For God’s sake, Mr, Trump, man-up and stop playing the game of America’s internal foes

Mr. Trump, you have fallen into a snare placed for you by the Republican establishment people on your team, most of the media, and by Hillary Clinton and her advisers.

The name of that trap is “complexity” and it is used by both party establishments to explain why they never solve any of the problems America faces. Oh, they promise to do so, but when they fail — and they always fail — they say it is because the problem is too “complex,” too “multifaceted,” or too “nuanced,” and that it needs great amounts of time and enormous sums of money to solve. [NB: Like the “generational war” against Islam lusted for by those 50 Israel-First war-mongers who wrote you the public letter.]


Clear, commonsense, patriotic, and non-complex ideas brought you to the dance and won you the nomination, do not throw that success away by the playing the bipartisan enemy’s confuse-bilk-and-deceive-the-voters game called “complexity.”

Try the following:

Organizing Principle: AMERICA FIRST.

Components of the Principle:

  • Debt and War: America is broke and its military is broken, no more wars unless attacked.
  • ISIS: This is an American problem only if we are attacked at home; otherwise, let the Islamists’ real enemies fight and win or lose on their own, while we belatedly act to defend North America.
  • Student Debt: Kill all of the national government’s student loan programs and force the universities to compete, as well as to decide if they want to lower their extortionate, debt-creating tuition, and greatly improve and depoliticize their product, or want a mass of permanently empty lecture halls.
  • Guns: Uncompromising defense of the 2nd Amendment, and talk about the legal and constitutional option it gives all Americans to — as a last resort — offer armed resistance to the tyranny being imposed on the republic by both party establishments, the media, and the academy.
  • Immigration: (a) Build the wall; (b) enforce the law and deport all illegals; and (c) ban all immigration for 5 or 10 years so there is no supportable claim that one group is being discriminated against.
  • Taxes: Repeat, repeat, and repeat, “Only lower taxes for all can pave the road to cutting the debt, creating jobs, and rebuilding the middle class and military.”
  • Black Americans: Do not “reach out” to Black Americans, both party establishments want you to look like a fool and fail. Most Blacks have voted like mindless slaves for 50 years and are likely to keep doing so for the foreseeable future. Those who want to de-slave and attain dignity and jobs will have to make that decision for themselves and act accordingly.
  • Law-and-order: Back the police full-up so long as their actions are lawful, and offer no “sympathy” or “understanding” for thugs, assassins, and looters who are “discouraged,” “frustrated,” “unemployed,” and “without hope.” The party they slavishly vote for has made and kept them that way for 50 years. They apparently like it.
  • Trade: (a) No multi-country deals, only bilateral; (a) no multi-country, trade-regulating organizations that negate U.S. sovereignty; and (c) only trade deals that increase blue-collar jobs.

Foreign financial and military aid: None

Allies: (a) As few as possible, none permanent; (b) none that can get us into their wars automatically; and (c) withdraw from NATO.

As the good people of Buffalo would say, Mr. Trump, you can win, but only “if ya dance wit da ones dat brung ya.”

Author: Michael F. Scheuer

Michael F. Scheuer worked at the CIA as an intelligence officer for 22 years. He was the first chief of its Osama bin Laden unit, and helped create its rendition program, which he ran for 40 months. He is an American blogger, historian, foreign policy critic, and political analyst.