Why does the Democratic Party so dislike Americans?

While both Democrats and Republicans deserve to be cursed by all Americans for their identical, war-causing, interventionist foreign policies, the duties of citizenship require informed citizens to vote. And though I loathe the fact that Romney has surrounded himself with Neoconservative war-mongers, I will vote Republican. Why? Because I have never been able to understand — let alone accept — why the establishment of the Democratic Party and its media acolytes so dislike Americans, seem so unconcerned about their welfare, and are always so eager to coerce them. On reaching doddering-hood at age 60, I can look back and recall numerous anti-America and anti-Americans positions that are long-standing Democratic positions, such as:

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Israel First thriving in Governor Romney’s camp — and still trying to get me fired, silenced

Readers of this blog will recall several previous battles I have been engaged in with Israel-Firsters intent on getting me fired from various jobs and banned from the media. In these efforts, the Israel-Firsters have had some success.

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Pity poor America: Obama, Romney, and foreign policy

This Tuesday’s Romney-Obama foreign-policy debate will again show Americans that both political parties mean to maintain the lie that has kept the United States losing the war al-Qaeda and its allies declared on us in 1996. There will seem to be debate during the debate, but at day’s end there will be no difference between Romney and Obama: America is “exceptional,” and exceptionally entitled to intervene in other peoples’ affairs; what we do in the world is well-intentioned and benign; and Islamist militants are attacking us because they hate freedom, liberty, and Budweiser. In other words, both men will implicitly tell Americans that their government will not recognize the seriousness of our war with the Islamists, let alone that we are losing that war — hands down.

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America: From colony to nation to slave

As Americans fixate on the presidential campaign, they also should note the status of President Obama and Governor Romney. Yes, both are presidential candidates, but both are also men who — with their predecessors and the Congress — have willingly surrendered American sovereignty and independence to Israel and its U.S.-citizen advocates (Jewish and Evangelical), their organizations, and much of the media.

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