Of the Democratic Convention, a destroyed educational system, and a nominated non-entity

The Democratic Party’s convention twice put a wonderfully bright spotlight on how that party has ruined the American educational system by involving the federal government in education. The convention’s slogan for the first night, for example, was “United Together,” which is a phrase that is as stupidly redundant and it is meaningless. And yet, the party’s apparatus, the delegations from each of the party’s enslaved colonies of minorities, and the 80-percent of the media that has its collective head up Hillary’s derriere thought the slogan was a stroke of genius. “Yes, that’s us,” American teachers, told their students the next day, “we are united together.” I hope that at least one of the little brainwashed urchins had the sense and moxie to ask, “Oh, Teacher, could we be ‘united apart’ or ‘disunited together’?” Surely, such a child would be punished for asking the question — perhaps having to memorize “Socialism for Kids” or write “Saul Alinsky” on the blackboard 500 times.

The second spotlight illuminated — who else? — Barack Obama, the pride of the Ivy League, the darling of the media, and a man who can only be described as ignorant, stupid, or a liar. In his oh-so-superior speech to the convention, Obama said that Hillary Clinton was the most prepared/experienced candidate for the presidency in U.S. history, adding “better than you or me Bill.” Well, Obama was right on one count, he is certainly the least-prepared person ever to be president. Indeed, there probably has never been another American arrogant enough to believe that, with no applicable work experience, no record of meaningful accomplishment, and academic grades so poor they must be hidden, he deserved the presidency simply because he is Black and could count on the Democratic Party to endlessly and mindlessly champion losers, abortionists, felons, the unqualified, the racist, the lawless, the anti-American, and the authoritarian.

By claiming that Hillary Clinton is the most prepared and experienced presidential candidate in U.S. history, Obama proved himself to be either a victim — always his best role — of the brain-crippling American education system that he and his party built, or a liar willing to do anything he can to finish the destruction of America begun by Bill Clinton and now nearly completed by himself. Anyone with even a passing acquaintance with U.S. history would know that just mentioning the names of Washington — the greatest American — both Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Jackson, Polk, Lincoln, Cleveland, Coolidge, both Roosevelts, Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Reagan makes Obama stand out clearly as the devious anti-American liar he truly is. Preparation for the U.S. presidency requires not only a record of hard work, applied patriotism, and experience worthy of a confident and independent-thinking adult, it also requires success in those categories.

The just-mentioned men met those conditions, Hillary Clinton does not. She was a failure as a first lady in the area of healthcare; she abused and ridiculed federal civil servants who did not suit her; and she presided over a White House that appears to have been more or less a brothel. She was a failure as a U.S. Senator from New York, specializing in supporting Israel, thereby ensuring more war and dead Americans; in securing favors and funding for her favorites in the state; and in helping to lead the republic to unending war with Islam by her strong support for the Iraq war. She was an unmitigated failure as Secretary of State, by knowingly lying to Americans in claiming the Arab Spring meant secular democracy was winning in the Islamic world and that the Islamists were defeated; by championing an unnecessary war on Libya that is destabilizing and Islamicizing Africa, and then refusing to provide adequate security for the diplomats, intelligence officers, and military personnel she stuck in that hellhole and then ignored; and by sanctioning sales that gave foreigners control of key U.S. natural resources, foreigners who apparently then contributed to the Clinton Foundation. So Mrs. Clinton fails the first test for presidential preparedness, which is experience accompanied with success in the endeavors undertaken. Her life’s only notable successes have been in achieving continual failure, protecting a sexual-predator husband, and making sure that 60 million unborn Americans have been murdered by the American Medical Association.

As far as the second test, that of demonstrating oneself to be a confident and independent-thinking adult with integrity, Mrs. Clinton is nothing short of a joke as an adult, and an embarrassment to the republic, especially for those young women who need nothing but their own brains and labor to succeed. Mrs. Clinton’s career from college to this week’s nomination has depended on the good offices of men. A few plausible scenes from her life might read as follow. “Oh, they are saying true but nasty things about me,” says Mrs. Clinton, “send James Carville to attack and browbeat them.” “Gosh, they don’t think I know how to handle the economy,” says Mrs. Clinton, “so I will put my husband Bill in charge of it.” “Oh how terrible,” says Mrs. Clinton, “so many people now know that I am a perjurer, traitor, and liar, send out Lanny Davis to defend me.” “You know, without Bill as my husband the party would have abandoned me long ago,” thinks Mrs. Clinton, “so I’ll stay with him, encourage his philandering, and act as his anti-woman protector by verbally attacking and intimidating the women he molests and physically harms.”

A modern, talented. independent-minded, and confident woman? Hardly. Really, Mrs. Clinton is not much more than a dependent female adolescent who needs a man as her surrogate on every occasion she faces a hard problem, a serious challenge, or a truthful attack. Compared to the readiness to be president of, say, Mrs. Abigail Adams, Mrs. Dolley Madison, and Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, Mrs. Hillary Clinton is not much more than a dissembling, man-dependent non-entity, neither prepared for nor worthy of high public office.

Author: Michael F. Scheuer

Michael F. Scheuer worked at the CIA as an intelligence officer for 22 years. He was the first chief of its Osama bin Laden unit, and helped create its rendition program, which he ran for 40 months. He is an American blogger, historian, foreign policy critic, and political analyst.