And now the FBI Director argues for more tyranny

The past week added a bit of clarity to the citizenry’s ability to understand the lawless forces that have backed Obama and now back Hillary Clinton, as well as more evidence — if more was needed — that Clinton, if elected, will regard herself as another Obama-like, ruler-by-diktat. Clinton told the media that she would start by giving amnesty to 12 million illegal aliens — a number, thanks to Obama and Clinton, that now includes murderous Islamists — thereby ignoring both the law and the fact that most Americans have made it clear that they do not want 12 million more non-English-speaking, largely uneducated, and mostly bound-for-welfare foreigners sticking their hands into working Americans’ pockets and taking money from them and their families.

The bottom line increasingly seems to be that the people who support Clinton are either mindless fools or flagrant authoritarians, while she herself is an archetypical American gangster — like Al Capone, Dutch Schultz, Machine Gun Kelly, and her husband — specializing in graft, influence peddling, extortion, disposing with extreme malice those in her inner circle that she and Bill no longer need, and murdering and dismembering infants unable to defend themselves. Proving their superiority qualities when compared to the Clintons and their supporters, Capone, Schultz, and Kelly at least had the courage to murder people who could and would shoot back at them, or who had associates who would try to avenge them.

On Friday, then, FBI Director James Comey waded further into this ever-deepening cesspool of lawlessness by calling for a “national talk over encryption vs. safety.” Now, in a more normal and fair-minded time — say about 40 years ago — Americans would have rightly given Comey’s suggestion serious consideration because the ease with which Islamist fighters can encrypt messages certainly does pose a demonstrable threat to U.S. national security.

But not today. In recent months, Comey has proven himself to be just one more shill for a bipartisan political elite that promotes authoritarianism and its own lawlessness, and so tyranny, in America. Comey is now eager to further alter the 4th Amendment in ways that can only erode individual liberty and empower tyrants, but he refuses to recommend the much-merited indictment of Hillary Clinton — a foe of America much more lethal than ISIS — under both the espionage and perjury statutes. By failing to do so, this FBI Director has said more clearly than any other U.S. government official — elected or appointed — that the members of the bipartisan governing elite are beings superior to all other Americans, and so immune from all the laws that apply only to non-elite Americans.

Contrary to what Comey said, there is nothing difficult about indicting, prosecuting, and convicting Mrs. Clinton. She is the only American traitor that I can recall who has publicly convicted herself out of her own mouth — saying, in essence, “I used a private, unsecured server to conduct the nation’s diplomacy for my own convenience” — and then lied, joked, and bragged about in public. In reality, the U.S. government has successfully prosecuted and imprisoned, or fired and revoked the security clearances of, many dozens of other men and women for the same kind of conduct, although surely not on the gargantuan scale of Clinton’s criminal behavior. But what can be expected from a coward like Comey, a supposedly tough prosecutor who does not even possess enough manliness to publicly refute and correct Hillary Clinton when she publicly lies about what he told the Congress about her obvious-to-all perjury and guilt?

Comey’s decision on Clinton also flushed out the extreme lawlessness at the top level of the U.S. intelligence community when General Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence, refused to permanently revoke Hillary Clinton’s clearances, as well as those of all her senior assistants, and those of the president, cabinet members, and generals who knowingly used the communications system Clinton deliberately hid and left unsecured. Clapper and Michael Morrell, then CIA chief, also supported — and perhaps wrote — Hillary Clinton’s lies about the “democracy-bringing” Arab Spring, the defeat of al-Qaeda, the invasion of Libya, and the Islamists’ attack on Americans in Benghazi. Clapper’s treason-assisting dereliction of duty, of course, comes as no surprise. He, like Clinton, has lied under oath. As the saying goes, perjurers of a feather stick together.

In fairer times, when America was a country of equality before the law, both Comey and Clapper would be fired — or perhaps prosecuted — for dereliction of duty in regard to their refusal to prevent Clinton from doing further harm to U.S. national security. Instead, they have been allowed to empower her to do all the harm she wants to do. But with the ransom-to-Iran-paying Obama as president, and Loretta “Let’s make a deal, Bill” Lynch as attorney general, all the lawless are protected and praised, and only peasants like you and I are liable to be tormented by the application of the law by the lawless.

A final thought. If Director Comey really wants Americans to understand the need for additional reductions in the scope of the 4th Amendment’s protections, and to believe that such limitations would not be used to further advance the Obama-Clinton tyranny, let him demonstrate that he and his government colleagues will use that new power for legal purposes and not authoritarian ones. Comey’s FBI could, for example, acquire and make public the 33,000 e-mails that Clinton deleted and NSA now holds as a the first step toward, at long last, making Clinton and her aides and abettors the equal — not the superior — of the rest of America before the law.

These days, however, such a commonsense proposal is, as Sam Spade described the Maltese Falcon, the unobtainable stuff that dreams are made of. But Clinton, Obama, Lynch, Comey, and Clapper are unlike the Maltese Falcon in at least one important respect, which is that the Falcon was a fake, while those five are the genuine article. When the Fat Man used a knife to scrape the Falcon, he quickly found that it was not made of gold. Scrape the five just named individuals, however, and you would find they are precisely what they appear to be. Even a light scrape would begin to expose that those five are born felons, already clad in orange prison uniforms. (1)


  1. For young readers, the magnificent Humphrey Bogart played Sam Spade, while the great Sydney Greenstreet played the “Fat Man” in pre-degenerate Hollywood’s finest detective movie, The Maltese Falcon. The movie is relevant to the foregoing as a reminder of the importance of always doing the right thing, most especially when it is a hard to do. Sam Spade — unlike James Comey — did the right thing in the movie. He made sure that the woman (played by the lovely Mary Astor) who had killed his partner, Miles Archer, “took the fall” and went to prison for her crimes. That woman happened to be the love of Spade’s life.

Author: Michael F. Scheuer

Michael F. Scheuer worked at the CIA as an intelligence officer for 22 years. He was the first chief of its Osama bin Laden unit, and helped create its rendition program, which he ran for 40 months. He is an American blogger, historian, foreign policy critic, and political analyst.