The media must take Dr. Paul’s lead and ask specific foreign policy questions

Despite Dr. Ron Paul’s courageous campaign against Washington’s relentless overseas interventionism, the presidential primaries have been largely free of substantive foreign-policy debate, aside, that is, from quirky assertions that sleeping with a president, serving as a prisoner of war, and setting records for using the word change constitute adequate commander-in-chief training. Having spent a year warning Americans that the 9/11 attackers and our tens of millions of Islamist enemies draw their main motivation from the impact of U.S. foreign policy in the Muslim world, Dr. Paul has done as much as one man could do to save Americans from the huge coming blood-and-treasure costs of U.S. intervention. For his effort, Dr. Paul has been ridiculed, damned, and vilified by the media and the country’s political class, but has earned the enduring respect and thanks of Americans who do not understand why their children’s lives and the outrageous taxes they pay are continually wasted in other peoples’ wars — especially other peoples’ religious wars — where no genuine U.S. national interests are at risk.

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