Gates shares the murderous reality of President Obama and Mrs. Clinton

In 1799, George Washington wrote that the “views of men can only be known, or guessed at, by their words or actions.” Well, in recent weeks I have learned that to express a view that damns either a U.S. foreign policy that is defeating the United States or the makers of that policy is to be a racist, an extremist, a bigot, an anti-Semite, an assassin, an ultra-conservative, and any other number of things described by the slurs and epithet that are the products of the ever-adolescent minds always plentiful among Democrats, the Israel-First gang of war-mongering Neoconservatives, and the budding young journalism students at Georgetown University. The latter seem to think journalism is quoting what other journalists say without ever reading the material over which they are having an effeminate, David-Frum-like hissy-fit.

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A look at the brilliant advocates of Obama’s tyranny and Israel

Two recent pieces I published on the advance of tyranny under President Obama have earned replies from several of Obama’s brilliant, willing, and forelock-tugging subjects, as well as from the omnipresent Israel-Firsters. Regarding the latter, see item C below for ridicule of the University of Manitoba, where I went to school. The Fifth Column of U.S.-citizen Israel-Firsters always focus on that school when they write to me. I guess they dislike Canada. The “sieg heil” in item A and the Nazi stuff in items D and E speak for themselves.

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Were America’s Founders ‘unhinged’ and suffering from a ‘meltdown’?

My goodness sakes, what a lot of people have been upset by the last piece I wrote, one that condemns — nay, damns — President Obama and UK Prime Minister Cameron for deliberately paving the way for the West’s defeat by the growing Islamist movement. Several people seem especially apoplectic about the quote I used from the English republican Algernon Sydney in which he warned that a country’s people must not tolerate a national leader who negates the country’s security, ignores the law, and/or makes his own law, adding that if such a lawless individual cannot be brought to book by the law, there are other means to do so, including violence as a last resort.

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