Obama keeps pushing the bipartisan religion of interventionism

Too often, I believe, Americans think about Washington’s interventionism only as the actual physical intervention of U.S. military forces abroad in places where no U.S. interest is at risk. That activity certainly is intervention, but President Obama’s despicable decision last week to have his administration leak intelligence claiming that Israel has concluded an agreement with the government of Azerbaijan to allow its use of Azeri airfields for an air strike on Iran is just as much an unwarranted intervention by the United States government.

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When war comes, Dr. Paul can say: ‘George Washington and I tried to warn you.’

For much more than a decade, Dr. Ron Paul has warned Americans about the danger inherent in a bipartisan foreign policy that intervenes in other peoples’ affairs, seeks to impose Western values on others, and writes blank-check commitments to fight for other countries in wars where no genuine U.S. national interest at risk. Dr. Paul often cites George Washington’s words in this regard, as our first president — and the greatest American — clearly, starkly and eloquently warned of the disasters awaiting the United States if its leaders engaged in an interventionist foreign policy and favored one nation over all the others.

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Who should apologize for Afghanistan?

Driving to Mass this morning I was listening to FOX on the issue of Afghanistan and the killing of U.S. and NATO soldiers by our supposed Afghan allies. FOX had its “terrorism expert” on and he was blathering about how President Obama’s apology for the recent Koran burning was causing more violence in Afghanistan and across the Muslim world. The apology, said the “expert,” was typical of Obama’s weakness, and this weakness is contributing to the rise of Islamist power in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Afghanistan, and other places. Somehow Obama’s apology for the Koran burning was explained by FOX’s “expert” as an apology for “U.S. policy,” which surprised me as I did not know our policy was to burn Korans.

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Fearing the Constitution’s return, the Washington Post launches a panicky, sophomoric attack on Dr. Paul

Living in Northern Virginia a person gets use to the Washington Post’s clear preference for an all-powerful federal government that ignores the Constitution. In terms of presidential candidates, this means the Post will support candidates who cover the maintain-the-status-quo political spectrum from the Democrats’ far left to reliably liberal country-club Republicans, like George H. W. Bush and that former-president’s unelectable clone Mit Romney. The Post has, for example, savaged Speaker Gingrich at every turn in his campaign. More recently, however, the Post has turned its fire on Dr. Ron Paul, running a negative front-page story on Sunday (1 January 2011) and an amazingly hysterical and panicky column by Michael Gerson Monday morning (2 January 2011). The Post’s editors cannot stand the thought of a president who will not keep the power and spending of the federal government growing, and so has decided that Speaker Gingrich and Dr. Paul must be destroyed because they are the enemies of what the Post defines as the “American way,” centralized federal power, relentless interventionism, constant wars, and bankruptcy.

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Mr. Gary Bauer — The supposed Christian as slanderer, Israel-Firster, and war-monger

I just watched a television commercial paid for by the “Emergency Committee for Israel” in which Mr. Gary Bauer spends a minute or so defaming Dr. Paul as: a spinner of 9/11 conspiracies, an America-hater, an opponent of the U.S. military, a friend of Iran, and — that most lethal of all sins — a foe of “our ally Israel.” Now, that is a lot of lies to pack into a minute, but as a crazed-Christian one cannot expect the war-mongering Mr. Bauer to know that one of God’s commandments is “Thou shall not lie.”

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