The Tea Party vs blind arrogance

The Tea Party folks are now in the strong position that always comes in a fight with self-blinded, delusional opponents. Mr. Obama and his party, most Republicans, and the media are so arrogant they do not see they are talking only to themselves, while much of the the country comes together against them. The president’s remarks last week about how Tea Party forces ought to “thank him” is a good example of how far removed he is from a reality that finds millions of Americans believing he and our political elite are deliberately trying to destroy what they and their ancestors — white, black, yellow, and red — have built on this continent over the past 400 years.

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Is Obama really a genius leader?

The National Journal has a blog on national security affairs that I contribute to and this week’s question had to do with Obama, nuclear proliferation, and how to make America secure therefrom. As discussed here last week, I fear the nuclear problem is out of control and that international agreements to secure WMDs are needed but about 20 years too late. For America, as a result, only effective border control has a chance — if slim one —to stop a nuclear or other WMD attack in the United States.

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Nuclear summits are fine, border control is a must

By the end of 1991 — 19 years ago if you’re counting — the Soviet Union was gone and a new Russian government was in power. At the time there was much heated, anxious discussion over the need for immediate U.S.-Russian cooperation to bring under effective control all of the former USSR’s 22,000-plus nuclear weapons. Then, in the 2004 presidential election campaign, John Kerry and George W. Bush debated whether that arsenal should be brought under full control by 2008 or 2010. On Monday, President Obama will convene in Washington a so-called nuclear summit aimed at stopping nuclear proliferation and preventing al-Qaeda and its allies from acquiring and using a chemical, biological, or nuclear weapon against the United States or one of its allies. And, by the way, when the conference opens none of the attendees will be able to verify that the former-USSR’s WMD arsenal is fully controlled.

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