Observing King Obama’s Syrian madness

The road leading to King Obama’s now apparently inevitable, U.S.-led offensive war on Syria continues to be marked by some mighty ridiculous occurrences:

  • Polls show more than 60-percent of Americans oppose the zany notion that there is a U.S. national-security interest in Syria that must be defended with a U.S.-initiated offensive war. Pray, guess which courageous American politician has stood up to champion the people’s adamant opposition to war? You are right, none. Oddly, only Vladimir Putin — admittedly for Russia-specific reasons — is on the same wavelength as most Americans regarding Syria, with them opposing an offensive war that will yield a worse disaster for the United States and the world than King Obama’s glorious Libyan war.
  • Our heroic, if addled Knesset-member-wannabees McCain and Graham warn that if we do not do “something” about the Syrian regime’s chemical weapons, Asaad may well turn them over to terrorist groups. Interesting point, but only if you say it fast and do not ponder it. If we destroy Asaad’s regime in favor of the al-Qaeda-led Syrian opposition, won’t those unkempt Islamist laddies inherit Syria’s chemical-weapons arsenal? As night follows day, if the U.S.-led West destroys the Syrian regime, our highly intelligent King Obama will have succeeded in arming al-Qaeda and its allies with Asaad’s chemical weapons.
  • Just back from his latest date with plastic surgery and botox, Secretary of State Kerry says the chemical weapons attack in Syria was a “moral obscenity” that must be avenged. Kerry, it seems, is as lacking in basic logic as King Obama —that’s what they get for going to Harvard. But how can a few hundred opposition Syrians killed by chemical weapons in a war started by that opposition and its supporters be termed a “moral obscenity” requiring a U.S.-led offensive war, when no such description is made of the fact that the profit-craving AMA’s killer-doctors have murder 55 million unborn Americans in a worse-than-Hitler-and-maybe-Stalin holocaust conducted under the political protection cheerfully provided by Kerry, King Obama, Hillary, her bin-Laden protecting husband, and their other senior Democratic colleagues? At least Asaad was man enough to attack those who can and will fight back — something you will never, ever see King Obama or any Democrat do.
  • Finally, still to be found at a yet-unreached bend in the road to King Obama’s offensive war against Syria is the real reason for all the over-acted agony expressed for Syrians killed by chemical weapons. Truth to tell, King Obama, Kerry, Susan Rice, McCain, Graham, the Brits Cameron and Hague, and most members of the House and the Senate could not give less of damn either about the dead Syrians or the weapons that killed them. What is happening is that the just-named pro-Israel automatons have, behind the scenes, heard the we-want war-with-Iran-now voice of their masters in Likud and, here at home, Israel-First. The coming U.S.-led offensive war on Syria will be designed to provoke Iran to attack some Western interest, an action that can, in turn, be used to “justify” a Western war with Iran. After failing for years to elicit the desired Iranian response with their computer worms, assassinations, and sanctions, King Obama and his domestic and foreign courtiers are hoping that their war on Syria will do the trick and facilitate an unneeded, unwanted (by Americans), and calamitous-for-U.S.-interests war with Iran, thereby pleasing that racist, bloodthirsty scoundrel Netanyahu, and ensuring the continued flow of campaign contributions to Republicans and Democrats from the anti-American U.S. citizens who run Israel-First.

Author: Michael F. Scheuer

Michael F. Scheuer worked at the CIA as an intelligence officer for 22 years. He was the first chief of its Osama bin Laden unit, and helped create its rendition program, which he ran for 40 months. He is an American blogger, historian, foreign policy critic, and political analyst.