Why does the Democratic Party so dislike Americans?

While both Democrats and Republicans deserve to be cursed by all Americans for their identical, war-causing, interventionist foreign policies, the duties of citizenship require informed citizens to vote. And though I loathe the fact that Romney has surrounded himself with Neoconservative war-mongers, I will vote Republican. Why? Because I have never been able to understand — let alone accept — why the establishment of the Democratic Party and its media acolytes so dislike Americans, seem so unconcerned about their welfare, and are always so eager to coerce them. On reaching doddering-hood at age 60, I can look back and recall numerous anti-America and anti-Americans positions that are long-standing Democratic positions, such as:

  • A refusal to enforce the immigration laws, thereby allowing America to be afflicted with millions of undocumented aliens. This is a nightmare for law enforcement at all levels of governments; a boon for terrorists, criminals, and nation-states who mean us harm; a perpetual, draining attack on the states’ social-services infrastructures and on the resources of the Union as a whole; a well-focused effort to shred the country’s traditional social fabric; and an assignment to economic and societal disaster for Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Florida, and California. Very few Americans “hate foreigners” or oppose all immigration; their central request is that the Democrats follow immigration laws already on the books to allow for a legal and orderly immigration process.
  • A determined, decades-long effort to erase a main characteristic of the America character, which is self-reliance. President Obama’s recent decision not to require work for those receiving welfare payments not only — and again — runs counter to laws on the books, but underscores what Democratic leaders are most concerned with; namely, creating dependent colonies of Americans that always vote for their party and live off the monies earned by self-reliant Americans and the sweat that falls from their brows while working for a living. That 50-percent of Americans pay no income tax speaks eloquently of the Democrats’ success in planting and nurturing Democratic-Party-dependent colonies across American society.
  • A low key but effective four-decade campaign by the Democratic Party and their allies in the media and teachers unions to make sure that American students never, ever learn the hard fact that the key element at the Democratic Party’s core is and always has been an insatiable desire to coerce Americans. ObamaCare, of course, is the most recent example of this trait, but if U.S. history was truthfully taught, students would learn that it was a Democrat president and Congress that incarcerated Japanese-Americans during World War II; that it was Democratic President Woodrow Wilson who savagely attacked the civil liberties of Americans during and after World War I; and, most especially, that the Democratic Party throughout U.S. history has always been the party of the “Five S’s”: slavery, secession, segregation, socialism; and — most recently — the slaughter of infants.
  • A seemingly endless campaign to destroy Christianity in the United States. From banning Christmas decorations, to preventing prayers at high school football games, to mindless Clintonian assertions that the United States is “not a Christian nation,” notwithstanding that more than 80-percent of the population is Christian, the Democrats have sought to de-Christianize the country. We are not, of course, a Christian nation in the sense of being a theocratic state, but to any but the most stupid person — or a liar, Democratic leader, or Harvard professor — we clearly are a nation of Christians. And if there were not votes and campaign contributions to be had in the Jewish-American and Muslim-American communities, the Democrats would be attacking those faith communities too. Indeed, if you want to see an augury of future Democratic coercion on matters of faith witness the HHS mandate regarding ObamaCare which essentially negates 1st Amendment protections for dozens of millions of Catholics, Jews, and Muslims who oppose abortion.
  • A fascination with death, especially when it can be inflicted on Americans. Democratic leaders have long been the champions of abortion-on-demand at any stage of pregnancy — and this from even so-called “Catholic Democrats” like Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden, the former who is rotting in hell, and the later who will join him. So far the Democrats and their operatives in Congress and on the Supreme Court have protected their allies in the “first, do no harm” American Medical Association as they have murdered-for-profit more than 50 million unborn Americans (NB: Get ready to move over Adolph, Joe Stalin, and Pol Pot, you lads have serious rivals.) And in the midst of this slaughter, Democratic leaders claim that this is the woman’s “right” that marks her full and equal citizenship. Really? Do they want us to believe all American women are that blood-thirsty, and also are so stupid that they haven’t heard of either self-control or birth control? And is there any logic whatsoever in the idea that if women are to be equal to men in U.S. society they must have the iron-clad “right” to kill other human beings? The Bill of Rights, even in a cursory reading, seems to focus on the protection of life and property, and does not give scope for reading segments of the American people out of their humanity, as did Roe-vs.-Wade for the unborn, and as Democratic Chief Justice Roger Taney’s Dred Scott Decision did for Black-American slaves. One wonders if any Democratic leader has read about — or even would be interested in — the medical discoveries regarding the undeniable “humanness” of Americans in the womb that have occurred since the Democratic-championed butchering of tiny Americans began in 1973.
  • This fascination with death, of course, carries over into the Democrats’ close alliance with the immoral — or amoral — creatures who dominate Hollywood. Again, Obama seems to be the perfect example of this alliance. Faced with a shattered economy, dead Americans in Libya; and U.S. soldiers and Marines dying in Afghanistan until he sees if he can get re-elected, Obama has spent much of the last month hobnobbing with the U.S. entertainment world’s hedonistic cretins, men and women who through their movies, television shows, engrained anti-Americanism, video games, and personal example have for several generations inculcated young Americans with a taste for extreme violence, sexual behavior reminiscent of Caligula’s Rome, and a coarseness in language that astounds (note Obama’s and Rahm Emanuel’s in this regard.) It never seems to occur to Hollywood’s self-centered libertines that Obama and previous Democratic leaders cynically use them as just another of their mindless colonies, one that feeds their need for publicity and campaign cash and helps keeps several of their other colonies content on the party’s plantation.
  • A reliable willingness to allow Americans to be killed overseas if it means that no foreigners will be killed. The mujahideen attack on our consulate in Benghazi is just the latest example of this Democratic propensity. Why did Obama and his White House watch or listen voyeur-like to seven hours of video and audio transmission from our drones and not move a muscle to help the soon-to-die Americans below? (NB: Has anyone asked why those drones were not armed so as to have an immediate response capability?) Well, because there might have been some civilian Libyan casualties if we tried to save the four Americans, and, as usual for Democrats, it is much better to have dead Americans rather than dead foreigners who the Democrat Party aspires to perfect and make just like itself — pagan, feminized, and effete. And Libya is just a microcosm of what is going on in Afghanistan, where every soldier and Marine killed since Obama announced the date for U.S. surrender there has died for only two reasons: (a) Obama’s fear of looking weak if he withdrew before the election and (b) Obama’s mindless rules-of-engagement that make our young men and women targets who have to be shot at before defending themselves, and even then can respond only if they are certain there are no civilians in the vicinity. The Democrats simply ignore the Founders’ and the Constitution’s clear intent that the first and most absolute responsibility of the U.S. republic’s government is to defend Americans at home and wherever their country has sent them overseas to serve its interests, no matter what cost must be exacted from those attacking Americans and those living nearby. In peace, Americans should be as gentle with and respectful toward non-Americans as they are with each other. In war, one American life is worth endlessly more than any number of foreign attackers and nearby civilians who are killed in order to save American lives. For the correctness of this interpretation see keywords: “Harry Truman,” “atomic bomb,” “Japan,” and — astoundingly — “Democratic president.”

So when the enduring excellence of America’s republican constitutional system is again shown in the 6 November 2012 general election, vote for the candidate of your choice. But when you do, have your eyes, mind, and — perhaps most important — your heart open, and never for a moment believe that Democratic leaders give a tinker’s damn about protecting you, your family, your social values, your faith, your soldier-children, or what we Americans have built here in North America over four centuries. They merely and only want to hold onto the political power that allows them to use coercion to try to perfect Americans, their country, and the world in their own pagan, anti-republican, lawless, and essentially vicious image.

Author: Michael F. Scheuer

Michael F. Scheuer worked at the CIA as an intelligence officer for 22 years. He was the first chief of its Osama bin Laden unit, and helped create its rendition program, which he ran for 40 months. He is an American blogger, historian, foreign policy critic, and political analyst.