Why I’m eager to see the end of my ‘white privilege’

I am a white male and soon will be 64 years of age. In the current presidential campaign Mrs. Clinton has spoken a great deal about the “evil” of “white privilege,” and about her intention to destroy it. After reflecting on what the substance of that phrase has meant during the course of my life, I enthusiastically, even rabidly, endorse the idea of eradicating “white privilege” in its entirety, almost as much as I endorse eradicating Mrs. Clinton and her family from American politics.

The following, then, seems to me to constitute the gist of what I have experienced and observed because I am honored to be a holder of what Mrs. Clinton calls “white privilege.” I have been, for example, a privileged observer of the following.

  • While a student attending two U.S. universities, and then teaching at another, my white privilege permitted me to closely watch advantages given to all who were not white, to watch basketball players sit in class day dreaming, napping, inspecting parts of their anatomy, skipping classes, and not turning in assignments, and yet getting grades as good as the supposedly highly privileged whites who worked their tails off and missed neither a class nor delivering an assignment on time. I also had the white privilege of often walking across the campus of a new-age Catholic university in Washington, D.C., at which I taught, and listening to the routine use of the word “nigger,” as well as the blaring of a noise inexplicably identified by many as “music,” and the lyrics of which were replete with the word nigger, anti-white slurs, misogyny, demands for dead police and whites, and calls for violence against women. The surreal nature of this experience lay in knowing that my white privilege would entitle me to being fired if I used the word forbidden only to whites, or if I refused to acknowledge that this non-music and its grotesque, violent, and often inhuman lyrics were admirable and award-worthy achievements of non-white culture and so were bound for honoring in non-white-only museums.
  • During 15 years in the blue-collar, unionized work place, my white privilege permitted me to witness white guys get suspended or fired for drunkenness, drug use, absenteeism, or just plain laziness, and non-whites coddled, warned but retained, and promoted despite being guilty of the same infractions. This in a factory where hazardous work was done and inattention to the job — whatever the cause — could be deadly.
  • In the white-collar work place for 30-plus years, my white privilege entitled me to watch the nation’s national-security apparatus incrementally and knowingly debilitated by a growing infusion of unqualified, non-whites who were hired, passed their probationary period, and then promoted to positions far above their competence, this on the basis of appraisals authored by those who feared for their own careers if they wrote a truthful but negative performance appraisal report for a non-white. This still intensifying process bodes ill for the republic’s security, and simply savages commonsense, the commonweal, and racial amity.
  • As a father for 42 years and counting, my enviable white privilege allowed me to see my children denied access to large blocks of seats in universities that my taxes help support because those seats were reserved for non-white Americans, women, LGBTites, and foreigners of all races, this though my children had grades at least as good and, in many cases, much better than the students given preference. My precious white privilege also allowed me to watch my children compete for employment in job pools in which a portion of the jobs in each were also reserved for non-whites and the others to whom the law gives preference, whether or not they are qualified or even U.S. citizens.
  • As a taxpayer for 50 years this December, my white privilege has been bountifully rewarded by allowing me to watch the hard-to-come-by money needed to raise and educate my family taken from my pocket as tax and then given to non-whites for their food stamps, college tuition, welfare, medical care, rent, low-interest mortgages, childcare, small businesses, and even for their kids’ breakfasts. Likewise, it has given me a wonderful view of how these trillions of working-Americans’ dollars, combined with incompetent, cynical, and vote-buying elected city officials, have destroyed major U.S. cities, exponentially increased crime and killing both between non-whites and against whites by non-whites, and generally worsened the lot of non-whites, notwithstanding the unearned money and unconstitutional legal preference they have been given.
  • As a senior citizen, now for more than a decade, my sainted white privilege has allowed me to realize that I have spent most of a lifetime seeing non-whites riot, loot, kill/assassinate police, murder bystanders, slaughter each other, and raze the property of members of all races with no fear of facing justice; the election of a completely inexperienced, incompetent, amazingly lazy, lawless, and anti-American president simply because he is a non-white; the pardoning of hundreds of non-white felons imprisoned for lengthy sentences for selling narcotics to kids of all races (so they can do so again?); and the unending celebration by the media and movie-makers of the glories of non-white culture, among which are gang wars, complete with assassinations of 9-year kids; untold of numbers of fatherless children; narcotics-trafficking; and hatred for the American republic.
  • Most of all, my sublime white privilege, in my dotage, has been blessed by knowing that since my youth trillions of tax dollars have been doled out to non-whites and wasted by them, as well as by the fact that I am fortunate enough to still hear the non-whites’ shrill, grossly selfish, often-vicious, and never-ending whining about the terrible condition of their lives, a condition which is largely of their own making and that of the politicians to whom they have self-enslaved themselves. Perhaps no people other than American non-whites has ever been given so much money and unconstitutional legal preference for which they have not worked and do not merit, have done so little with them to improve their lot, and have the nerve, shamelessness, and greed to demand even more of what I and other whites earn and require for the needs of our families.
  • Finally, as an American citizen, my superb white privilege has awarded me a wonderful ringside seat to see and understand that most of the men and women now operating in the U.S. political arena can do so only because of the non-white votes they purchase with my taxes. These politicians also exist only because they have mangled my Constitution by finding it in heretofore invisible pro-tyranny clauses with which they and their pet judges justify such unconstitutional, discriminatory, and anti-white absurdities as racial quotas, unlimited illegal immigration; brain-dead diversity schemes, which do nothing but reward the untalented and legally preferred; and the existence of a “right” to apply the republic-killing scourge of multiculturalism, which might as well be entitled “Whites need not apply for anything, but better pay up.” Today, my glorious white privilege also permits me to see that the concepts of “merit-based employment and promotion” and “the equality of all before the law” have just about disappeared in the United States. They have been replaced by the absolutely unconstitutional, perhaps civil-war engendering, doctrine of “preference for all non-whites, women, LGBTites, felons, etc.” before what has become, at best, law-in-name-only.

What to do? It seems obvious to me that there are only two possible solutions. One may preserve domestic peace and restore some of the racial amity that the politicians — especially Obama, Holder, and Lynch — have intentionally destroyed, the other will cause the terrible civil war that inevitably must come from the maintenance and further enhancement of a tyrannical, anti-white status quo. Indeed, the fuse for that struggle may already have been lit by the national government’s expenditure on each non-vetted, illegal, and usually non-white immigrant of an amount of money that exceeds the average annual income of the whites it is taxing to pay for this government-imposed burden on and threat to the republic.

The solution to the problem is simple enough. At a future date, say 1 January 2018, applications for attending and teaching at schools at all levels, as well as all applications for employment in the state or federal civil services, the U.S. military, and all private sector for-profit and non-profit firms, will be submitted by e-mail from an address that does not identify the sender. They will no longer include an applicant’s name, address, age, gender, race, sexual or political proclivities, home address, or sporting skills. The applications also will not require letters of recommendation, essays written by the applicant, or pre-application interviews, which these days amount to nothing more than special pleading and implied threats of lawsuits by those entitled to legal preference. In addition, all schools will be required to forward transcripts without identifying information save for a number provided to the applicant by the entity to which he or she is applying for a position.

The would-be employer would thereby receive an application which can only be evaluated on the basis of the sender’s documented scholastic and/or workplace accomplishments, followed by an estimate, on the employer’s part, of what the merit present in the application, if any, is worth in terms of position and salary. If the decision is made to interview the applicant, the admitting or hiring officers will have made the decision that there is merit in the achievements recorded in a particular application, and will not know, until the applicant walks in the door, all the other data — name, age, gender, sexual proclivity, extracurricular activities, work experience, race, etc. — that enable the working of the discriminatory system the politicians have established for giving unconstitutional legal preference for non-whites in schooling and employment.

Such a system would, as they say, begin to re-level the playing field, and it also would reestablish merit and fairness as the main guiding principles of success and advancement in America. Under such a regime, my white privilege will be, praise God, erased; my children and I will regain our birthright, equality before the law; and whites will cease to be the financial and legally debased sponsors who are forced by the national government to be silent and abide by the legal and many other preferences reserved for non-whites.

Now, there is no suggestion here that whites should seek reparations from non-whites for their decades of unconstitutional subordination and for the trillions of their tax dollars the national government has taken from them and given to non-whites, who, by and large, remain politically enslaved to politicians who bribe them with my money and hateful toward their unwilling but legally obligated white benefactors. After all, whites would have to pay even more taxes to enable the politicians to give non-whites more money to pay back the money they did not earn and have wastefully consumed. Neither is there any animosity toward these non-whites, women, LGBTites, ex-convicts, illegal aliens, etc., they are as much the pawns as whites are of the increasingly tyrannical national government that is found under either party.

To conclude, I can only say that I have never owned a slave, discriminated against a woman, a non-white, an immigrant, an Indian, or a LGBTite, and that I hold, at this point, no anger, much less hatred, for any of them. (NB: For obvious reasons, I cannot say that about the national government) I am simply indifferent to them and their problems. I am, rather, eager to have the income after taxes to assure my family’s security now and in the future, and to pursue my own interests and goals. As a result, I am completely unwilling to be ever more heavily taxed to support the inability or unwillingness of non-whites, women, LGBTites, ex-convicts, and illegal aliens to pull their own weight without endless subventions from me and other whites. Let all of us make our own way in American society, and let all sink or swim based on their own merit and hard work. To make racism minimal in the United States, the national government must be made to stop both its longstanding and now deepening policy of deliberately pitting whites against non-whites, and its unending and highly illegal immigration-based campaign to make whites the republic’s subordinate and pay-for-all-others minority.

If that change does not come, civil war will, and with it will come the hatred and blood that naturally succeeds indifference. And it should.

Author: Michael F. Scheuer

Michael F. Scheuer worked at the CIA as an intelligence officer for 22 years. He was the first chief of its Osama bin Laden unit, and helped create its rendition program, which he ran for 40 months. He is an American blogger, historian, foreign policy critic, and political analyst.