The national government gives no dignity, but plenty of preference, tyranny, and death

If there ever was a week in our Union’s history demonstrating that the national government must always be suspected of being the enemy of Americans, their liberty, and their social cohesion, this past week surely was the one.

Barack Obama and his party redoubled the national government’s marked preference for Black Americans, and not only by pretending that more Blacks are killed by racist Whites, than Whites by racist Blacks. As troubling, they also encouraged and then unleashed what can only be described as a lynch mob bent on destroying a historical symbol that means — and should mean — something important, tangible, and worth honoring to many more Americans than the number of half-baked but rabid Democratic haters who believe it is their right to destroy any piece of U.S. history with which they disagree or which casts a truthful light on the issues that define their party’s history, namely, slavery, secession, civil war, segregation, and socialism.

Black Americans have been legally free for nearly 150 years, and yet the truth is that they were kept in subjugation by the Democratic Party until the 1960s and have now re-enslaved themselves by their unquestioning allegiance to the same party, one that still keeps them poor and dependent. If the Democratic haters could burn or steal every Army of Northern Virginia battle flag in America, it would not change the fact that Black Americans remain oppressed by a Democratic Party that is, quite ironically, led today by a Black overseer.

In the past week, we also have endured a prize piece of nonsense from Justice Kennedy, who, in his god-like munificence, awarded “dignity” to another group of national government-preferred Americans — those of diverse sexual orientations — and decreed, because it cannot be proven, that the Supreme Court is empowered by the Constitution to define marriage to be whatever the Court says it is, not what even the slightest bit of commonsense would know to be the truth: that marriage can only occur between one man and one woman. Coming soon, one supposes, the dignity-hawking Justice Kennedy and his quartet of aging and addled hangers-on will decree that night is day, hot is cold, short is tall, winter is summer, and 320 million Americans should behave as directed to by judicial diktats concurred in by a judicial gadfly, an empty suit, and three empty dresses.

The idea that the national government or the Supreme Court can give any American “dignity” is a cynical and vote-craving fantasy. All human beings are created with dignity, an attribute which results from the fact that they are made in the image and likeness of God. History, of course, is the story of men and women striving to preserve their innate, God-given dignity against their own flawed and at times depraved human nature, as well as against relentless efforts by those who govern them to destroy their dignity as humans and citizens and then re-create them as unquestioningly obedient and unthinking automatons.

Black Americans may mistakenly think that Obama enhanced their dignity by inciting hatred toward the population of the once-Confederate South and the historically literate, but in fact they were only thrown a bone by their oppressors, men and women who will expect to be repaid with what they most prize, mindless, unanimous voting by Blacks for the Democratic Party. And Gay Americans may well believe their dignity has been elevated by Justice Kennedy’s tyrannical decision, but sooner or later reality will dawn on all but the most deluded and show that no matter how many ways you choose define “marriage” there is only one correct definition.

And what of those who are not and never will be among the national government’s preferred groups? Well, for tens and perhaps hundreds of millions of southern, religious, and commonsensical Americans, the national government’s unconstitutional restraints on free speech — usually called political correctness — are likely to limit truth-speaking for a time. But those who Obama and Kennedy incited hatred against are unlikely to forgive and forget that they were ostracized, ridiculed, and defamed by a national government that increasingly rules to please what it deems to be noble minorities, while those who work hard, raise families, educate children, and pay taxes are left to take the hindmost. This method of ruling in any country, if prolonged, knowingly courts civil war.

Lastly, during this infamous week all Americans were bombarded by the mindless chanting or scrawling of slogans like “Black lives matter” and “All lives matter.” Perhaps such sentiments are true in some of the world’s nations, but in America they are meaningless and, indeed, laughable.

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, the crazed Democratic Party Gauleiter Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and all of their Democratic colleagues do not believe that any human life matters except their own. Endangered species matter, beached dolphins matter, stray cats and dogs matter, but human lives — never. These folks, an earlier Supreme Court diktat, American women, and money-hungry, first-do-harm doctors have murdered nearly 60 million American infants since 1973, thereby leaving all modern genocides but Mao’s looking pretty pale in comparison.

While Obama, Mrs. Clinton, and Representative Pelosi were chanting the foregoing slogans to their electoral colonies in Charleston, San Francisco, and elsewhere, the murder-for-hire doctors of the American Medical Association were merrily and profitably dismembering infants at a pace that earns the fanatic if depraved approval of the Democratic Party.

Now, how is that for respecting the dignity of all human beings? In Justice Kennedy-speak, the act of murdering infants probably awards them constitutionally protected dignity-in-death. For the sane, however, the enormous, Stalin-like callousness and blood lust of both the infant murderers and their Democratic advocates and protectors make the long-eliminated practice of slavery in America appear to be a minor historical indiscretion, while simultaneously making the legalized murdering of infants a far greater and more justifiable goad to civil strife than slavery ever was.

Author: Michael F. Scheuer

Michael F. Scheuer worked at the CIA as an intelligence officer for 22 years. He was the first chief of its Osama bin Laden unit, and helped create its rendition program, which he ran for 40 months. He is an American blogger, historian, foreign policy critic, and political analyst.