of Afghanistan after suffering a few casualties; and the Spanish and Italians going home even faster from Iraq for the same reason. The only reason that the unnecessary and now-lost wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were not lost sooner was because U.S., British, Canadian, and Australian forces did the fighting, with superb help — I am told — from the Poles, Romanians, and several other East European militaries.

This is a hard reality when it pertains to foreign wars, but after recent elections in The Netherlands and France it is clear that the Europeans are not even prepared to defend themselves at home. Indeed, both elections produced results that will enhance the EU’s welcome for massive inflows of Muslim refugees — mostly military-age men of the Salafi persuasion — until it becomes a death-dealing flood deeper than any seen since Noah was a bone-dry pup. Next year’s German and Swedish elections will seal the deal and drive the EU elite’s deliberate campaign to destroy and Islamicize Europe past the point of no return.

The Islamists, in Ayman al-Zawahiri’s words, originally intended to wait and conquer Europe via the always crowded Muslim cradle. No point to that now, however, and a loud and heart-felt mujahideen “Allahu Akbar!” surely must be going out to Allah for giving Islam such perfect and self-hating enemies as the multiculturalists, diversifiers, and — God love ‘em — those ignorant, moronic feminists who prance about displaying bare boobs, heads topped with vagina-shaped hats, adorned with burqas, and obviously thirsting for a new, Harridan-and-Virago-dominated world, but who actually are, praise God, blindly running toward a future of sexual use by Islamist fighters and then decapitation. But, look on the bright side, sometimes people get precisely what they deserve.

Surely — are you listening General Mattis? — the United States needs no allies who refuse to defend themselves overseas or at home. We carried the NATO Alliance — with our brother British-origin, English-speaking states — on our backs and through our purse in multiple overseas wars since 9/11. The idea of U.S. Marines and soldiers bleeding, losing limps, and dying in an urban war to clear the tens of thousands of Islamist fighters our NATO allies invited to inhabit and criminalize their cities and towns, live on the dole, and murder Europe’s identities and cultures is intolerable. Who would they shoot at? The EU and NATO’s national governments would side with Muslims and shoot the native-born. Would we join them to shoot at people who simply want their country back and the criminal and non-assimilable seized and deported? Or, in the name of diversity and multiculturalism, would our forces join the EU and NATO governments and their beloved Muslims and mow down the native-born patriots? No, America wants no part of the madness that the Europeans have knowingly unleashed upon themselves; let them wallow in the bloodshed they have so richly earned.

The third reason for getting out of NATO, if another is needed, is that Europe has yet to experience either the full impact of veteran mujahideen returning from fighting abroad, or the trained fighters that will be blending into Western Europe from the Islamists’ enclaves — helpfully created by the EU and Bill Clinton — in Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, and elsewhere in the Balkans. Thanks to Mrs. Merkel, the Islamists’ main force already is in Europe in the form of tens of thousands of military-age male refugees. The latter have made their presence felt by staging, or helping to stage, attacks in, at least, France, Belgium, Germany, and Sweden. But, for the most part, these supporters of al-Qaeda and the Islamic State are not well-trained, thus the limited number of casualties caused in many of the attacks. Once the combat-experienced, Europe-origin mujahideen return home in higher numbers, and more veteran Islamist fighters arrive from the Balkans, and begin imparting military and explosives training to the refugees, Europe’s domestic security services — which have long lacked the manpower to effectively surveil the untrained Islamists — will be unable to cope with the resulting frequency and level violence.

At this stage in its history, the bankrupt American republic and its citizens require fewer not additional overseas political and military obligations. This is especially true in Europe, where the enormous, continent-wide hatred for Trump — and so for nationalism, sovereignty, hard-work, independence, faith, and self-reliance — makes it clear that, like Hillary Clinton, they consider half of Americans to be “deplorables”. It would be the act of a true American cur to continue to commit U.S. military personnel — most of whom are from what Hillary called “deplorable” families, locales, and blue-collar backgrounds — to wage war on behalf of the Europeans who hate them, their way of life, and their faith.

Save for some of the British, moreover, most Americans have little in common with Europeans. The result of recent elections, for example, makes it clear that most Europeans want to be ruled by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels; to be led by men and women intent on destroying the last vestiges of Europe’s nationalisms, unique cultures, and history; and to grovel before laws that empower new, unwanted, and Europe-hating immigrant minorities to dominate native Europeans and impose on them their alien and often-criminal cultures.

General Mattis, then, ought to come back from NATO-land and advise the president that the republic is tied to Europe by a treaty that is severely and perhaps fatally detrimental to U.S. national security. He should tell the president that today Europe is a continent that will not defend itself at home or abroad, and is led by people who are transforming Europe into a borderless, peasant-filled, violent, crime-ridden, and third-world non-civilization, just as Obama tried to do to America. It is a place, General Mattis can tell the president, where the scum of the earth — the EU’s globalist elite and their violent, dole-loving immigrants, refugees, and migrants — dictate every aspect of personal conduct and thought to men and women who are the descendants of ancestors who created one of the greatest, most accomplished, and freest civilizations ever known to man. NATO has, General Mattis can conclude, fatally overdosed on diversity, multiculturalism, feminism, love of ease, and anti-Americanism, and so the United States must end every obligation it has under the NATO Treaty that would oblige it to send the republic’s Marines and soldiers to Europe to risk life and limb in a hopeless attempt to save the servile and self-hating Europeans from themselves.

Author: Michael F. Scheuer

Michael F. Scheuer worked at the CIA as an intelligence officer for 22 years. He was the first chief of its Osama bin Laden unit, and helped create its rendition program, which he ran for 40 months. He is an American blogger, historian, foreign policy critic, and political analyst.