Deliberately destroying America’s soul

At the U.S. Army War College’s 16th Annual Strategy Conference last week, a senior Department of Defense strategist defined U.S. “Grand Strategy” as the export of freedom and democracy. He added that the U.S. military would play a huge role in implementing the strategy. In short, and to paraphrase, the official said: “Get ready, soldiers, you’re going democracy-crusading.”

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The job should have gone to the Marx Brothers

The new Robb-Silberman report on U.S. intelligence capabilities should but won’t enrage Americans. Too long at 600 pages for most to read, the report completes the destruction of the Intelligence Community — especially the CIA — begun by Congress’s Goss-Graham inquiry and the wrong-headed, dissembling Kean-Hamilton Commission and its predecessor, the Goss Graham Joint Congressional Inquiry.

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Sandy Berger’s scissors

Junk food and junk laws, neither are good for you. Unfortunately for Americans, an ever increasing number of junk laws are paving our way to national disaster. What are junk laws? They are laws passed by the Congress and then ignored; to wit, unenforced immigration laws, unregulated borders, and dual citizens voting in U.S. and foreign elections. Then there are those Constitutional mandates that have been transformed into junk law. For example, the Congress has unconstitutionally delegated to the president its exclusive prerogative to declare war. As a result, our children in the military are being killed and our country’s resources dissipated on the basis of one man’s decision, rather than by the informed consent — witnessed by a formal, public, and recorded vote — of the majority of the people’s representatives, as the Founders required.

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