Speaker Ryan and his party embrace tyranny

I have consistently argued in this space that there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans on the issues of foreign policy and military interventionism. I have always suspected — but have been less confident in my judgment — that there is precious little difference between the two parties on any issue.

The whining, womanish behavior of Speaker Paul Ryan, and other “too pure” establishment Republicans, since the media played the tape of what Trump accurately described as “locker room talk” — and I would make it “common locker room talk for both men’s and women’s sports” — has convinced me that there are not two parties, but only one autocratic political machine in this country, and that its only goals are power and arbitrary rule.

Paul Ryan is, essentially, speaking for both parties’ hatred for anyone who suggests the current political status quo should be shattered for the good of the republic. They oppose it because anyone seeking to serve the good of the nation, must first destroy the seeming death grip that the parties cooperate to maintain on the national government, its actions, and its treasury. Ryan and the Republican establishment are saying in the clearest and most understandable way, that when their and the Democrats’ corrupt, gold-laden, and citizen- and middle-class-hating gravy train is headed toward the cliff, they will come down on the same side, that is the side of self-interest and the booty they regularly extort in taxes from working Americans. In other words — and to use a vulgarity — everyday, working Americans can shut up and go to hell.

So, here’s the deal. Speaker Ryan and his party have now said quite explicitly that they agree with the Democrats that:

  • Vulgar words are a greater danger to the United States than a $20 trillion debt that will be wildly increased with the approval of both parties if Trump is defeated.
  • Vulgar words are much worse than having a lying, two-faced, condescending, treasonous, influence-peddling, man-hating, rapist-protecting, and felonious president.
  • Vulgar words are much more dangerous to the republic’s political stability and social cohesion than the fact that both parties have created a situation in which less than 50-percent of Americans pay income taxes, because tax laws are fixed to shield campaign contributors and to reward the automatons who mindlessly vote for them.
  • Vulgar words are more dangerous to peace, U.S. national security, the national debt, and the lives and limbs of U.S. soldiers and Marines than are endless, unnecessary, and always bipartisan and losing interventionist wars.
  • Vulgar words are more immoral than a president who has enabled the murder of 60 million American children and is transparently aching for a chance to kill more at home and abroad.
  • Vulgar words are a greater threat to Americans and their personal economies than the Democrats’ intention to wipe out the coal/fossil-fuel industry and the millions of middle-class jobs that it provides.
  • Vulgar words are a greater threat to the citizenry than a Harvard-ish, and so not surprisingly failing national health-care system that is bankrupting both individuals and the republic, and is leading to a system that will be much worse in terms of timely health-care delivery and much more expensive.
  • Vulgar words are more dangerous to the republic than both political parties deliberately governing in a manner violating the Constitution, and effectively undermining the rule-of-law, the freedoms of religion (but only when it protects Christianity), speech, and privacy, and the 2nd Amendment. (NB: Perhaps Speaker Ryan can lead both parties in a joint, Obama-Holder-Clinton-like attack on the massive threat posed to the nation by the Little Sisters of the Poor, who have the nerve to care for ill seniors who have no other place to turn for help.)
  • Vulgar words are much more dangerous to democracy and social cohesion than giving taxpayer-paid subventions to fund the unconstitutional legal privileges both parties have awarded to all Americans but whites, via judges who are nothing more than Ivy-League ideologues and/or corrupt party apparatchiks.
  • Vulgar words are much more dangerous to our kids’ future than a president beholden to the corrupt and anti-American teacher unions, organizations that are the partners of the abortionists and responsible for killing the minds of those who do not get physically murdered in the womb and then dismembered.
  • Vulgar words are more dangerous to American youth than having a president who is beholden to a non-substantive, pet-media that hates the United States and loves any kind of sexual deviance, anti-white violence, and human debauchery, and to a movie industry that for decades has taught kids how to kill, rape, take drugs, debase women, and hate the republic and its history, symbols, and traditions, and whose actresses — who politicians cite as role models for young girls — vie with each other to see who can “leak” the sluttiest and most self-degrading sex-tape.
  • Vulgar words, in sum, are much more dangerous to the republic’s survival than is a presidential candidate who has for decades helped the Democrats and Republicans to deliberately inflict an unmitigated economic, racial, constitutional, employment, societal, political, military, and cultural catastrophe on the now near-to-expiring republic.

Speaker Ryan’s effeminate anti-Trump decision, and the wide support it has in the Republican establishment, has at long last completed the concentration of all of the republic’s non-vulgar but black-hearted and pro-tyranny enemies under one tent.

It would be best, of course, to wait for the Lord to strike dead this republic-killing menagerie of the willingly greedy, murderous, racist, anti-Christian, and war-mongering. But He is a busy fellow, and probably none too pleased to see how thoroughly Americans have mucked-up the unrivaled opportunities for peace, prosperity, and social amity Providence afforded them in North America. Instead, as Theodore Roosevelt is reported to have said, let us proceed “fearing God, and taking our own part” and joyfully strike dead that cursed, two-party menagerie at the ballot box on 8 November 2016.

Author: Michael F. Scheuer

Michael F. Scheuer worked at the CIA as an intelligence officer for 22 years. He was the first chief of its Osama bin Laden unit, and helped create its rendition program, which he ran for 40 months. He is an American blogger, historian, foreign policy critic, and political analyst.