To Barack Obama: Americans obey laws, never the whims of men

Having been taught by my parents and my faith never to pray for anything bad, or for anything bad to happen to another person, I have for more than 60 years obeyed that lesson. But I do admit that for the past few years I have stopped each morning before leaving for work to check GOOGLE News with a feeling of what President Obama once called “hope,” a hope that something seemingly beyond reach but very beneficial for America might have happened overnight. Alas, over the course of those years GOOGLE News has never reported what would be most wonderful news for America, that Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Valerie Jarrett, Hillary Clinton, and Eric Holder were no longer available to continue their intentional destruction of the United States. I sometimes think that a regular prayer from me toward that end might have helped produce that most glorious issue, but lessons learned young die hard and that one is till strong in me.

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How long can Americans tolerate Obama’s administration?

What had been a steady but relatively quiet process of the Executive Branch usurping powers belonging to the American people or their representatives, has in recent months become a noisy, arrogant, and voracious theft. War-making, immigration, healthcare, privacy invasions, property seizures, and industry-wrecking and other environmental matters have, it seems, become the sole prerogative of President Obama and the unconstitutional power he is blithely wielding.

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