Congress, Israel, and another season of treason

Why do some U.S. politicians love to consort with foreigners who want the United States to fight their wars for them? Franklin Roosevelt and his clique palled around with the British in the years before Pearl Harbor, allowing free reign to their espionage and propaganda activities in the United States and working with them to get America into the UK’s war with Germany by using any unconstitutional tool that seemed to have promise.

The presidents Bush loved to relax, banter, and holiday with Saudi aristocrats, fought two wars partly for them against Iraq — how the Saudi princes must laugh over their ability to get U.S. Marines and soldiers to die for them — and, with Clinton, Obama, and all other postwar presidents, ignored or, in the case of the 9/11 report, covered up Saudi responsibility for nurturing the Islamist enemy that now is defeating the U.S. and its allies.

That neither Roosevelt and his senior lieutenants nor the Bushes and theirs were impeached for such conduct is a shame because such a clearly needed constitutional action would have been a most useful warning to those who are now starring in the republic’s longest running season of flamboyantly anti-American behavior, this one acted out by a cast made up of the country’s bipartisan governing elite, Jewish-Americans and their organizations, and Israel.

In recent months, we have seen most of the presidential candidates and dozens of elected U.S. officials from both parties line-up to do the bidding of the Israeli government and its disloyal Jewish-American advocates, collectively Israel-First. These U.S. officials are now thoroughly involved in supporting a foreign-government-sponsored political and propaganda campaign against their own president, government and, countrymen. They have been enlisted by Israel and its U.S. Israel-First fifth column to attack President Obama as an anti-Semite and to try to stop Congress from approving the U.S.-Iran deal on Tehran’s nuclear program.

Before the Congress reconvenes in September, the media report that a bipartisan group of nearly one hundred U.S. officials, Republican presidential candidates, and members of Congress will have visited Israel to connive with Israeli leaders about how to stop the Iran deal. Almost sixty of that number — all members of Congress — will travel to Israel as a group on a trip paid for and guided by that agent of a foreign power, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). Because they have contempt for the intelligence of their fellow citizens, AIPAC officials claim the trip is simply the 2015 iteration of a visit that it sponsors at this time each year — an annual treason trip? — and has nothing to do with Congress’s pending vote on the Iran agreement. In another pure coincidence, an arm of AIPAC called Citizens for a Nuclear Free Iran is ready to pay $40 million to run advertisements against the Iran deal in 35 states.

What is important on this issue is not whether Congress approves or disapproves the U.S.-Iran deal. As previously noted here, Iran will get a nuclear weapon no matter what deals, treaties, or sanctions are in place, and Israel, with the indispensable help of disloyal U.S. citizens, will drag the United States into another losing war, this time against Arab and Persian Shias.

Much more important and dangerous than anything Iran has or can do to the United States, is the well-documented ability of a minor foreign power — Israel — and disloyal U.S. citizens, their organizations, and hundreds of members of the U.S. Congress to proudly and publicly work together to try to make sure U.S. foreign policy meshes with Israel’s national-security priorities, no matter how much that forced meshing damages the national security of the United States.

The fact is that the United States shares no important common national-security interest with Israel. Indeed, the bilateral relationship does nothing but undermine and intensify Muslim hatred for U.S. foreign policy and the U.S. government, further deplete the already the bankrupt U.S. treasury, ensure the continuation of our now two-decade old war with Sunni Islam, and expose the bipartisan U.S. governing elite for what it is, the well-bribed, anti-American lapdog of the Jewish-American community.

What is it that makes this gaggle of disloyal Americans engage in near-treasonous public behavior which, if conducted by any other disloyal group of U.S. citizens and elected officials, would be handled clandestinely in the dead of night, hounded by the media, and have NSA tapping its communications? What has happened to the sense of national pride, patriotism, and commonsense of the more than three-hundred million other non-Jewish and non-politician Americans who seem content to watch Israel-First and the Congress sell-out U.S. security, put themselves above the law, and work toward goals that when achieved always get more of America’s soldier-children killed and maimed by fighting Israel’s wars — Iraq in 2003 and since summer 2014, for example — and powerfully motivates the manpower growth, hatred, and determination of our Islamist enemies?

A useful comparison, I think, is the extraordinary difference between the respectful, nearly fawning political and media treatment that today is accorded to clearly disloyal Jewish-Americans and their organizations, and the now four-plus centuries of hatred — now ebbing but still often and luridly present in the Washington Post and the New York Times — that has been directed by the U.S. media, politicians, and Protestant ministers against Catholic Americans.

Until almost the 1960s, Catholics were regarded by all three of those entities as the scum of the earth because they were believed to take orders from the Vatican and so could never be regarded as loyal and nationalistic Americans. It did not matter that the Continental Army was flush with Irish and other Catholics; that Catholics fought valiantly and died in large numbers for their respective countries in the American Civil War; that they rode, fought, and died with Sherman, Sheridan, and Crook in the dirty but necessary wars that cleared the murderous Indian tribes from the plains and protected those who settled the land and built the railroads; or that they fought with honor in both world wars and in America’s numerous and always losing post-1945 wars. With not a shred of evidence to prove their disloyalty, the bulk of America long regarded Catholics as the fifth-column automatons of the Pope who were bent on establishing the Vatican’s rule in the United States.

Given this fact, the almost complete and disloyalty-abetting silence of the U.S. media and most Americans — Catholic, Protestant, Hindu, atheist, etc. — in regard to both their fellow Israel-First citizens and their elected officials’ flamboyant anti-U.S. behavior cannot be considered anything less than tragically astounding. Why is it that there is no outrage at:

  • The private meetings in Israel on U.S. foreign-policy intentions between U.S. senators and congressmen and the sitting Israeli prime minister, his cabinet ministers, and other political parties leaders, all of whom mean to intervene in U.S. internal affairs — via AIPAC and other such organizations — with media pressure, prime ministerial video presentations, and bribes disguised as campaign contributions.
  • The Congress’s invitation to a sitting Israeli prime minister to come to America to speak to a joint session in an effort to propagandize Americans into opposing their own president for the desires of a foreign leader who wants the U.S. to wage a war that will kill and maim more Americans and further exhaust the nation’s finances. That visit was followed by a groveling visit to Israel by the Speaker of the House of Representatives — apparently Israel’s pro-consul in the United States.
  • U.S. administrations that allow serving Israeli prime ministers to travel freely through the United States to raise the animosities of Jewish-Americans against the policies of their own government, as well as to collect substantial financial contributions from them, funds that most other U.S. citizens would contribute to charitable organizations attempting to fix domestic problems, such as feeding hungry American kids.
  • The greed-driven eagerness of most senators and congressmen to attend the annual AIPAC convention in Washington D.C., an event whose blatant goal is to increase the amounts of U.S. taxpayer funds, technology, and ordnance flowing to Israel and to keep the United States at war with the Muslim world.
  • The loud public support from famous Jewish-Americans for Israel and its military each time they smash the Palestinians with U.S. ordnance; the well-publicized travel to Israel of the same people — Michael Bloomberg, for example — during Palestinian-Israeli wars to applaud the damage and death being delivered by Israeli forces and to give the Muslim world the impression that all Americans thrill at Israeli actions; and the practice of some Jewish-Americans to carry Israeli passports and send their children to serve in Israel’s armed forces, not those of the United States. (NB: This is not a criticism of Israeli attacks on Palestinians. Only Israeli leaders — and Palestinian leaders, for that matter — can decide what military actions are needed to ensure their country’s survival. That decision and its consequences are nobody’s business or responsibility but theirs.)

In a world where the expanding reach, numbers, and lethality of the Sunni Islamist movement is the most dangerous threat to the republic’s security — in part, because it is being ignored by Washington — U.S. political leaders have spent 2015 focused on Obama’s Iran deal and the highly public and subversive efforts of Israel, the Israel-First fifth column in the United States, and many in both U.S. political parties to derail it. Whether or not the deal is approved, Americans should be enraged at ability of a foreign power and its U.S.-citizen advocates to divert attention away from the genuine Sunni threat to America and to the non-threat from Shia Iran, which threatens Israel and the Sunni States, but America only because its foreign policy reliably champions and protects Israel and the Sunni tyrants. This performance has shown all Americans (a) the depth of corrupt, independence-killing, and war-causing control foreigners and disloyal U.S. citizens exercise over Washington’s policies toward the Islamic world and (b) how few U.S. citizens have the courage to publicly damn this behavior which can only lead America to war and more war.

As an example of (b) let’s take a look at the much-heralded political outsider and presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson. Dr. Carson may have never run for or held elective office, but on the issue discussed above he sounds like he has long been on AIPAC’s payroll. Two examples should suffice. In a recent op-ed in the Jerusalem Post, Dr. Carson claimed that a speech by Obama about the Iran deal was “replete with coded innuendos employing standard anti-Semitic themes.” Soon after, on FOX, Dr. Carson lectured Americans that any kind of speech “is anti-Semitic that is against the survival of a state [Israel] that is surrounded by enemies ….”

Now, one wonders, who is to decide what words are to be defined as “anti-Semitic” and “against the survival” of Israel? Dr. Carson does not say, but you can bet that the censuring role will be played — as it long has been played — by AIPAC and Israel-First and those politicians and pundits they have suborned. They are the ones who will be the almighty adjudicators of the 1st Amendment as it applies to public debates over how best to maintain and protect U.S. interests from the war and upheaval in the Islamic world.

So much for Dr. Carson the political outsider. He has had his required trip to Israel, he has argued against the applicability of 1st Amendment to those whose question the worth of the U.S.-Israeli tie, and he has told all Americans to go home, watch TV, pay your taxes on time so Israel gets its cut, and be proud that your soldier-children may be lucky enough to die or lose a limb in unnecessary wars that only Israel, AIPAC, and the Israel-Firsters want.

You know, it is amazing that Dr. Carson, in the first months of his first election campaign, sounds, on this issue, like nothing so much as a veteran, disloyal, inside-the-beltway, war-wanting politician who doesn’t give a good tinker’s damn about U.S. national security but is always on the make for funding for election campaigns. If nothing else, Dr. Carson appears to be a remarkably quick study.

Ah well, another heroic agent of change bites the dust.

Author: Michael F. Scheuer

Michael F. Scheuer worked at the CIA as an intelligence officer for 22 years. He was the first chief of its Osama bin Laden unit, and helped create its rendition program, which he ran for 40 months. He is an American blogger, historian, foreign policy critic, and political analyst.