Awash in hypocrisy and hubris, Obama and his party push toward despotism

Josef Stalin is reputed to have said something akin to “one death is a tragedy, 25,000 deaths are a statistic.” Surely, President Obama has proven that Uncle Joe was right almost every day since the shootings in Connecticut.

Remember the president’s “touching,” tear-filled statement after the shootings? Weeping crocodile tears over the deaths of those 20 youngsters, Obama played his scene with actor-like skill and sincerity. Indeed, he almost made you forget that he leads a party that has protected a “right” of American women — and their profiteering executioners at the American Medical Association — that has yielded the murder of more than 50 million other American youngsters since 1973. The deaths of those Connecticut youngsters were nothing short of a human calamity; that said, the death of those 50 million other youngsters is a human holocaust that makes Hitler look like an amateur murderer and puts Obama, Clinton, Carter, and their party in the running with Stalin and Mao for the top spot on history’s list of all-time mass murderers.

And Obama’s eagerness to use the deaths of the Connecticut youngsters to further his ideological quest to destroy the 2nd Amendment is not his sole use of dead Americans to further his ideological goals and lust for power. Every Marine and soldier who has died in Afghanistan since Obama’s administration announced U.S. forces would leave that country in 2014 has died for absolutely nothing. Their lives were wasted to further Barack Obama’s political career. In announcing that decision, Obama and his party declared America’s defeat, and, while history-ignorant Americans applauded the action, America’s enemies — the Taliban, al-Qaeda, Saudi Arabia, etc. — took the full measure of the man. They knew that Obama had white-flagged them, in essence saying “You win, we‘ll get out soon after I am re-elected.” Having re-won the presidency, Obama will complete the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and will waste every life the U.S. military losses from now until the withdrawal is completed. And what do you think will happen to Afghans who allied themselves with the United States and NATO? Well, they will be dead, killed by the Islamist militant groups that Obama’s administration — under orders from the Committee on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) — refers to as unIslamic, Violent Extremist Organizations. Before long, Americans will find that these groups, abetted by the Democrats and CAIR, will be waging war inside the United States.

Obama’s dabbling with the personal and political usefulness of gratuitous murder is never more apparent than in his and the Democratic Party’s intimate ties to the merchants of death who dominate the U.S. entertainment industry. Throughout the late presidential campaign, we saw Obama pass up no chance to appear with actors and directors who produce films and TV programs that condition America’s youngsters to accept large-scale murder and mutilation as commonplace, as well as to regard women essentially as whores. He also appeared with singers who use lyrics that celebrate and even advocate murder and describe women as sub-humans worthy only of servicing the desires of men, as well as with IT geniuses who specialize in producing video games that allow youngsters to kill huge numbers of people for multiple hours a day. Just this month, as Obama, Vice President Biden, and New York Governor Cuomo campaigned for abrogation of the 2nd Amendment, their pals and funders in Hollywood were raking in 40-plus million dollars a week from their most recent lets-kill-for-the-fun-of-it movies: Texas Chainsaw — 3-D and Django Unchained.

Obama and his party prate endlessly about education, but seem to carefully define it in the narrow sense of a classroom education, the milieu in which they and their teacher-union friends deliberately have taught several generations of grammar and high-school students to misunderstand and so grow to hate America; to dismiss religion as a form of superstition or even mental illness; to look to the federal government for life-long help and so avoid hard work; and to fanatically believe in the indefinable but society-destroying concepts of diversity and multiculturalism.

But as pathetic and perverse as is the substance of grammar and high-school education in today’s America, the more pervasive, powerful, insidious, and violence-enabling form of education our children receive flows from the main, death-oriented beliefs of Obama and Democratic Party:

  • The “right” of female U.S. citizens to have human beings murdered at their discretion by the American Medical Association’s federal government-protected executioners-for-hire.
  • The “right” of the federal government’s executive branch to enforce only the laws it likes; to aggressively seek to eliminate religious faith from the public square; to destroy U.S. national security by refusing to control our borders; and to send our soldiers and Marines overseas to fight in wars it does not intend to win and to keep them dying there until it is politically expedient to bring them home.
  • The “right” of the entertainment industry to massively profit from products that return our children to a value system worthy of kill-at-will savages, while at the same time convincing them that misogyny, sexual perversion, and every variety of human depravity is simply another form of “normal” that they must not only tolerate but also celebrate as evidence of their allegiance to diversity.
  • The “right” of the American educational establishment to abandon educating children in favor of serving as the Democratic Party’s in-school recruiting agents who propagandize kids to become dependent on the federal government; to demonize America’s founders as dead, white, male, slave drivers, and denigrate what they accomplished; to mindlessly support an interventionist foreign policy that is yielding an endless war with Islam — or, if you like to be politically correct, Violent Extremist Organizations — that will bleed America to death in lives, finances, and domestic stability.

In all, the America created over the past 60 years when power was held by Obama, his Democratic predecessors as president, and their party — and supported by the allies in Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and the teacher unions — is one that is more divided on serious substantive issues than at any time since the eve of the Civil War. It also is a country whose Constitution is under direct attack by the Obama administration. First, Obamacare’s birth-control/abortion provisions have violated the 1st Amendment rights of America’s Catholic community, as well as parts of the Protestant, Muslim, and Jewish communities. And, yesterday, Biden told his allies in the whining, effete, and anti-gun media that Obama may abridge 2nd Amendment rights by executive order.

The possibility of arbitrary attacks on the Constitution and/or the Bill of Rights by the national government’s Executive Branch is precisely why the Founding Fathers made sure Americans had the right to be as well-armed as they deem necessary. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights can be amended by the Constitution’s formal amendment process, but it cannot be amended by congressional legislation alone or by executive decree. Amending via the Constitution’s guidelines is legal and commands the obedience of the populace, but amendment by legislation or by presidential diktat is simply rank despotism, the destruction of which the Founders would have favored and which they meant to facilitate by the 2nd Amendment.

Author: Michael F. Scheuer

Michael F. Scheuer worked at the CIA as an intelligence officer for 22 years. He was the first chief of its Osama bin Laden unit, and helped create its rendition program, which he ran for 40 months. He is an American blogger, historian, foreign policy critic, and political analyst.